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  1. Okay Fraser I think I see what your saying.. I just thought because he said he had a static IP now it would have grabbed the same address.. Or basically renew to the same address.. My fault there Fraser! Zippy.
  2. Hey @Netduma Fraser I noticed HaydenBee has a similar issue when it pertains to the WAN credentials.. His logs are exactly like mine when this happens as for the WAN side.. If you noticed that his WAN renews to the correct address but yet the R2 doesnt use the same address after.. Even a DHCP dynamic address it should renew to the same address if nothing has changed.. But in this situation it shows the renew one then comes up with a different one.. That really shouldnt be happening.. This could cause the disconnect.. It may not happen right away but minutes later it could drop the connection because the WAN address is already in use.. I noticed that two things that can occur during this.. One when this takes place the WAN completely drops out.. Two if one is online there will be a temporary freeze WAN drop but will recover.. Hope what im saying makes sense.. Thanks! Zippy.
  3. Ha ha its a bad habit! And hard to break! Its like my trade mark/time stamp. lol.. Then you know your talking to the real Zippy! Just for you I will hold back! But here is where id put my time stamp (...............)
  4. I do believe there is a newer version of beta firmware for the XR500.. But the .104 did seem pretty good.. When you used the connection benchmark test and it did what you described above did you happen to noticed if one of your CPUs spiked to 100% and stayed there? And possible is still pegged at a 100%? Thanks! Zippy.
  5. Ha ha this shouldnt have been confusing.. But it has become just that.. If you look at TP you will see people posting everything under the sun that has been used.. In all reality now there are some prioritizing TCP ports.. Which in theory should never be used and doesnt make sense in itself. Because UDP ports should be the ones used.. Im not saying anyone is wrong.. And using what works for them for the time being is fine.. Specially if they are getting better results.. My point here is why are we seeing TCP ports used and why the vast differences in the way people are applying different rules.? Even I myself am at odds with the way TP works..Something is very odd here.. And doesnt make any sense.. Id experiment because its likely you may end up coming up with your own set of rules that works best for you.. And they may likely be different from what others are using.. Using what others have posted is like a guide.. It may not be the ideal setup for you but get you in the correct direction.. Zippy.
  6. You should get that error of lanes overlapping.. There is really noway that should have worked.. How it worked in his case is a bug in TP.. If you look at the multiple rules added there are many lanes over lapping.. The very first rule covered everything for the said device.. How in the world he got that to all work is beyond me.. TP is what should be looked at.. And not just what works for a particular person.. That is just covering up an issue with TP.. If its working for him I wouldnt touch a thing.. Because once he does he will never get that back.. Zippy.
  7. Did you happen to know or remember when you had IPV6 enabled did you have upnp on or have any port forwarding rules active while using IPV6? I would think that is what it means yes! I just found it a bit confusing that in the new network test for remote play on my xbox that it said my outbound port was open.. Which is 3074. It was just funny it mentions outbound but doesnt mention inbound with it.. Not sure exactly what it means by that test on my xbox.. I would have just thought it would state your xbox port is Open.. And not mention inbound or outbound.. To me when I seen that test I was like what about inbound.. Idk really what that means.. Could be nothing.. But yet strange.. Zippy.
  8. Hey I was going to ask you if you are using IPV6 at all? Or are you using strictly IPV4? Makes me wonder if having a Moderate NAT helps to keep the flow of traffic in both directions more even? One thing I found strange about having an Open NAT with an Xbox is port 3074 is Opened on outbound only.. It never does mention of an inbound port being Open.. A while back I notice Xbox added another test into there network settings and I believe its for remote play...Have you noticed this test? Even though it stated everything was good when performing that test it only mentioned my outbound port being Open.. One would think there should be an inbound port as well? Anyways just wanted to share that.. Wasnt sure if you ever noticed that or not.. Thanks! Zippy.
  9. I also noticed that a Moderate NAT type does tend to give better results.. Even though this doesnt make much sense having a Moderate NAT but it comes down to what works for each person.. So there really is no wrong or correct answer.. Go with what works. Ones MTU on the other hand I find as a very interesting beast.. Normally one would just leave our current setting.. Which in most cases is 1500 for most people.. But with that said rarely do any servers run at a full 1500 MTU value.. There always lower.. Google, Facebook, Cloudflare, MS, ect. all run at values bellow 1500 MTU value.. So what does this mean.. Path MTU Discovery is what sets the MTU value when we connect to a server..Even a game server.. Both IPV4 use this and IPV6 use this.. PMTUD sends a message of packet to big try this instead to set the MTU.. But from my readings is Path MTU Discovery is not really that reliable.. Specially now when we have IPV6 in the mix.. Regardless even if you have IPV6 disabled on your home network chances are if you connect to a server like Google or MS or a big data center your likely going through some sort of tunneling which having the correct MTU value is even more important.. Just to be clear im not saying for anyone to go and start changing there MTU value.. If things are working well for you Id leave well enough alone! The only reason I mentioned the above is theres alot of factors to take into consideration when things arent right.. And im only really touching on a few of them.. Zippy.
  10. Have you tried changing your Cat6 cable to a different one just to make sure the Cat6 cable isnt acting up? That would be my first thing id do.. If the cable isnt the cause then look at your bandwidth allocation distribution flower.. See if something got messed up there.. Also make sure you have share excess ticked. This goes for both upload and download.. Sometimes resetting the distribution flower will fix this as well.. If your XR500 is showing an amber/orange color light that does mean your particular LAN port is limited to only 100Mbps..And not 1000Mbps.. So clearly there is something going on there.. If the above does not help try switching your Xbox over to Wifi as a test and see if you get better speeds.. You could also try doing a reboot to the XR500 and see if the issue is with the XR500.. If a reboot doesnt work then try the trusty factory reset to the XR500.. Those are the things id suggest.. Good luck! Zippy.
  11. Im assuming you have both Xboxes connected by Wifi? Normally one would turn off the wifi on the ISP wifi/modem router that Xfinity gave you.. And then run everything through the XR500.. I guess one could have two Wifi's but there could be some conflict with wifi signals not to mention the XR500 cant control what isnt connected to it.. Like CC/Congestion Control for buffer bloat.. So if your using CC then you have to have all wifi and wired devices connected to the XR500.. By having only some connected and others to your Xfinity Wifi/modem router it wont be optimal.. And performance would likely be sketchy.. Your double NAT issue is really a separate issue and does not pertain to your wifi.. There are two ways you can fix that.. One put your Xfinity modem router in bridge mode or put the XR500 in the DMZ of your Xfinity modem router.. Use one or the other.. Good luck! Zippy.
  12. Your totally welcome! Glad to be of help! Authenticating servers do seem to move and or change id names.. So if something ever feels off follow the above test and it should always give you what your looking for. Ive had many different games do this to me.. Example is sometimes the authenticating server would be in my same Geo search radius and then a few weeks later it would move on me.. And also move outside of my typical search radius of the Geo which would cause issues of course once it did that.. All I did was allow it and was golden again... Glad to hear it worked for yah! Zippy.
  13. By the sound of it you have a blocked server that you have to allow.. Once you add your Xbox back to the Geo zoom out and see if there is a server that isnt being allowed. Chances are its an authenticating server that is being block by accident.. How I always have checked in the past was have my filter search unfiltered. Or in spectating mode.. Then I would go into my xbox network settings and click test NAT.. While the Xbox is in the process of checking your NAT there would always be a server pop up on the Geo when the test was performed.. That server was the one I would allow.. Always worked for me.. Give it a go once.. I should also add that one should test this every once in awhile because sometimes this authenticating server would either move or change Id names every so often.. So its always good practice to check.. Good luck! Zippy.
  14. Hummm Are you even able to access the R2? Or have you not even been able to do that? Im assuming you havent even gone through the setup wizard of the R2? I will tag @Netduma Fraser and @Netduma Liam One of those guys will help you sort this better.. Thanks! Zippy.
  15. Hummm thats strange.. Try and do a factory reset to the R2 by holding a little pin in the back of the router.. Hold it for 30 seconds and then release and let the R2 fully boot back up.. Then proceed to see if you can access it and go through the setup wizard.. If that still doesnt work try accessing the router by Hopefully the factory reset will sort your issue.. Good luck! Zippy.
  16. Are you doing this wired or over wifi? I think one has to initially setup the R2 being wired into it.. Then proceed through the setup wizard.. So basically one would plug there laptop or PC into one of the LAN ports of the R2 then proceed from there.. That should get you up and running.. If you continue to have problems report back here and Netduma can help you further.. Thanks! Zippy.
  17. Excellent! I agree it might be the norm is no longer the norm and something has changed in that regard.. One interesting thing to note that is kind of related to this is how IPV6 works.. It doesnt use a NAT type situation. And really if one has a native IPV6 address that is setup correctly port to port exchange will be different then IPV4.. And will be directly client to host connection.. Which will help. But with that said we will also start seeing a much wider range of ports being used at a time.. And I think this also is why we see Xbox always saying to get better performance enable IPV6.. Im sure PS is no different.. But what makes me wonder is what happens when we have both IPV4 and IPV6 enabled.. Is there a possible conflict.. Is some traffic being picked up from IPv4 and some from IPV6? That could maybe cause a conflict with TP or QoS for that matter.. Thats a guess of course.. But I can clearly say when I enable my IPv6 my gaming is better.. But also my TP doesnt work correctly either and then I just disable TP.. The new gen consoles are adding to this as ive seen alot of new updates on both the older and new consoles as they dial them in so to speak.. Some of those updates have given a new network look as well.. Thanks Fraser! Zippy.
  18. Awesome Fraser! Good job! I know we have talked about this before.. But by looking at the Ops screenshot alone at the very least one would think both upload and download packets that are being prioritized should be much closer to each other.. But clearly in his case they are not.. Ive experienced this as well as you already know.. But ive also experienced the good side of this as well.. And when things are working well I always noticed my download prioritized packets are more then my upload prioritized ones.. Which is very interesting.. The one thing im not certain about though is why is this happening or what is the cause? At first glance one would think its an issue with QoS or the TP feature.. But im not sure its that though.. Because why would it work then all of a sudden not? Thanks again Fraser! Zippy.
  19. I personally have always mentioned this.. Ones receive rate should be higher.. which means one should also see more download packets prioritized.. If your upload runs away with more prioritized upload packets then imo there is something wrong.. Every game ive always played my receive rate runs around 580-680 kbps while my upload rate is around 240 kbps.. give or take a bit on either receive rate and send rate.. But those are roughly the numbers for myself.. In my case when im in the Geo and watch our send and receive rates when playing a multiplayer game those numbers above ive mentioned are what I usually see.. These do very a bit on the game type of course and what it is your playing.. One has to remember that our download prioritized packets are just as important as our upload.. If one or the other is not working correctly then that imo would of course make the game play out of sync or as others mentioned getting shot around corners or shot first dies first. My understanding or how I came up with this makes sense to me.. Heres what my reasoning is.. It would make totally sense that our receive rate is more when playing a multiplayer game because we are downloading everyone elses movements and placements and action in a game where our send rate is specifically only sending our actions and placement in a game.. So that is how I personally look at this.. Now the part that doesnt make any sense to me is this.. Lets say im playing a multiplayer game.. My receive rate is running around 620 kbps.. my send rate is 220 kbps.. These are the numbers my Geo represents or shows while playing a game.. The question now becomes why are my download packets not fully being counted or prioritized? Clearly if we are receiving more data then our download prioritized packets should be higher.. Not only should they be higher but they in all honesty should out number the prioritized upload packets.. But yet they are not.. So the question is what is going on there.. There is definitely something to this.. But the question is where or what is the issue? Anyways thats my story and im sticking to it! Zippy.
  20. Zippy

    Get out of bed Fraser!

    Happy New Year everyone! Love the dog picture. Mans best friend right there! Is that a Terrier? Not going to lie the dog does have Fraser resemblance Hope all is well with everyone. Zippy.
  21. I totally understand.. It is very frustrating.. I do wish things have been a more positive experience for you thus far.. Its hard to even find a laptop these days with a wired connection.. So I totally get that also.. Once your friend comes over with the laptop lets hope it makes a connection for you then.. When you do get to that spot before you hook up the laptop I would do another factory reset to the R2.. Hold the little pin in the back of the router for at least 30 seconds and then release.. Let the router boot up fully/wait a bit then proceed to connecting the laptop.. Post back your results.. Good luck! Zippy.
  22. Are you doing this over Wifi or wired? I do believe currently one has to go wired for the initial first time setup.. Or anytime one does a full factory reset.. Id try going wired and see how that goes if you havent tried that yet. I know ive had to do this.. Good luck! Thanks! Zippy.
  23. Do you happen to have any TP rules added? I will tag @Netduma Fraser here also to see if he can give some better advice on this.. Make sure we arent looking any thing over by accident that could be the cause of your low upload speeds.. Thanks! Zippy.
  24. Glad to hear you got your latency back down.. Good job on that! Did you happen to change or mess around with any settings on the QoS page or specifically with bandwidth allocation? Thats where id start to look at.. Make sure nothing there got messed up.. Also what do you have your CC sliders set at? Do you also have CC enabled to Always? Things like that may help you narrow down the issue.. Since this seems to be only effecting the upload look at the allocation for upload on the QoS page of the R2.. Along with other things ive mentioned above.. Thanks! Zippy.
  25. Filter mode can possibly cause an increase in latency if the Geo is blocking an authenticating server.. That is very possible for sure.. Basically you would want to zoom out of the Geo and see if you see any other servers pop up.. Or test with the Geo on Spectating mode/Not filtering.. See if your latency goes down.. Also when I look for a authenticating server on the Geo I run a speed test from my Xbox in the network settings of the Xbox.. While Im running the test I look at the Geo and see if I see a server pop up while the test is being performed.. Usually there is a server that shows up when doing this test.. And that is likely the authenticating server.. At least it always has been for me.. Once I added that server to my allow list my latency went down back to normal.. Hope this helps! Zippy.
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