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  1. I have 3, 2 are in the preview program. On is a X the other is a S. Then the 3rd Xbox I have not in the program is a S. Everything works fine on that S
  2. something really weird going on with the new update from xbox. don't know if its the update or the r1 but streaming is really bad plays first couple seconds then connection dies. unplug r1 plug xbox straight into frontier router and everything works fine and fast just connected r1 to my xbox in another room that is not on preview program. everything work fine. party chat and streaming. guess its something in the new update. but why does it only affect the duma device? could of something in the cloud update from the other night got removed by accident?
  3. came home cleared the cloud on the r1, reboot my frontier router, rebooted my r1, cleared mac address on xbox and hard reset. party chat still broken
  4. Just got home, turned on my xbox one x, there was a system update. after xbox booted back up started a party chat and it does not work again. people cant hear me i can no hear them but it allows me to connect to the party chat. i tried flushing the cloud it did not do anything
  5. Came home, flushed the cloud. started a party chat and it works now 👍
  6. Is there anything I should do like reset the router or flush the cloud? Game play was really bad last night I ended up setting my home pin to the middle of the pacific and ping assist to 30 also home circle was at 311 miles game play was enjoyable ping 12 to no higher then 23. With geo filter enabled or disable I couldn’t get a decent game. Ping was 70+
  7. did you guys push the update? xbox released another update tonight and party chat still not working with my r1 connected =(
  8. Tonight after work I’ll reconnect my r1 and test it. The bad part is the r1 does not support my bandwidth speed and with dumaOS there’s no more preemptive & reactive settings. I first ran into this issue last year when I upgraded to Soectrum 400/20 snow I have fios gigabit And with the sliders at 100% when I do speed test it’s only at 200 something mb.
  9. So I went to the existent of factory resetting the router and just leaving upnp enabled and factory resetting and port forwarding and not even touching the geo filter and there’s no difference. Party chat broken with r1. And after last nights Xbox update ping is now 80 to 500 no matter what settings you use. When I just run off my fios router 12 - 20 consistent so that highly unlikely might be turning into a likely. There’s people all in over Twitter, reddit, activision & Xbox forums complaining about players from different countries forcing play in lobbies they shouldn’t be in. I’m guilty of this, I set my home pin in Ireland get host and run circles around people or they have host and I’m so laggy they can’t hit me lol all you hear is UK accents bitching in the death chat 🤣
  10. There was another update for Xbox insiders last night. Party chat does not work with the r1 and after the last two Xbox system updates games have been unplayable with the r1 connected, I have a couple Xbox ones I disconnected my r1 and connected it to my other Xbox not in the preview program and it is amazing just running through lobbies. Maybe Xbox trying to stop users from using specific routers now
  11. They do not have a update yet for the r1. Same version for the past year there was a new update last night for the Xbox one preview program but it didn’t fix anything and it also made gameplay unplayable with the r1. Had to go back to my router that came with my frontier service 🤦‍♂️
  12. i dont know but on the last 2 updates, the first one it broke party chat wouldnt allow me to connect then on the 2nd update it allowed party chat connect but i cant hear anyone talk and no one can hear me. both with ipv6 on and off and only when using my r1
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