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  1. Thanks Alex for your reply.. What does one do when the light stays on for those that are having that issue like kymadn? Is there any type of work around? Separate question also.. Can you or Fraser please tell me if one should prioritize port 3544 UDP? Its a tunneling port. Is that port being prioritized in your guys preconfig settings? Like DumaOS classified games? Also sense im full of questions today and just want to double check I understand this correctly.. Does one apply DumaOS Classified Games and also add Gaming Console to traffic prioritization? Or do we pick one or the other? Thanks! Zippy.
  2. Thanks Fraser for your reply! It doesn't seem to represent itself as lag. But definitely a speed up slow down effect. I notice this effect while playing in game.. Ive been trying to get to the bottom of this for sometime now and honestly cant figure out a solution on what to do. If anything.. What are your thoughts? Thanks again guys! Zippy.
  3. Thanks Alex! Have you experienced this yourself where ones Receive Rate would spike like that? When you say it was possibly a busy moment do you mean the server may have been experiencing heavy traffic at that time? The only reason I mention this is at the time of that spike you can feel it in the game.. There is another server that I can select but it has even worse Receive Rate spikes then the one I posted. But everything else seems steady and just the Receive Rate is spiking.. I just find that so strange.. Could this be possible from a bad Cat cable? Any suggestions or things I can try or is this out of my hands really? Zippy.
  4. Im not a fan of the tunneling port either. And I do believe that is correct Teredo tunneling. Something MS added to help the transition from IPV4 to IPV6. Once IPV6 is full on and or Native IPV6 can be used one will no longer need the tunneling port 3544. Currently the port number ones console is using gets tunneled to 3544 the minute one turns there console on.. So example of this would look like this 3074 console port to Destination port 3544. UDP. Before IPV6 was a thing there would be no 3544. It would have been 3074 to 3074 or whatever ones console port is to 3074 UDP.. The thing is about this is even if one turns off IPV6 on our end we still get ran through a tunneling protocol. That is something we cant help. What I would like to know is what parts of DumaOS aren't compatible with IPV6?? Is it just the Anti Buffer Bloat? Or is it all of the QoS? Or is it everything?? I may have to do more digging into this because I see the MS server in my Geo Filter pop up as IPV6.. If that's the case then MS is assigning me a IPV6 address through there tunneling protocol.. Which can cause extra latency or odd game play.. So then the question becomes does one enable IPV6 regardless to avoid this.. Zippy.
  5. I find that interesting.. I think Jack mentioned that a PC uses Netdumas own DPI engine for this. So maybe there is a bug in Netdumas DPI engine in your case?? Lets see what Alex finds out for you.. I have to say whatever is the cause I feel the light should still respond much faster then it does.. I still notice it gets sluggish the longer I play.. Have you tried manually adding ports also? Im also a bit surprised your console works fine! Maybe we should exchange routers! lol.. I have seen others list there PC as a console and it worked for some that way.. Doesn't seem to be a fix for everyone though. Makes me think its a tunneling port causing this.. Zippy.
  6. When using the Geo Filter I pay close attention to my ping and it always looks good while gaming. One of the servers I ping at is 28ms and rarely ever fluctuates. It stays steady.. And I think its a very respectable ping to game with.. In the Auto Ping Graph there is also Client tick rate, Host tick rate, Receive Rate, and Send Rate.. All of those are steady but one! And that is my Receive Rate.. My Receive Rate seems to spike a lot.. While everything else seems steady as can be.. Is it normal to see ones Receive Rate spike? And can this have a negative effect in a game? I just find it odd that everything else is smooth but the Receive Rate.. Any thoughts?
  7. I have found something interesting while testing this.. The only thing that seems to work better is knowing your actual Source Port.. So instead of using any of the Netduma preconfig settings I used the advanced tab and input the ports manually. But this only worked when knowing my own Source Port. You cant use the start port 1 and end port 65535. You have to know your actual port for each given rule you add.. The light then seems to go off in a fairly timely manner and doesn't get stuck on.. Even though I feel it seems to get slower as time goes on but it doesn't get stuck.. So heres an example of what I did.. Source Port Start 50038 End 50038 Destination Port Start 30000 End 30010 UDP. Right now the way I have mine setup is where the light only comes on when im actually playing a game. The light doesn't come on when I first turn my console on only when im playing a game. Meaning each time a game is done and im back in the lobby not playing a game the light goes off.. Until I start the next game and once the server is selected for the next match the light comes back on.. I game on the Xbox One X. I have not tested this yet using the tunneling port 3544 as a separate rule.. Anytime anyone adds 3544 that will kick the light on right when one turns there console on. And im not entirely sure that tunneling port should be used or not.. Will test that tomorrow though to see what kind of game impact it has.. If I do add this it will be a separate rule added like above but instead the Source Port number would be different then above.. So heres an example of what that would look like. It would be another added rule separate from the one above.. Source Port Start 57300 End 57300 Destination Port Start 3544 End 3544 UDP. Hope this isn't confusing for some to understand. But the key would be knowing what your Source Port is for each Destination Port that one targets.. Zippy.
  8. Thanks Jack! Good to see you here again! I will add as much info as I can in this also as time permits me to give any help I can.. I have noticed that this feature does fall into what I call a stale state and becomes stuck. I don't think it matters on what game one plays but it could. The games ive been playing are the MCC and Halo5. Ive tested this in using DumaOS classified games and or adding my Xbox as a gaming console. Both give the same results.. Ive also tried to manually enter ports and that also goes into a stale state. So basically all three options seem to be giving the same results. Which then makes me wonder if the cause of this is directly Traffic Prioritization or if something not directly related is causing it to do this. This seems to be very tricky to say what is actually causing this. Or at least its hard to point the finger at one thing to say yup that's the culprit.. I do have additional info I will share here shortly as soon as time permits.. Thanks again Jack and everyone else involved.. Zippy.
  9. I have a question that ive been meaning to ask.. When one selects Netduma classified games.. Is that only prioritizing UDP packets or is there TCP packets being prioritized also? Thanks! Zippy.
  10. I also get this issue as well and it doesn't matter what browser one is using.. If you look at my screen shot there is no devices added and DumaOS is unticked.. Yet it decides to prioritize traffic.. What exactly its prioritizing is unknown..
  11. No worries.. I will reply to your pm as soon as I can.. Thanks Fraser! Zippy.
  12. Killhippie, Has any of this been fixed yet that your aware of? I need to see my Upnp table populating.. Zippy.
  13. Are people still having the Upnp issues over a year ago.. Short answer is yes! Nothing has been fixed.. Also Ive tried what Fraser told me to try awhile ago.. My results were even worse then I originally thought.. No ports found.. In other words Upnp isn't opening all ports that it should if any.. Im still waiting for a response from Fraser on this matter.. He may have not looked in his PM's in awhile.. So Fraser if your reading this would you please reply back with what you think of my results.. Thanks! Zippy.
  14. Hey CrossFitKila, I usually add my own ports as well. But you would have to find the ports for a particular game.. So as an example lets say a game uses ports 4000-4020 UDP. Then those are the ones I add. I know there are some that might add TCP ports as well but I question that. I only add my UDP ports and that seems to give better results.. What game are you playing? Zippy.
  15. I was on the understanding that Traffic prioritization didn't function once QoS was disabled.. I could be totally wrong about that. Maybe Alex or Fraser can answer that for us both.. By the sounds of it when you disabled the Geo filter and then got an Open Nat that sounds like to me that the Geo filter was blocking an authenticating server. One thing I notice lately with the game I play which has been H5 or the MCC is it flips sometimes from dedicated servers to P2P. It doesn't happen often but I still see it.. I game on the Xbox One X. And when this last update came through I got a lot of games that weren't on dedicated servers after the update.. Not sure if that's a coincidence or not. But found it strange. But my Nat was going from moderate to open back and forth.. Maybe you could try flushing the cloud. Maybe then you will get your Open Nat back with the Geo filter. I don't blame you for not wanting to do a factory reset. Ive done my fair share of those. Its a pain to be honest. Even when I do a factory reset it clears up my issue but it will occur again in time. Im not going to factory reset my router every time I game either.. That's not an option in my mind. lol.. I really wish I didn't purchase this XR500. I should have done my homework a bit better. Then I could have made a better decision.. Because this was a very poor $300 mistake.. Zippy.
  16. My QoS has never really worked properly on my XR500. It works for a bit then becomes very erratic.. So usually I end up disabling it.. Which is sad because I would like to use it. And the fact other features fall under it as well like traffic prioritization.. I also had the Xbox update come through.. I need to check and see what my Nat says now. Wonder if there is a authenticating server that has been moved and now the Geo is blocking it?? Zippy.
  17. The only way to currently remove them is to delete them one by one.. Im not aware of any other way. Zippy.
  18. Yah see how things go. It never hurts to give charter a call if need be and have them check your line. That is something I always do. They know me by my first name now if that tells you anything. Not sure what kind of techs you have in your area but if you get a tech that has the newer testing equipment to test your line you will be golden! Zippy.
  19. I have this same problem and have had this issue since milestone1.3 Doing a factory reset is the only thing that works to get it under control. But the sad part is that it only lasts for awhile and you will likely get the issue to resurface. Im hoping the next new major update will fix this issue. Maybe you will be lucky and the factory reset using a paper clip to the back of the router will work for you. Good luck! Zippy.
  20. Its an odd issue you have. Id check everything on your end. The thing is your not that far from Chicago. And other servers in that area I usually ping around 28-30 ms. I would think you should be pinging servers there at around the same ms since we are in the same state. Even though close doesn't always mean good pings I would think you shouldn't be that high.. See if things settle down for you in awhile.. Maybe it was just a bad day.. Good luck! Zippy.
  21. Here is a picture of mine. If you look close you will see that my download is lower then upload. And this shouldn't be at all. In fact ones download shouldn't even be close to my upload.. Download packets should always be more. Not by just a little but by a larger margin..
  22. Yep that is what im looking for! And I figured yours was going to show different then mine.. Your download should always prioritize more because your downloading more then uploading. So basically when one is playing a game one is downloading roughly about 580kbps. And uploading around 280kbps while playing a game. Out of those kbps Up and Down there is a number that will be prioritized. So with that said one should always have more downloaded prioritized packets then upload because your always downloading more regardless. Hopefully you understand what im saying. Your router is doing what it should be and is working.. Mine on the other hand is just the opposite.. My upload is higher then my download. And that shouldn't be. So whatever is occurring in my XR500 is effecting my download side packets.. I will take a screen shot of mine so you can see what im saying.. Thanks for all your help! Zippy.
  23. Thanks e38BimmerFN, I do agree the SB6183 is a solid modem. And it doesn't have the Puma6 chipset. When I get home I will try and make sure that I have it set to Open! Give it a go and see what happens when you play! Play Halo5. Go and play Quick Play. The very first game performs well for me. But the very next game of Quick Play does not. That's not the only playlist this happens in for me either. It basically happens in all playlists of Halo5. Ranked and Non ranked playlists. I haven't played the MCC in awhile but will compare that game also. Play a few games and see if anything stands out for you! My speeds I pay for Up and down.. 200 Down/10 Up. When doing speed tests I get 212 Down and 12 Up. And those stay very consistent.. I am curious to see how Halo5 plays for you. And am very curious on your High Priority Packets Up/Down.. Thanks again! Zippy.
  24. When using the ASUS router this wasn't occurring. And when I did this test it said Nat was Open and I was behind a Full Cone Nat. And my gameplay was consistent from game to game. I have a cable ISP. Spectrum. My modem is a Arris SB6183. Stand alone modem only. Not a combo modem router. When I get home I will double check and see if Nat filter is Open or Secured. If it is set to Secured is it safe to set that to Open? Your thoughts? The game I play is Halo5. That is basically the only game I play currently. Once in awhile I do play the MCC. But both games I ping the server at about 28ms. Which I feel is a respectable ping. If you do use Detect High Priority Traffic. can you give me an example of how many High Priority Packets are being Prioritized Up and Down? So basically if you looked in the section of your router where it shows the number of packets being prioritized there should be a number of packets that have been prioritized Up and Down. what are they? Im only interested in the packets that are high priority Up and Down.. Hope that makes sense.. Thanks again for your help! Zippy.
  25. Okay Fraser that makes sense! Thanks my friend! Zippy.
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