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  1. lol change this title, every time I see a email I think there’s a new update which hasn’t happened in for ever
  2. here's some more ID's for you, just got home tried to stream and the first allow wouldn't work.1aa95c2746b9272c had to fully disable geo filter to get it to work. 1aa9683346b9272c then re enable geo filter to use the geo filter which i dont think is really working correctly either
  3. this is the current one 2ca903ce46cb272c and here is the one from the last time i broadcasted last night 1aa97d4846b9272c
  4. out of the blue if i have the geo filter enabled and i try to stream, it wont work. there is now a icon that pops up when i start the stream. i have to click on it and allow it like if its a friend trying to join my lobby. at this point the stream still does not work. i have disable my geo filter then the stream starts to broadcast. if i dont allow that icon, when i enable the geo filter again the stream will drop but if i allow it before hand and then enable geo filter it works to the next time i turn my xbox off and turn it black on then i have to do the steps all over again did something change on your guys is side for the cloud settings?
  5. I did, the answer was extremely disappointing. Maybe somewhere it should say the r1 does not support speeds faster then 280mb
  6. semt in a email a couple days ago have not heard back yet
  7. i have tried everything. and once i get it to where it feels good and i have to restart because of a moderate nat type it all goes back to crap again but its never gave me the full speed range im paying for. i went to the extent of just having only my computer hard wired to the r1 when doing the speed test and it never got better then a little less then half. i have disconnected the r1 and just ran the spectrum router by its self and i posted the pics showing i get faster test speeds then what i pay for. even 5g wifi was reporting faster then the hard wired r1. its not a change of a setting that's going to fix geo filter or the range of speed. the firmware its self needs to be fixed R1 w/ DumaOS: 1: can not achieve full bandwidth 2: geo filter / cloud is incorrect 3: nat type does not stay open and effects finding games and effects others to connect to in game lobby and party chat
  8. i find the geo filter is completely broken. it plays better with it disabled. but with the new dumaOS firmware i only get a little less then half of my actual band width. and no matter if geo filter is enabled or disabled call of duty will have a moderate nat type to i do a soft reset on the r1 once it turns back on then the game will have a open nat type and i can connect to friends and games i have ip range ending at 200 and i have this xbox set to 202 and that xbox is the only thing connected to the r1 besides my spectrum router everything else is connected to that
  9. been a couple weeks was hoping to see some progress on this
  10. i think the beta testing is done for this version of the firmware and now the issues need to be addressed so the next version can be released so the actual active users can go through it and find any bugs
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