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  1. I will take a pic of it so you can see what I mean, also yes my BT router does that. which I didnt know it did.
  2. No the differnce to 'not stabe' to bricking an exspensive item. Also I have done many beta tests for Xbox, Sony, Andriod, Apple and not once I have I had to do such a long as list of BS to get any hardware to work again, as they all supply an option to re-flash the hardware so its easy to fix for any consumer. As it was pointed out to me by the guy at my works who does all our networking etc. Why the XR500 can not read an img file off a USB stick as it has USB ports on the left side, to go back to old software if connected to a laptop/pc only connected by an ethernet cable. As he pointed out the way this company expects you to get it working again is not consumer friendly at all. He got it back to old .56 using the TFTP method. Now I have an amber light where the ethernet port is ?
  3. I am not going to do all that, as you have sold this item @ £250 - and then beta tested it on us user. Sorry but I think this is the part where realise the DumaOS software is nothing but a placebo effect (go look on reddit etc). I will get a refund, if I cant do that I wont buy another product from Duma again or recommend the product to anyone.
  4. I can not connect to the XR500 DumaOS interface. I have hard rest the router yet it wont let me connect at all? Keeps saying can not obtain an IP address.
  5. What no one will say here is, the XR500 won't do you any good. As COD's netcode supports bad connections, when you get melted that's called super bullets. This usually happens when another players connection is pretty bad as the servers then just think 'oh he hit u with every bullet' when he has only fire like 1 bullets at you. To many games now have high lag compensation in these games. Go watch a guy on youtube called Battlenonse. He will show you how the XR500 or even the DUMA OS is pretty pointless right now, as go on reddit or even some of the gaming forums. You will see a lot of games connect you locally to bypass the DUMA's geo filter. U can find any IP program that will show you the real IP you are connected to (wireshark does this) these are called hybrid servers. There are to many variables in MP games now that having a good ping means you'll do good. I hope with DUMA 3.0 there is some big changes to help these issues but we will only find out soon. Till then do what I do, lower you speeds for your console and congest your line to shit and you'll see if most games you will do ok.
  6. Its high ping players, ever game now supports/favours high ping players end of.
  7. Hi can you explain how your software is so misinformed? as the DumaOS says its Ping is 13ms, but in game is like 320ms? This very conflicting numbers, as its clear the DUMAOS is soo bot up to date with many games. Also this was with the geo filter on.
  8. I would say no as to many games now have too much lag comp in them and the Netduma team would need to test the most popular games to apply the best settings and update the DumaOS regularly, but they dont have the team size to do it. Battlenonse has proven trime and time again that games support high ping players. (Though I do feel DumaOS is good on certain games but not many). Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Netcode Explained! As you can see from this video the server is king, which means you will die even if you was backed around a corner or dropped to the floor, you will still die as the server deems it so as the player who has high ping will get an advantage on you due to whats called super bullets. You can tell this by unticking the auto ping and check the pings of other players, as I noticed some players would die off 3 bullets (who had low pings) where others would nearly take an entire clip. (who had high pings/that changed). Also throttle you own line and play a game and you'll see you can kill with out many issues, its a shame really the devs have choosen to do this as this is one of the reason This game is crippling most peoples ability to play. I would buy the Netduma if you either share a house or even have a family, as the DumaOS helps with high lag spikes etc. The screenshot was from me throttling my line while playing.
  9. I want to know where are these so called deadicated servers as mine just wants to connect to the USA all the time.
  10. The geo filter only lets you connect to peer to peer games. How long is it going to take for the DumaOS to actually do whet you claim it does? As I have better games when I congest my line making me a high ping player.
  11. The game is just too laggy, I got the geo-filter to kinda work but didnt make gameplay any better -
  12. using the Geo-filter wont change the fact the game has a poor netcode -
  13. Source - https://twitter.com/TheThrillGame
  14. So him lagging was a fair fight? as just becoz some has more armour dont mean you cant kill em as I got a clip of me having legendary armour and I get killed in 3-4 hits?
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