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  1. I been watching this thread for some time now. The servers are not moving so it’s not that big of a deal if it doesn’t update each time you try to ping again. yes depending on time of evening / night a bunch of dedicated servers go off line and come back on in the morning. Here’s a live pic 4:19am pacific time I’m in so cal Los Angeles
  2. just my 2cents and what has worked best with me when using vpn, turn everything off, no geo filter no qos no nothing
  3. Beta was broken don't know about other devices but all XBOX community was moderate. Do not know if it was actually moderate or only said moderate but there was a big post on twitter about it, connection to game was nice solid 9ms, hopefully they fix the sound and graphics anyone seen a nuke in vanguard?
  4. this link shows how to do it on console and pc https://cogconnected.com/2020/01/fix-new-modern-warfare-error-656448/
  5. im at 390 something wins now, i play alot of MP else it would be more, im 3 guns away from Ultra dark matter yes ping is 200 plus but you dont feel it in game warzone is pay to win, if you have any kind of skills and you have 180 fps or higher its game over, most people are standing still especially when console players are locked at 60 fps and the console guy that play in 4k cause it looks cool are locked at 30 fps lol (im sticking to console for game play using my pc to stream and party chats to take the load off the console. I will build another rig for gaming soon) with the whole vpn thing all the test i have done you do not need a VPN - if you clear your local saved game data set the home pin to what ever region you want i would use ping heatmap to find out the exact location of a server you want to connect to then go back to geo filter set your home pin to that location make sure geo filter is on auto ping is on and you set the distance to 311 mile so it forces you on that server. it will take some time but it will eventually connect. the only one i never been able to connect to is south Africa
  6. Depends on where you are changing your mtu value and if your playing on console or pc i dont know about playstation but on xbox you can not change your mtu setting and from what i been reading i think alot of you messing with your mtu is more of a placebo effect if you have a duma r2 and you change your mtu setting under wan / network / mtu it will not change your xbox mtu speed
  7. i dont know if it will let you go that low i think 700 is the cut off and 1500 is the max
  8. set your home pin to where you want to connect, i'm a firm believer in ping is king so i set mine exactly where i live, then i set the radius circle to the minimum 311 miles. (If it doesnt connect to any servers then back out of game set the radius up by 100 miles then restart the game, keep doing that to you find the closest server to where you live) im lucky where i live there's a couple different servers so i get a average of 9ms to 20ms, if you want to lock in the area where you set your home pin to you need to have geo filter on before you start the game, when ever you change home pin location exit the game then clear the saved game data then restart the game with net dumas geo filter on. you can play anywhere in the world you do not need a vpn. some locations will take longer then others but eventually a lobby will load if you selected a area on the opposite side of the world from you
  9. https://www.vpnmentor.com/best-free-vpn-trials-us/?keyword=vpn free trial&geo=9031210&device=&intent=us-d&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIx4uO27Xi8gIV5A59Ch0YXQo2EAAYASAAEgJTDPD_BwE
  10. i have no clue to what you are trying to say sorry, Cronus venom gang of cheats? banging brean with sbmm???
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