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  1. Just an update, i woke up this morning to my xr500 having no internet, long story short i had to do a factory reset and i have just gone to do a speedtest, im consistently getting the speed i pay for instantly and i have lost 7ms of ping over my usual servers on speedtest.net , but more importantly on pingplotter now, with QoS at 70% i have next to no movement on ping what so ever. Even with QoS disabled whilst watching a 1080p60fps video on YouTube im not seeing any pingspikes, certainly nothing like i was where it was hundreds of ms. 😀
  2. An update on from the BT forum thread that is 82 pages long, thought id update as it sounds promising but i wont hold my breath ; Hi everyone, Thank you for your feedback. We’re aware that in some specific cases, customers are experiencing increased latency when simultaneously using streaming video services and gaming online using the same connection. This issue only affects some of our customers, and only in the specific instance where they are using a console or PC to play games online while streaming video, not purely online gaming services like Google Stadia. The good news is that we’ve tested and approved a fix which we are now rolling out within our network to resolve the issue for the vast majority of the customers that experienced it. We’ll be rolling out these updates to resolve this issue for all of our customers over the coming months. While we’re doing this, we ask customers to contact our moderators in the community if they’re still experiencing this issue and we may be able to help resolve the issue more quickly on a case by case basis. Thanks for your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience while we’ve investigated and worked to fix this. Cheers Sean
  3. Quick one........I know that when port forwarding i should turn off upnp. If im using port triggering and have upnp enabled will it cause issues? Thanks
  4. II'd be grateful for the help but unfortunately im extremely busy all week so i don't think id be able to do a teamviewer. Do you have an idea what it could be ? a setting in the hg612 or xr500? Thanks
  5. unlocked with the xr500 in the dmz, all qos on hg disabled
  6. Currently is it , Master socket - Hauwei hg612 - XR500
  7. wmm is enabled for both 2.4 and 5ghz was the XR500 when i was using another router to do the handling , 192,168.1.1 handled the pppoe, with the xr500 in a makeshift dmz in that router
  8. No difference unfortunately Oh and im unable to replicate my most recent pingplotter graph, its worse now and 15% is the only way im able to get no ping spikes consistently 🙃
  9. Same testing on Youtube 1080p 60fps videos this time not live stream, which is what i was testing with before, 20% seems to be the only way to get rid of the ping spikes 🤔
  10. I tried a different port and a different cable, here is a pingplotter graph, using 70 % sliders , watching a 1080p 60fps live stream on YouTube
  11. Followed the guide, restarted PC, ran test again using youtube hd60fps videos (exact same test as before) and no noticeable difference. Still ping spikes in the 50's 80's and upwards into the hundreds
  12. Upnp is on, only ports shown in the table are for my PS4. Zero port forwarding Rules DUMA OS Classified games for all devices is turned off instead i have added my ps4 under "games console"
  13. My PC which will use anywhere between 5-15 mbps while running a youtube hd60 fps video, it is possbile for me to turn this off whilst gaming however other people in my home could and do use youtube and cause the ping spikes whilst gaming
  14. i tried cloudfare but again no luck, unticking share excess is the only way to stop ping spikes for me but it isnt ideal
  15. Can i get the link to do the downgrade and upgrade please?
  16. As far as i am aware the XR500 has issues handling pppoe and qos on upload from what i have read on here in other threads , i am on BT
  17. I will definitely try it, do you think the xr500 having issues with pppoe connections would make it a fair test though?
  18. Buster

    HEC Errors

    I think it is just from when it rebooted as it hasnt gone up since, it doesnt show how many were corrected, No issues that im aware of........... i get my speeds i pay for on upload
  19. Buster

    HEC Errors

    I was looking through my line statistics and saw my HEC errors read 4294967290 on upstream ..... Firstly, what are HEC errors 🙃, and secondly, is this normal? Thanks in advance!
  20. Annnnnd then i go to page 72 of the BT forum thread and see this, which gives me hope but also makes me want to wear my monitor as a bracelet , "Hey guys. I thought I would update the thread as I have finally managed to fix the issue for my setup after weeks of searching. I recently upgraded to a Netgear Nighthawk XR300 and previously owned another Nighthawk model. While searching the internet for other people experiencing lag spikes during gaming, I found forum posts outlining the same issue with Plusnet, EE and some other ISP's in the USA. I found some information regarding the Nighthawk OS (DumaOS) and a new feature in the QOS settings called anti-buffer bloat. You can read about this here. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/What-Is-Anti-buffer-Bloat/td-p/1669266 Anyway, I looked through my Netgear OS last night and found that by default, the feature was set to 'never' I switched this to 'always' as recommended by other forum posts and this has completely solved the ping spike issue. I also tweaked some of the QOS settings to prioritise my gaming set up. If you are experiencing ping spikes and have a Nighthawk router, definitely try this and this is most likely the cause of the issue. If you dont own a Nighthawk router then buying one is likely to solve the issue. Check the article out and give it some consideration."
  21. Nope the test is showing ping spikes when just the pc is playing videos no other devices, looks like it could just be bt after having a quick look on those threads
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