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  1. From the screenshot you posted your showing 37% packet loss.. That would cause buffering.. Not to mention watching videos would likely even stall or stop.. You basically should have zero packet loss... Id try disabling QoS fully.. Then test again to see if you have that type of packet loss.. Try to narrow down where this might be coming from.. Thanks! Zippy.
  2. Do an Ipconfig in your cmd prompt and post your results here.. See what that says.. You should be seeing the gateway of the R2 which is I think your getting close though.. Your on the right track.. Make sure your hardwired to the R2 from a computer.. And then try to access the interface of the R2.. You have to go through the setup wizard in order to get a connection.. Dont try this on wireless.. Zippy.
  3. Hey @slippas It might help if you could take a screenshot of your current setup of the modem and router you got from Spectrum.. That way we can advise more proper and help you get things going in a more less confusing and positive direction.. There is a couple of ways one can hook this up.. I have Spectrum and the R2 will work with it.. Not sure what Spectrum meant by the R2 isnt supported.. Im thinking they meant it isnt supported with your current setup you have maybe.. You could keep your current setup and plug the R2 WAN port into one of your LAN ports on your Spectrum router.. Or you could possibly eliminate your Spectrum router and plug the R2 directly into your cable modem.. This can only be done if you physically have a modem and router that are not together as one unit.. Thus why a screenshot of what you currently have would be nice.. It might also be a good idea to factory reset your R2 by holding a little pin in the hole on the back of the R2.. Hold it for 30 seconds and then release and let the R2 fully boot up! Thanks! Zippy.
  4. Your welcome! Just take your time at it and you should start to feel an improvement when you game.. Zippy.
  5. Do this on just upload.. As from your prior screenshot your download looked pretty good at whatever you had that set at.. So id leave that for now and focus on just your upload.. From my experience one does seem to have to lower the upload slider down more.. So dont worry if you have to lower more then you would think.. Hope that helps! Zippy.
  6. Well it sounds like an issue that Fraser is aware of.. So thats good.. Do you still need help further setting it up? What I would do is start at 70% and lower it from there by 5%-10%.. Test the game you play and see when you start to notice an improvement.. Once you notice an improvement maybe lower your slider another 5% on upload for good measure.. You might have to lower your slider fairly low so dont be alarmed from that.. Hope that makes sense.. Good luck! Zippy.
  7. What happens when you continue to lower your CC/slider down to a lower percentage? Does your upload not improve at all? Its strange when looking at your screenshot because your download is great! Your upload seems to have a continuous pattern of spikes! Zippy.
  8. Hello @Ash What happens when you connect to your ISP router/modem directly.. Does IPV6 work then? Also if you can do an IPV6 test and take a screenshot.. That might help them.. There are a few good IPv6 test sites out there.. One is IPV6 test .com.. Or just type in your browser IPv6 test and a few will pop up to try.. Its good to try a couple to compare results.. Zippy.
  9. Did you ask these players if they were from the USA? I highly doubt they are.. Not impossible but Im a avid Halo5 player and can tell you that playing on EU servers from the US is not at all ideal.. My latency is right around a 100ms.. Not horrible when seeing the distance.. But id much rather play on the server closest to me. Which usually is a ping around 23ms.. The only advantage that a player may have is if they have IPV6 that is fully working correctly.. If you have IPv6 or your ISP supports it try that once.. But make sure you test it fully to ensure your IPV6 is in fact working properly.. There are several IPV6 test sites to help you with that.. One of the easiest tests is by testing your Xbox with IPV6 enabled.. You should receive an Open NAT with no port forwarding no DMZ and no port trigger.. Everything locked down your Xbox should get an Open NAT.. These last few months MS has really started pushing IPV6.. If you dont have IPv6 or your ISP doesnt support it yet then theres not alot one can do.. If you are stuck with just IPV4 then double check to make sure your not stuck on some loop.. To test that do a NAT test and watch on the Geo and see what server pops up.. You should see one pop up in the EU.. Click on it when it pops up on the Geo and make sure its allowed.. Good luck! Zippy.
  10. Hey Majaem! Welcome to the forum! You can have a setup like that.. But if you do set it up like that you wont get the optimal performance out of the QoS of the R2. And that is because the R2 cant control what isnt connected directly to it.. More specific BB control.. Hopefully that makes sense.. One would take and connect the R2s WAN port to one of the LAN ports of the X8.. Once that has been done proceed to the R2 and go through the setup wizard of the R2 and establish a connection.. Once that is done you would take the R2s WAN IP address that is displayed on the main Dashboard of the R2 and add that address into the DMZ feature of the X8.. At that point you should be all good to go.. It also is recommended to set a static reserve for the R2 in the X8.. Just so the R2s WAN address always stays the same.. One side note.. You likely will have to connect a laptop or PC directly to the R2 in order to go through the setup wizard of the R2.. And also to access the R2s UI there after.. I dont think one could be connected to the X8 and log into the Dashboard of the R2.. I personally havent ever tried what your doing to know myself.. This is what your setup would look like.. Modem>X8>R2>Gaming Device.. Good luck! Feel free to post back if you have more questions! Zippy.
  11. Awesome! Please do let us know.. I myself dont have a PS or I would have already done it! Im going to take a guess but I bet PS will show properly.. If I find anyone I also will report here as well.. As id like to get to the bottom of this.. Zippy.
  12. @KindaBusted If you can could you please let us know if you find out if the PS is effected.. That would be great help! Thanks! Zippy.
  13. @Soblex30 Its right above the word Rapp.. Or very close anyways.. It wont appear until you get close to it as its invisible until you hover your mouse/pointer over it.. If you still cant find it let me know and I will take a screenshot for yah! Thanks! Zippy.
  14. Hey Rusty, Ive had this happen to me as well.. I can only share what has worked for me to get the R2 to obtain a WAN address.. What I did was power off just the ISP modem/router and left it unplugged for a couple of minutes.. Then plugged the ISP modem router back in and wait about 5mins to see if then the R2 obtains a WAN address again.. Sometimes I have to do this a few times in order for it to work again.. Its a pretty simple procedure but it can also take a few times to get it to take.. Remember to keep everything connected and just power cycle the ISP modem/router that you have from your ISP.. Leave the R2 powered up and connected to your ISP modem/router during this. Again this my take a few tries.. Hopefully this isnt confusing.. But feel free to give it a go! Good luck! Zippy.
  15. Hey Rusty, If you factory reset the R2 already did it have you go through the setup wizard again? I think after factory resetting the R2 one must complete the setup wizard in order to get a connection.. But for future reference dont factory reset your ISP.. Because now it may not be in bridge mode any longer.. It likely now is in router mode. Something you may need to check.. Thanks! Zippy
  16. Hey Soblex, If you go to the System Information tab of your R2 you will then see Installed Rapps.. Right next to the Installed Rapps there will be a 3line bar click on that and increase your retries to 5.. Then rebbot the R2.. See how that goes for you.. Also it might help to clear your browser cache and cookies.. Also make sure your using Google Chrome as your browser.. Hopefully that will help clear up your issue.. If not report back and Netduma can further assist you! Good luck! And report back how it goes! Welcome to the forum btw Zippy.
  17. Okay Thanks! Does it make that big of a difference being 20-30 miles from you in relation to ping? How has DDNS helped you? Does it seem to make a difference in your case? I do know it is used more for remote access like Newfie has stated.. Zippy.
  18. Hey CR could you clarify what you mean by your ISP hands out new IPs every 2-3 hours? Do you mean they hand out new public IPs every 2-3 hours? Also what do you men by some IPs change the location? What IP are you referring too when you say closest to your ISP? Thanks! Zippy..
  19. No worries Fraser please do if you can get better clarification.. It would help understand things better.. There has to be something to this.. I do think your first answer is correct.. I know you use to play Halo5.. What type of traffic do you show in NM when playing Halo5? Whats really confusing me is the fact when playing Halo5 it use to show up as Skype.. And when it did the game played what I would call amazing.. But yet NM doesnt always pick it up as Skype.. It usually picks it up as Unknown.. I think ive stumbled on some old youtube videos of you btw.. And one I think you were playing H5! Thanks! Zippy.
  20. Out of curiosity what do you get on NM when playing games? Do you show unknown or uncat.? Thanks! Zippy.
  21. Interesting Fraser.. I have a question then on your above answer.. If say when playing a game like Halo5 and Network Monitor is showing it as unknown does that mean also that on the QoS page the game is unknown as well? Does this have any effect on how the game performs? Being labeled as unknown? You say you detect the traffic but why would a game like Halo not be at least added to gaming? Does Halo operate differently and make it difficult to add it to gaming? There are times when I do see Halo5 pop up as Skype in the NM.. strange thing there is when it does show this the game performs quite well.. When it doesnt show it or shows unknown it doesnt perform as well.. strange tbh why theres no consistency there.. Thanks! Zippy.
  22. If your internet is going down then it is likely a misidentifying of that IP by your router.. I had a similar situation on my XR500 where is would start to do that to my ISP dns.. You could always call your ISP and ask them about that IP.. You could also possibly make a static route rule and try to block that IP that way... You will know really quick if its tied to you in some sort of fashion.. To me its either a dns IP or its a WAN IP from a range you may have if you have a Dynamic IP from your ISP.. How close is that IP to your WAN IP that your Netgear shows? Also double check to make sure it isnt a dns IP from your ISP.. I just find it really strange that you have Comcast as your ISP and that IP is from them and the router is calling it a form of a DOS Attack or Fraggle Attack.. Im sure either Fraser or Liam will be able to help you further or give some better advice.. Good luck! Zippy.
  23. Do an IP lookup and see who that IP is.. Thats what I would do first.. Is Comcast your ISP? Thanks! Zippy.
  24. Hey Liam.. I believe the Op said he had a arrow sb8200.. But I think what he might have meant was he had a Arris sb8200 modem DOCSIS 3.1.. Which in that case is a pure modem only and is not a modem router combo.. Zippy.
  25. I tried that and it didnt eliminate the attacks.. My situation is unique because of my NAT type reporting Open on my Xbox when everything is locked down.. In your case you are likely fine.. Im sure Fraser can give you better guidance.. As a test you can always set that to Secure and shut Upnp off and have no port forwarding no DMZ and see if the device you play on is still reporting an Open NAT.. It should not show Open at that point.. Thanks! Zippy.
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