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  1. II'd be grateful for the help but unfortunately im extremely busy all week so i don't think id be able to do a teamviewer. Do you have an idea what it could be ? a setting in the hg612 or xr500? Thanks
  2. unlocked with the xr500 in the dmz, all qos on hg disabled
  3. Currently is it , Master socket - Hauwei hg612 - XR500
  4. wmm is enabled for both 2.4 and 5ghz was the XR500 when i was using another router to do the handling , 192,168.1.1 handled the pppoe, with the xr500 in a makeshift dmz in that router
  5. No difference unfortunately Oh and im unable to replicate my most recent pingplotter graph, its worse now and 15% is the only way im able to get no ping spikes consistently 🙃
  6. Same testing on Youtube 1080p 60fps videos this time not live stream, which is what i was testing with before, 20% seems to be the only way to get rid of the ping spikes 🤔
  7. I tried a different port and a different cable, here is a pingplotter graph, using 70 % sliders , watching a 1080p 60fps live stream on YouTube
  8. Followed the guide, restarted PC, ran test again using youtube hd60fps videos (exact same test as before) and no noticeable difference. Still ping spikes in the 50's 80's and upwards into the hundreds
  9. Upnp is on, only ports shown in the table are for my PS4. Zero port forwarding Rules DUMA OS Classified games for all devices is turned off instead i have added my ps4 under "games console"
  10. My PC which will use anywhere between 5-15 mbps while running a youtube hd60 fps video, it is possbile for me to turn this off whilst gaming however other people in my home could and do use youtube and cause the ping spikes whilst gaming
  11. i tried cloudfare but again no luck, unticking share excess is the only way to stop ping spikes for me but it isnt ideal
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