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  1. The geo filter only lets you connect to peer to peer games. How long is it going to take for the DumaOS to actually do whet you claim it does? As I have better games when I congest my line making me a high ping player.
  2. The game is just too laggy, I got the geo-filter to kinda work but didnt make gameplay any better -
  3. using the Geo-filter wont change the fact the game has a poor netcode -
  4. Source - https://twitter.com/TheThrillGame
  5. So him lagging was a fair fight? as just becoz some has more armour dont mean you cant kill em as I got a clip of me having legendary armour and I get killed in 3-4 hits?
  6. I was wrong so my bad mate, my apologise as there are certain attachements that make weapons way OP. Lets just say wingman with a certain attachement destorys
  7. That is incorect its down to the 10hz servers they have, as I have a clip of me having a legendary kit and I get killed buy a std pistol. The damage output for the games is broken, go look at the feedback forums as there is loads of videos on their showing how the TTK is random. This clips is just shows how crap the game is - https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sci0n/video/68954586
  8. The XR500 wont fix any issues and as for the 10's of thousands who don't have issues with it.... LMAO, I can easily say these are fad stats. The geo-filter is pretty pointless as yeah you can connect close to you but again if the game that you play on supports high ping players, which now is most games as before most game shighlighted to gamers their connection was shite. As the guy said b4 when uve low ping you get [email protected] on.. after trying so long with the XR500 I just took it out of the equation, I honestly dont use it as I find using your own router and making sure I got a hign ping allows me to play COD on what feels like a more even playing field, even on BFV I feel this is better. Now I am not saying dont use the XR500 as each to there own, but for me it was pointless using the XR500 on most games this gen.
  9. This clip just shows how bad COD4's lag comp is as alot of the time he hits them buty dies quicker than the other player as he is playing hardcore and you can see he hits people b4 they hit him yet he dies, so has nothing to do poor aim and positioning at all. Know your game mode. The DumaOS wont fix lag at all if the game has shit servers and even shitty players connections, then lag comp is going to be piss poor no router will fix this at all. Its simple the DumaOS is only good for seeing what servers your on an trying to connect you to local ones, yet if the game has less players hardly any servers will be close to you. If you play oither games online you will see from the ping stats that COD4 servers are sooo bad and in a word shite! DumaOS is only good if you have a Saturated connection end of, or you share a hosue with aload of people who use the internet connection alot making the connection Saturated.
  10. Sorry you are wrong CSGO has 120 tick rate servers! Also I have both the R1 and XR500, I never said lag comp was the issue at all you clearly ignored my reply. I said ' Unless you have a router that can check the stats like DumaOS' which you dont as the R1 runs on the same software. Yes its clear the DumaOS has mis info as I get that no game goes from a 30hz server to a 90hz server etc in the space of 20 seconds. Yet this is the software showing this info, you only need to use the BFV in game network chart to see the DumaOS is way off in its stats. Ill say it more clear, The lag comp in games is just to high now, this is why no router or software will fix this issue - end of.
  11. I was given a reason as to why tick rate, upload, and download stats that alternate inconsistently, Unless you have a router that can check the stats like DumaOS we cant say those stats are wrong, as I have played on Halo 5 and seen the stats more levelled out and not spiking loads during games but then that was only like the two servers I tried. The lag comp in games is just to high now, I have a clip where I was shooting a guy, only for him to start shooting back and kill me. Yet when I watched the kill cam he was actually shooting like 3-4 seconds before I shot at him
  12. Teh geo filter wont work for Halo 5 for me it keeps kicking me out of games.
  13. The R1 or XR500 can not fix lag at all it just makes you have a good ping, but most games have too much lag comp in them now for the R1 or Xr500 to really effective any more.
  14. Thats why I stated ' future proofed right now, ' as saying its better than the R1, also by the end of next year I am sure I'll have no issue in getting what routers the best for me
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