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  1. FACTS! I can get into lobbies where i have a 9ms ping but everyone in the lobby is a call of duty athlete or pro player lol, 30 to 60 is the sweet spot for me
  2. i think hes on xbox and if he is that icon isnt a game server its a xbox server. i get the same one all the time on mine, i also get no icons that pop up sometimes i have to delete device from geo filter then flush cloud. i made a couple other post about this hopefully they fix it
  3. @Netduma Fraser bro lock this thread already 🤦🏾‍♂️
  4. 0.2mb? is what your clamming correct? If this is then this doesn't even cover the minimal requirements. i have mentioned this before but most people that buy things like a netduma expect to much, and a lot of little tweeks most users do is all placebo effect. i would completely disable qos dont use it at all, make sure you disable everything under traffic traffic prioritization. on your geo filter set your home pin to the middle of the globe then set distance to max then ping assist to 30, if your experience is better by any kinda percent then fine tune it with qos but 0.2 is the wrong direction sorry
  5. whats the kd on the ps5 account whats the KD on the PC account, if you take your profile from your pc and you play on your PS5 i get it doesnt have the same hit detection as your GF's account. (I KNOW SOMEONE) who has a xbox one s, a one x, and a series x, when they want to be a super try hard they will start a lobby with one of there other consoles that has a win/loss of 0.05 and a kd of 0.10. Once the game starts the account on the older console gets kicked for inactivity and he runs circles around bots
  6. lol .2mb dont ever try a screen or video shot i would stay at 2.5mb, under 2.5 the game and your console might start working under load trying to make up for a poor connection
  7. You should have a awesome connection to the game with our doing anything. The lag compression engine is backwards so the faster your connection the worse you get handicapped. Why we use the qos siders to dumb down our connection. I don’t know about pc or ps but Xbox live has a 25mb cap and COD doesn’t use more then 4mbps
  8. if your going to put every port you should just put your pc or console in DMZ
  9. it will be back or there will be a new one with a different name
  10. should just drop your PC or console in DMZ at that point
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