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  1. Disabling IPV6 didn't help me either. I've always had that disabled. Going back to .20 was the only solution for me, because I never tried to use the SFP+ port.
  2. Hopefully Netgear will be able to quickly see the problem now that we know the SFP+ port works fine.
  3. I agree with waiting for the final AX release. I'm tired of dealing with companies releasing hardware that meet only half of a certain spec like they're starting to do with HDMI 2.1. There are manufacturers that are making tvs with EARC, but not HDMI 2.1 that includes high frame rate, 48gb bandwidth, VRR (variable refresh rate), and 8k. Give me all of HDMI 2.1 or nothing from it. I purchased a 4k hdr projector in 2016 thinking it would meet all of HDMI 2.0b, but it didn't. It wasn't capable of 18gb bandwidth. The fine print was so small that I didn't see that mentioned in the specs besides a little * next to the resolution of [email protected] I just saw [email protected] and thought excellent. Silly me.
  4. I can't believe after this amount of time that Netgear hasn't fixed the WAN disconnects. How is this not a priority?? It's like Netgear has no coders since the only things they fixed or added were on the DumaOS side. I didn't think AX routers were that far off. I thought maybe Fall 2019 at the earliest, but not 2020. Oh well. If the XR700 didn't still have the same issues, I'd try it again, but at $500 with the same issues, No Thanks. I'm not even using the R1 either, because it cuts my bandwidth from 1000/1000 to 140/150 with QoS on. I also can't put it behind my Asus router cause then I'm 'double NAT'd'. The struggle to deal with BO4 lag compensation is real.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely buy it again, but I'm waiting to see if Netgear announces an AX wifi model this year with updated hardware.
  6. I'm on Fiber. Netgear actually wanted me to participate and use a Beta firmware for the issue, but I didn't have time to try it before my return period ran out.
  7. Did this update fix the WAN disconnection issues that were present in http://forum.netduma.com/topic/26676-xr700-dropped-packets/
  8. In the month that I had the XR700, the internal fan never ran. You can also open http://routerlogin.net/debug.htm and adjust when the fan will turn on.
  9. On Xbox, Console deleted from Geo-Filter, DumaOS on R1, Open NAT shown in Game, This is what I get when searching for any game in Multiplayer: Thu Nov 29 21:36:27 2018 daemon.warn odhcpd[740]: Failed to send to ff02::1%br-lan (Operation not permitted) Thu Nov 29 21:36:16 2018 kern.info kernel: [ 442.136000] send: nf_ct_get failed Thu Nov 29 21:36:16 2018 kern.info kernel: [ 442.136000] recv: nf_ct_get failed Then the game boots me back to the main screen saying Lobby was full.
  10. BO4 on Xbox takes forever to connect to a Peer host and has a bunch of graphical errors on-screen. I can't connect to a Dedi at all. Geo-filter is disabled. BO3 on PS4 works perfectly fine. So I say it's a BO4 issue. Not DumaOS.
  11. I disabled the Geofilter and restarted my xbox, I'm still only getting Peer hosts. It's not just DumaOS users.
  12. I have. I let it use the G1100 automatic DNS from Verizon and tried too. Neither worked.
  13. There's no way to enter the IP address on my devices like my LG OLED TV Plex app or my Nvidia Shield TV Plex app. They simply ask you to sign into your account and connect automatically. This is the error I get when Diagnosing my Network connection on the PC which is connected to the R1:
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