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  1. What about fortnite i get the same on that to anything to stop getting disbanded from my friends they load in and I get send back to the lobby with opps something went any help is much appreciated Many thanks Ben
  2. Hey all a bit of a long post but bare with me got the R1 years ago and loved it worked great and decided to upgrade to the XR 500 in the last month and have had nothing but headaches with it. Been playing black ops 4 with friends and have been kicked from parties/disbands us when searching for a game and when we finally do get a game it is peer connection not dedicated servers and the connection is bad i put my geo-filter to 1500 mi and that covers a lot of europe i know there are 2-3 dedicated servers in the circle have my anti-bufferbloat 70/70 and have it set to always. I also have the same problem with playing Fortnite with friends any help you can give would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Ben
  3. Thanks for the upgrade keep up the great work
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