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  1. Second pic is starting at 100 percent set to Always and slowly going down to about 30 percent, first pic is then all the way down to 20 percent
  2. No difference at all, still all the way down to 20% for best results
  3. Should the dhcp server be disabled on the modem/router or the xr500 router ? Trying something new and trying to avoid double NAT ( i dont have dmz on my modem/router )
  4. I have tried all percentages down in 10's from 100 percent and only at 20 % do I stop getting ping spikes over 50-80ms, 70% and I'm getting spikes in the hundreds.
  5. When running pingplotter and saturating my connection using hd videos, I have to turn my sliders down to 20% on both upload and download, should I really have to throttle that much to stop massive ping spikes?
  6. Type 2 on the PS4 just means you are behind a router, Type 1 would be directly connected to a modem
  7. Thanks! So i looked it to doing it myself, i am happy with what to do in terms of changing it but im just curious if it will put a fault on my line or anything of that nature?
  8. First off i know that customers aren't allowed to fiddle with the master socket wiring.................. Does anyone know what is better about the NTE5C master socket over say a mk 3 faceplate? and has anyone done the upgrade themselves
  9. Hi, Due to Big Dogs response on Saturday i decided to plug the XR500 back in, There has been no new update since i last tried (I am on firmware and with upnp ticked, all port forwarding rules deleted, I get a moderate nat on BO4 &no rules show up in the upnp table. Which is the same as when we did the 1 on 1 a fair few months ago. ( UPNP on DUMA OS R1 works fine ) Thinking about getting a new modem anyway possibly the draytek vigor 130 so anybody who reads this if you have any insight on the modem it would be appreciated, i.e can i input my pppoe details directly into the modem and leave the xr500 to do all qos and routing.....?
  10. I have the xr500 and I WOULD prefer to use it but the problem there is my upnp table does not populate , i am on the latest firmware and I have had Fraser do a 1 on 1 for that issue but no luck so far. Also thanks for the link...exactly what I was looking for!!
  11. Hello, I am running DUMA OS and I have been told in the past that if possible i should input my PPPOE login details into my modem which is what I am trying to do. I have an UNLOCKED BT OPENREACH Hauwei hg612 and I am on BT infinity from my ISP. I can access the interface just fine, but i am struggling to set it up correctly to get internet access. Any and all help is appreciated!
  12. I get this message when i click on network settings Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
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