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  1. Man you melted them so fast id love to do that in bo4 edit i thought this was on core but still that was great to watch.
  2. I think iv asked this before but could there be a feature in the future to wheere you can have a button you press in the QOS that automatically does a speed test and sets that in for the sliders could be useful.
  3. alright im back to my old plan so this topic is all finished i guess i think im going to just stick with this plan for the years to come thanks again for all the help everyone did appreciate it.
  4. oh wow okay i just look and the sb6183 isn't supported im decided that im going to go back to the 300 plan i was using and just wait awhile till other options appear, My other modem that i know is amazing is the tp link 7610 that iAmMoDBoX told me to buy awhile ago but thanks again for all the looking you did its really a shame that the hitron is bad but hopefull;y somthing will change in the future with my isp.
  5. I had no idea it was a docsis 3.0 and i thought it has a broadcom chip from what BIF_DOG said. And i cant afford to spend 200 dollars on a modem right now and this is the only modem that have to lease for the gig plan. Im going tuesday to get my old plan back sense they are closed tomorrow. thanks for looking into the modem to see that its bad appreciate it . EDIT I found this on there webside An approved DOCSIS 3.0 32 channel modem is required for GigaONE service, and is available for lease from Cable ONE or may be obtained from 3rd party retailers when available. If you have a home router, you should confirm it is capable of gigabit speeds.
  6. Alright thanks for all the help the two of you did ill get everything changed back.
  7. Zippy my isp is Cableone i have there 1000 gig plan
  8. Do you think it would be best to go back to my old plan? till i can get a modem that is modem only sense i cant get over 300 speeds with this one connected to the r1 and even the nighthawk . iv even tried looking all over google but cant really find anything about this modem itself just others with hitron in its name.
  9. sure give ill do that right now ill edit the speed test in when im done speeds from nighthawk connected to hitron doing same thing i did with r1 https://www.speedtest.net/result/8198401175 Im up to try any ideas to get my speeds above 300 on the r1 connected to this hitron for now on if i need to lease a modem im going to make sure its not going to have to be a modem/router combo its a pain.
  10. okay ill give that a try brb with the speed results. okay i think i did it right but the speed is the same pretty much https://www.speedtest.net/result/8198323733 the r1s interface is so much easy to do things on the hitrons is confusing tbh
  11. So Skippy your saying to try and add the hitron gateway ip to the r1? but to be honest im starting to think my r1 speed cap is around 400 or something caped at 400 too on old nighthawk r7000 edit adding hitron gateway made me lose connection
  12. Im leasing my hitron from the isp company and i get full speeds from the modem itself just not when the r1 is hooked up to it ill try and add the mac from the hitron to the r1 and see what speeds i get since its a lable on the bottom ill then edit the speeds i get from it okay ill look at the dhcp range page before i do anything else real quick is this what im looking for only thing that mac related on dhcp here is the speed test from adding hitron mac to r1 its bad https://www.speedtest.net/result/8198249905
  13. i cant see anywhere on wan to add a mac address on my hitron modem edit would it be MAC-based IP passthrough by any chance that im looking for i tried the mac passthrough its not it
  14. Zippy where would the mac address be found on ,my modem if you mind me asking i look on lan and wan but i dont see it
  15. alright ill brb with the speed results so i cant do this right are ypu asking me to portfoward on the hitron or on the r1? i just looked at the wan ip on the r1 again and it changed so i put it in the dmz and it went through i couldnt figure out the portforwarding you asked me to do because i dont know what ip to put down but i know how to portforward router speed test https://www.speedtest.net/result/8198060069
  16. sure thing its amber ill factory rest it right now and add the speed test after thanks for looking into it okay the led is still amber here is the speed test with r1 connected to modem https://www.speedtest.net/result/8197950309 modem only speed test https://www.speedtest.net/result/8197956091
  17. yes im using the same modem the hitron one and i didnt notice the server change speed test from r1 to connected to modem https://www.speedtest.net/result/8197813937 speed test modem only https://www.speedtest.net/result/8197817717 could changing the speeds on the QOS do anything to help i have it at 1000 download and 50 upload I also have QOS disabled incase that doesnt matter to clarify iv had QOS disabled the how time i upgraded to the 1000 speeds
  18. speeds directly to the modem is 979 download and upload is 43 edit ill post a pic with speeds from modem only and r1 connect to modem modem only https://www.speedtest.net/result/8197776284 r1 connected to modem that has Residential Gateway Function disabled witch i think is bridge mode for this modem https://www.speedtest.net/result/8197788133
  19. okay ill give that a try and see what happens thanks for the info alright Zippy i did all that and my speeds out still only 386 out of 1000 but i think the r1 can only go up to 800 from what i read. okay i just hooked up my old nighthawk to test what speeds i get from it hook up to the modem and its in the 300 range to could there be somthing on the modem preventing other routers from getting full speeds im using cat 7 cords to to rule that out they are a few months old id say
  20. yes this is from the modem/router combo when i tried put the wan ip from the r1 in the dmz i put it back in bridge mode till i cant figute out how to use the dmz thing
  21. okay thanks i found it so i take my modem/router combo out of bridge mode and put the ip in the dmz correct? also if i do this will i still be able to use the geo filter and ping assist okay it told me [ERROR] DMZ Host IP isn't in LAN IP address subnet!
  22. Okay thanks ill try that when i go to the wan on the r1 i see no ip address its all blank
  23. i dont understand what your asking are you saying put the r1s in the modems dmz? im trying to get the modem to just act as a modem only. unless thats what your having me do.
  24. yea im getting full speeds through the modem its a modem router combo unfortunately. i think i put it in bridge mode not to sure tho when i have it set up with the r1 i get 141 to 400 download
  25. Alright i just got the new modem and 1000 speed installed yet im not getting pass 400 download speed i have qos disabled too any ideas i know i read somewhere before that the netduma r1 cant go past like 800 or something if i remember right
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