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  1. i tested all this, best servers for me is 15ms. once i get into the 35's and 40+ higher ping lobbies game is straight booboo
  2. months later just over here patiently waiting 😃
  3. when i have cross play off, i go to warzone i click on solos or battle royale it ask to enable cross play if i dont press anything it will stay there for ever
  4. It won’t let me play if I disable it only option is multiplayer for crossplay disabled
  5. i play with crossplay enabled and 98% of the time i run through ps4 and pc players but every once in a while something like that in the video happens so who knows, but something going on cause i never got a message or a video of me killing someone and the game pausing on there side in a gun fight 👍
  6. LOL come out from under that rock you been hidden under. they update multiple scripts daily to both forums plus what ever hack this guy is using next your going to say autoaim is a myth 😃
  7. i been seeing all kinds of BS for pc players where they can actually see through walls, full auto aim, just cheating with all types of mods. Then it looks like CronusMAX added a update for lag switch to its firmware and strike pack both just had updates for more BS dont force a strict nat type if you have a router with the duma software select strict mode on the geo filter
  8. Who still plays black out 🤦‍♂️ with all the current updates on the xbox insider program it turned my r1 into a paper weight its completely useless at the moment to to there is a firmware and cloud update
  9. All I know is party chat streaming and game play with the r1 went to crap all at the same time
  10. Don’t be a jerk about it. And after you opt out you need to factory reset. If you don’t reset it keeps the latest firmware insider installed. Also 3.0 has nothing to do with the ip’s changing it’s a issue with the cloud and the geo filter. And I have a total of 4 xboxes. When I connect my r1 to a Xbox that does not have the current insider update everything works perfect
  11. 3.0 not going to fix the current problem with the r- they need to re adjust the cloud for all the changes Sony and Microsoft is doing if you want to use party chat opt out of the insider program and go back to original firmware or use a different router like I am to netduma figures it out
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