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  1. just my 2cents i would want to set up everything new instead of adding a config file based of a older firmware, but yes agree it does take long to reset everything up again
  2. agree but if you are playing competitive or streaming if helps to play the current release
  3. lol here you clowns go 🤣 tomorrow when i play vanguard ill post another pic, but if you search my post you will see pics i have posted where both ports have data on them from me going back and forth from warzone and multiplayer
  4. the biggest thing that is being left out is his actual ping to his speed test. Its 16ms when the majority of players playing wagers are no more then 1 to 2ms. He plays with cross play on, and hes also at a hardware acceleration disadvantage. i tried explaining to him to set up his connection the best that he can and just have fun with the cards that are dealt to him. only other option is move closer to the servers
  5. no hit detection is when you land hitmarker after hitmaker and you don't get the kill, what you are not getting is aim assist and the shots need to be a little tighter to the target. you slow the video down slow enough you can see majority of the rounds passing by the enemy
  6. they do but you can also force them to use others and from my testing hit reg on p2p is better on 75 when dedicated is better on 74, again this is what works best for my setup
  7. Press the xbox button on your controller highlight the call of duty you are planning on playing hit the start button on your controller select manage game select saved data select delete all Now launch the game after a couple updates and after a new season has dropped i delete the whole game and do a fresh install with the newest update already in it (this will make a huge difference if you have never done it)
  8. fist game might take a bit, clear saved game data and profile before playing
  9. set you home icon to that server and make the circle as small as possible then the game will never let you go anywhere else
  10. that's all placebo, changing your mtu there does nothing for gaming online. your better putting it at 1500 so you can have the largest packets over your WAN
  11. the prof is in the video, the first gun fight you fired 25 shots only 3 landed. you are playing on 80fov it looks like and your on console at 60fps in a mid way gun fight with a smg, 2nd gun fight you landed only 2 hits
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