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  1. so i connected a different router just to test the L2TP and it makes a huge difference in connection, HUGE! the security isn't as crazy as OpenVPN so it doesn't have all the bloat but if your only using it for changing location for like gaming its perfect
  2. Do not know if its my internet connection not allowing the protocol or the firmware on the router, im using the advanced manual settings trying to test L2TP and i keep getting a connection failed, but i can connect to open vpn no problem. thank you in advanced
  3. monitor refresh rate should have nothing to do with internet ping / latency that will only create hardware latency display time, when you hit the button on the mouse or controller to the time you actually see it move on the screen
  4. if you try to many different locations in to quick of a time period you kinda lock your self out. clear saved game data powder cycle down gaming device and router then retry, the only servers i was never able to connect to was south Africa they got it IP locked and so does Korea, you should be able to connect to anywhere else
  5. if you don't want your geo location to change then don't use vpn just use the geo filter on the duma os. set the home pin to the server you want to connect to then zoom all the way in to make sure the pin is directly on the icon. turn the set distance circle to 311 miles depending on if your playing on console or pc clear the saved game data for warzone or cold war. make sure geo filter is on then start the game the geo filter on/enabled (Filtering Mode) - will trick the geographical region engine and put you into the server your home pin is set to, i live in so can and i do it to brazil and austral all the time before i figured out the whole vpn thing. only downfall to this method sometimes games take for ever to find, if they take more then 15 min powder cycle down your console or pc then leave it off, unplug your router, unplug your ONT (Box that is usually in your closet or garage. Wait about 5 min so your isp can do a DHCP release and they assign you a new IP address then start your console or pc back up then jump in the game and wait to the lobby loads watch the geo filter sometimes you need to click on the icon to the server you are trying to connect to so it manually pings it and helps connect to it faster people say there is only 1 server in brazil but if you keep clicking on it every time the lobby starts to load then it backs out cause the geo filter wont allow the connection you will see the id or ip to that server change i have found about 7 or 8 different brazil servers on that one icon
  6. there's 3 South american servers now depending on the time of day you check
  7. im not a fan of this method and as you can see you have no traffic going through any of those ports
  8. ps5 add ports for TCP and UDP. If your router supports both protocols, then add 1935, 3074-3075, 3478-3480. If your router does not have the ‘both’ option, then add TCP and UDP ports separately: Protocol TCP: 1935,3478-3480 & Protocol UDP: 3074-.3075,3478-3479.
  9. IDK it works for me but im on console i believe just adding the port the game actually uses in qos is the way to go but you got other users that wants to open up every number across the board PC TCP: 3074-3075,27014-27050 UDP: 3074-3075,3478,4379-4380,27000-27031,27036
  10. So... i keep getting DM's some thanking me some saying i suck 🤣 and my method didnt work for them Again i never said my way is the best way but it works for me, i play on console and i stream on pc. i just posted a video that clearly shows my hit detection and my methods of SBMM and its finniest. some of these guys i run right in front of them and fly right by them then turn and shot them ping is king! i had a 9ms to 16ms ping, dumaos geo filter set to 311 miles out, ping assist set to 0
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