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  1. Hi i got problem with my router Netduma R2. I started playing in the morning and I did not notice any problems but after returning home on PS4 a message about the network cable not connected started popping up immediately after this message appeared I tried to enter but I could not. I tried to do a hard reset but the router does not turn off the LEDs. Now i disconnected the router from the power supply for 24 hours
  2. How can I disable the 5Ghz band in my Wi-Fi signal?
  3. I have no clue but after I turned off my router and modem after 10 minutes I had these 2 connections show up what does this mean? If someone connects to the 2nd one would that slow down my internet speed for the 2nd one? I dont know how to fix this issue. 🤔
  4. Hey all, having an issue with my R2(3.0.205) and XR500(V2.3.2.Beta) Modem>Linksys Router(with DMZ address for Netduma)>R2(static IP of>XR500 as an access point(for the better wifi). LAN connections connect to internet just fine, but it seems all wifi devices cannot connect to the internet. Can access local stuff via wireless though. Again LAN connections are fine. Tried wifi for both the R2 and XR500, both have no internet access. Can connect to Linksys wifi and access internet just fine though. I have a static ip, with 10 reserved addresses. Was working fine until recently(about 2 weeks ago). Rebooted both a few times. Turned off "don't broadcast SSID". Was enabled before and was able to use beforehand as well. Tried removing and readding devices as well to no avail. attached log of R2 as well. Any ideas? log-1635109264652.txt
  5. I think my R2 just died... So i connected my ps5 directly to the R2 and started to have "connected"/"disconnected" notifications on console, so i watched my router and discover it just entered in a boot loop. I disconnected all lan cables from my R2, unplugged it from electric outlet and waited a couple of minutes. Turned the R2 on and tried to reset it, 30 seconds, and it didnt reset. Now just the power indicator is on, no wifi 2.4 or 5ghz lights on. Like a month before whenever i tried to go into the router via web browser it felt very laggy, and some rapps didnt load at all.
  6. Hello, Can you please help me how to set up my Wifi, I just connected my phone to r2's wifi by default ( just simply write it's password with no additional settings ) and I have low connection to mobile apps, most of the time I have to wait a lot in loading session for some apps ( in my case online food apps / instagram / linkedIn ) - with mobile data I go instantly. Thank you !
  7. Hi Guys, Lately, I seem to have been getting a poor wifi signal on my 5Ghz network. The only devices using it are all in the same room, about 4m away from the router which is on the other side of the wall. I used to get disconnects when someone else from the opposite side of the house would join it (I assumed this was due to beamforming being enabled and pushing the signal away from me). However, I'm just stuck with a signal which is permanently bad now. On the router it's all my devices are showing between -75 to -86 dbm. On my old Nighthawk, this never used to be an issue - the routers are in the exact same position. I recently did a map of the entire floor of my house and the 5Ghz channel is completely isolated so there shouldn't be any interference. I'm not sure what's going on? My wireless 5Ghz settings are: Mode: Up to 4330 Mbps Transmit Power Control: 100% Fragmentation Length: 2346 (default) CTS/RTS Threshold: 2347 (default) Preamble Mode: Long Preamble Enable Implicit BEAMFORMING: Checked Enable MU-MIMO: Checked Enable AX - Unchecked Changing the antennae positioning to the side being horizontal and the centre two being vertical isn't changing anything either.
  8. I have had my netduma r2 for a little over a month now and I recently had to have my internet provider come out to service my modem. I guess there was an issue with the cable line. About 2 days ago my internet stopped working properly and we were having to reset the router every single day sometimes 2-3 times in one day. Now that my internet is fixed my router no longer is connecting to my modem. I know the modem is getting a good signal but I can';t understand why my router isn't working now. Please someone help me solve this issue.
  9. Hola a todos! mi netduma R2 no deja mostrar la red wifi, mis dispositivos (celular, tablet, laptop) no encuentran la red wifi. como puedo arreglarlo?
  10. Hello I recently contacted support on here since my wifi kept turning off for no reason untill I turned off IPV6 which solved a lot of the problems. But it also made a new one. I'm get very high ping spikes in game no matter what game. It's not at a certain time ether I could go 30 min and no ping spikes then there would be one every 30 sec for a few hours. I don't know how to fix this problem any help?
  11. I want to stream on twitch and I have ever thing set up but when I try and connect my streamlabs on my PC to the mobile app on my phone it will not work. I have tried the 2.4 and 5ghz internet and the mobile Streamlabs app won't connect through either WiFi. (Note: The Streamlabs app will connect on my normal spectrum WiFi it only gives me trouble with the Netduma Wifi) I've contacted Streamlabs about this and all the solutions they have given me are not working. Is there anyone else with this problem and if so how can it be fixed because I bought the Netduma to stream with the Wifi so Im not going to use my normal wifi to stream.
  12. How can I begin to troubleshoot this WiFi issue? It's increasing in frequency. I'm also noticing performance issue via wired connections as well. I see a lot of chatter on the forum about performance issues but no real concrete information. I've enabled allow remote access to tech support. Please take a look and advise. Now, I beg of you, should it be the product simply does not perform reliably, please please, PLEASE save us all the heartache and let's setup an RMA so I can return it. Both my wife & I work from home and we MUST have reliable WiFi even if I can no longer leverage the R2 itself. I beg of you. Thanks.
  13. My wifi speeds are terrible. I have the 2.4 and 5 networks enabled, channels and bandwidth set to automatic for both networks. iWifi app showing strong signal strength (<10ms ping) for both networks, but my download speeds are abysmal (24 mbps for the 2.4 network, 8 mbps for the 5 network). I get 250 download speed from my isp. R2 router is connected to a Motorola MB8600 modem. I turned off QoS, that didn’t help. I don’t have a reliable computer to use and my iPhone does not allow the use of a wifi analyzer so please don’t ask me to download one. My initial lousy/overpriced router/modem provided by my isp provided far superior wifi capability than the R2. I hope there’s a simple solution to my issues, because for all of it’s software potential, the hardware appears to be junk. Please help.
  14. Received my R2 today and have been going through the setup process. Setting up via WAN and progressed through until DUMAOS says “Setting Up Wifi...”. This has been loading for more than half an hour, should I do anything or wait for it to finish?
  15. Hi There , i Just bought the r2 but the WiFi signal just isn’t cutting it.. so I want to use my tp-link Deco x20 mesh system for WiFi where the r2 is My main router that get’s a public static ip from my isp provider and the mesh WiFi system behind the r2 to give wifi to my devices but should i place the mesh WiFi systeem in acces point or just let it function as a normal router beginde the r2 ? I know if i do that i get double nat on the mesh WiFi router but it’s only use is for streaming or surfing not for gaming so is this setup ok or not ? Because i Dont want the devices connected to my mesh WiFi system to pop up on the r2 device manager list , so should i setup a seperate network to do this or just place my mesh WiFi system in acces point mode to actieve this ? Thanks in advance !
  16. Hello, Since I have been testing back and forth with QoS setting in various firmware and even change router since the game launched. I think it might be useful to share with you guys. I have been running this setting and my kd kept increasing day by day. on 23-24 Nov'20 I ran with experimental setting and went back to standard QoS on 25-26 Nov'20 and you can see that my KD performance dropped after that Intersting finding: QoS is not doing so well in BOCW. I have tried Netduma QOS, Fresh Tomato QOS, Asus Merlin QOS, Linksys WRT32x QOS. none of this worked for me!! it seemed like I was doing good for one game and I get instamelted after that. SBMM seemed to be the big impact for this as well. My Experimental Setting: I'm going to make this in bullet format so that it might be better to comprehend - Turn Off QoS !! Yes, you do that. Select 'Never' and disable QoS - Make sure Bandwidth to you console is low enough, but not too low. I optionally use Fresh Tomato on WRT54GL's Bandwith Limiter to limit internet speed to my ps5 at 21/0.5 mbps. I am not too sure if you can limit your bandwith on netduma while QoS is off. If not, you may wanna try having QoS on but choose 'never' on speed instead slider. and adjust flower graph with share excess off to have targeted limited bandwidth to your console - WiFi !!! YES Wifi, this game is weird when you have perfect internet setup. Nerf it a bit so you don't die too soon. Use wifi for this game - MTU 1472 on ps4/5. but you don't have to do anything on xbox since it is auto set at 1480(or less). This is for better hit detection under low bandwidth circumstance(in general, hit detection start to 'delay' when your upload bandwidth is too low. So to compensate this, lower MTU instead.) My only concern is the fact that I only use netduma R2 for geofilter but I run gme with 10usd old grand pa router with wifi and bandwidth limiter feature. I am not sure if you will have good experience as mine but worth a try right? TLDR: QoS Off, Wifi, MTU
  17. Hi, as title says. I can't get more than 20 Mbs on my wifi. Anything wired is fine and running full steam. I am on latest firmware. I have tried both channels separate and together. I have turned it off and back on again. I have changed WiFi channels from automatic to different channels. It would be nice to see an analysis of what bands are being used. Ex: 153 is great, good, bad, etc.
  18. Hello I'm trying to set up a Netduma R2 router for a friend and the default wifi password, and the serial number, are both not present on thr bottom. The default wifi password "password" doesnt work. Please help, ive tried factory resetting and 30 30 30 resetting
  19. Would be useful to be able to generate qr codes for connecting to the wifi. Find myself using it all the time as phone keyboards are a pain. Implmenting something like this https://qifi.org/ where you could just click on the wifi infomation to generate you a wifi code for guest or normal wifi would be awesome.
  20. Hello guys, i hope you are doing well. I’ve been trying to setup an independant 2.4ghz network by using the setting not to mirror 2.4ghz and 5ghz settings. everytime I do that, the R2 I’ve had issues. At the moment the 2.4Ghz works and the 5Ghz doesn’t. I’m kind of fed up rebooting it reconfiguring it. what would you recommend me to do to get the 5Ghz working? my ideal configuration i want to achieve is a hidden 2.4Ghz network for home automation devices and a 5Ghz network for all my other devices. thank you for your help. G
  21. Hey! I purchased the XR700 about a week ago to replace a very old Actiontec MI424wr and, unfortunately, I've been having a lot of issues getting it to work correctly. While the wired connection works without issue the WiFi is in a word: awful. It drops out every few minutes even when I'm sitting less that 4ft from the router (when I say drops out I don't just mean has speed issues I mean I can't even navigate to google.com without my browser showing me an error page and asking me to check my connection) and has abysmally bad range. I live in a small 1br apartment, and when I walk to the kitchen I lose wifi all together something that has never been an issue before--for reference my kitchen would put me at MOST 25ft from the router. I've tried a number of things including disabling the 60GHz band, tweaking and eventually disabling QoS, manually setting the WiFi channels, upgrading to firmware V1.0.1.24, and factory resetting the router but nothing has seemed to work which I find immensely frustrating. I feel like I paid a premium just to add stress to my daily life. While I don't have the fastest connection (only 100 up and 100 down through Verizon Fios) I'm the only one in my apartment and I should be able to watch a short YouTube video on my laptop when it's literally beside my router and the only machine that's powered on and connected to the internet.
  22. Hi, I recently purchased and setup a XR700 router, which replaced a my previous setup up routers (one serving as the DHCP server while the other was set as a bridge). I intended to use only the XR700 router to handle all my networking needs, which includes about 50 or so devices consisting of computers, Plex server, Roku devices and host of smart bulbs, switches and thermostats. Out of the box, I thought I could merely assign the existing network SSID to the XR700 and all of my Wi-Fi devices would automatically connect to newly setup router. However, a few of my Wi-Fi devices did while many were unable to connect. Similar to the issues raised in the posts I linked below, many of devices were not able to obtain DCHP IP addresses from the router or were not able to establish any connection. I should also add that out of the box, I accepted the prompt to update the firmware to Although I have been able to recycle my SSID with previous router upgrades, I concluded that the XR700 was simply not willing to play ball. Before changing the SSID, I did attempt to assign a static IP address to my MacBook Pro -- I did so on the computer itself. Doing so did enable me to fully connect to the router and internet via Wi-Fi. I was willing to put in the painstaking work of manually assigning IP addresses to all of the devices that would not connect, but several of the smart bulbs and switches do not have that capability within their own settings. Even when I attempted to reserve IP addresses with MAC addresses on the XR700 router, the Wi-Fi devices were still unable to connect to the XR700 router and/or the internet. So, I reset to the router to factory defaults via the router login page (used the erase feature), and then I started from scratch and chose a different SSID name (I realize I could have done so without resetting everything, but I thought it would be best to do it that way). With the new SSID, I went through the painstaking efforts of manually accessing 50 or so Wi-Fi devices, choosing the new SSID name and entering the Wi-Fi password. All went well! All devices were able to connect to the new SSID name for the XR700 and had internet access. Although hours of work, the results were terrific. I was all set to enjoy the new setup, but decided to tidy up location of the router with some cord management. So, I powered down the XR700 momentarily, repositioned things, tied down cables and then powered XR700 back on. To my dismay, many of my Wi-Fi devices were again not able to connect to the XR700 router using the new SSID. Even my MacBook Pro reverted back to the image from George's post in December 2018 where "Wi-Fi has the self-assigned IP address .. and will not be able to connect to the internet." All of the work I completed was for naught as I was once again back in the same position I was before I changed the SSID on the XR700 router. Still, crazy me, I decided to change the SSID again, and also manually join the 50 or so devices back to the new network name for the XR700 router. This time, I was able to do it in about an hour because of the practice. All of the Wi-Fi devices are again connected to the XR700 router and are appearing as online with valid IP addresses in the device manager of the router login. Great! However, I now need to complete some modifications to the port settings. I am so fearful to make any changes, as I believe that my Wi-Fi devices will again drop off the network at the moment I hit apply to the settings changes. I scanned through several postings in the forums and saw several iterations of the issues I am experiencing. I linked some below. In all of the postings, I did not see any resolutions. There were recommendations to reset, manually assign IP addresses, revert to earlier firmware versions and more; but no true identification of the cause of the problem or a solution. Before I return this $400 router back to the store, did I miss something -- is there a prescribed fix for this issue? It should also be noted that I have 5 devices connected to the XR700 via the Ethernet ports, and all do not have any problem with acquiring an IP address from the router and gaining internet access; hence my uninterrupted ability to continue to make changes to the router login page. So, the issue is clearly a Wi-Fi problem only! Thanks.
  23. Hello, since a lot of time, the wifi of my 2 phones at house (s7 edge and iphone 8 plus) wifi drop a lot. I tried to reset the phones, reset the netduma r1 but nothing, I heard a lot of put manually an ip for my two devices but I don't know how to do it, if someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hello guys Is there any possibility to boost xr500 WiFi signal and range.. I need more range in order to cover all my house areas
  25. Hi, I noticed that my 2.4 Ghz wifi often tends to have signal drops, from full signal it passes almost to zero. I state that I have several wifi networks in the condominium, my house is 60 square meters, the router is in the central room and I have set the channel on a free one not used by others. Is it possible for other networks to disturb the same while being on different channels? Thanks.
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