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  1. What I would try in your situation is power cycle just your cable modem.. See if the R2 establishes a connection then.. If it still doesnt make a connection go into your network settings of the R2 and disable IPV6 for both LAN and WAN.. Then proceed to try my method above.. You should be able to get a connection then.. Good luck! Zippy.
  2. I personally would just connect your R2 to your existing modem/router you currently have.. That imo would be the simplest way without alot of hassle.. As far as a moca adaptor ive never heard of that used before on fiber.. But then again im not at all familiar with Verizon fios.. If you hookup your R2 to your existing modem/router then I wouldnt even think you would need a moca adaptor.. Do you actually have fiber coming into your home or do you have coax/copper cable coming into your home? Thanks! Zippy.
  3. If you are still able to access the interface of the R2 then in your case I would just power cycle your modem and see if your connection will restore itself.. See if that works.. Good luck! Zippy..
  4. It sounds like one of your issues is your XR500 is suffering a DHCP issue during a release and renew of devices.. But putting a router in AP is just using it in a totally different manner then a router.. Its not really ignoring the issues.. Even though I do understand your frustrations and disappointments with the XR500.. To me your basically are looking for a WiFi6 router.. Which really at this point leaves you with one option.. Netgear XR1000.. It is a new router so dont be surprised if you do run across some issues along the way if you purchase such a router.. But really its up to you on purchasing such a router and take a chance.. If it was me Id make sure I could return it for a full refund if I did get one.. Some places have a 30 day return policy.. But with in a week or just over a week I would know for sure if it was up to my standards.. As far as a R3 release with WiFi6 that would be a question for Netduma for sure.. I personally cant see that happening any time real soon.. Good luck on your decision! Zippy.
  5. The R2s wifi is always improving.. But if it was me id put your XR500 in AP mode then run that to the R2.. Or even do that with your current R1! I wasnt around to know what the R1 did.. But wish I had.. I came aboard when I purchased the XR500.. And the XR500 has been one interesting ride for sure.. I see no reason to not purchase the R2.. But if you rely on wifi heavily then I would use the XR500 in AP mode then tie that to the R2.. You should get good solid coverage with that setup! I personally would buy an R2.. for a couple of reasons.. One its all of Netdumas work of art! Two when it comes to firmware updates I feel it will get attention much faster then the Netgear line of routers.. Much quicker turn around with that.. And ive always like to support Netduma by buying there very own products.. I honestly was even thinking about buying an old R1 just to get an idea of how it is.. Even in the current day! I have nothing against Netgear.. But if you feel the need for the XR1000 im sure it would serve you well.. After my experience with the XR500 id have a hard time to purchase another.. Would I love to see Netduma build a massive hardware spec and wfi router like no one has ever seen before and call it the BEAST! Yes I would! And I mean insanely over the top hardware. The kind that would make many scratch there head and say holy mosses!! 😲 One thing that we can all agree on is you cant beat Netdumas support.. I mean nowadays you just dont see that kind of support from any one or company! Good luck with whatever router you purchase! Zippy.
  6. I totally understand.. Thanks for the extra info on your flower.. I noticed your screenshots as well.. Thanks for posting your screenshots of that as well.. It helps to trouble shoot things easier..I seen your screenshot of your connection both when a big download is taking place and when not.. To me it sounds like you have everything setup correctly.. Hopefully Netduma can see whats the cause.. I myself am confused as to why this is happening.. I will follow this.. Im always very curious to understand things like this.. Imo your connection should remain stable even with bigger downloads going on.. Hope this gets sorted. If I think of anything else I will post. Zippy.
  7. This is very strange.. Your connection shouldnt do that when your brother is downloading.. Your basically getting leftover crumbs.. Even though gaming takes very little bandwidth your connection going crazy like that I could see why you would begin to lag out.. Your connection should remain stable or somewhat stable even with your brother downloading something big.. Thats basically the whole point of QoS.. Keeping your connection stable while getting the most out of your connection.. Have you messed around with your distribution flower at all? If you have id reset it.. Keep everything even.. Thanks! Zippy.
  8. @Jakerod12 When your brother is downloading something heavy/big are you saying that then you receive full bandwidth on the device your on while this big download your brother is doing at the time? Just want to make sure im understanding this correctly.. Thanks! Zippy.
  9. You wont have to worry about purchasing a new modem anytime soon.. Spectrum has no real push to rush into DOCSIS 4.0 The SB8200 is a good modem and has come along way since its beta.. The SB was one of the fist beta modems to run DOCSIS 3.1.. I really cant say enough good things about it.. Zippy.
  10. I have to say that is strange indeed.. Are you using the Geo Filter with Destiny2? If you are then try putting it to Spectating mode once.. I think this will have to be something for Netduma to troubleshoot.. It almost sounds like there is a server being blocked in order to play.. Or something for sure is being blocked.. Zippy.
  11. Thats awesome glad to hear that! The SB8200 is a good performer.. The two modems I think that are the best imo is the SB8200 and the MB8600.. You cant go wrong with either of those on Spectrum.. Just wait to DOCSIS 4.0 comes out! I think that will be the biggest improvement one could ask for in a gamer.. Zippy.
  12. If you were able to go through the setup wizard of the R2 then you should of made a connection.. So did you go through the setup wizard of the R2? If you come to the part where it says cant detect your connection power cycle just your new modem then let the modem fully boot back up and then click retry to detect your connection.. That should get you connected.. Give that ago and see how you get on.. If you need further help post back. Welcome to the forum btw.. Zippy.
  13. @Schwaaby03 both of those modems are good imo.. I think the Arris your talking about though is the SB8200..Not the 2800.. Most seem to purchase the Motorola MB8600.. It does run cooler.. Both have good chipsets.. No puma6 in those.. If your purchasing your own modem the key is to make sure your up to date on the modems firmware.. Not sure who your ISP is but in my situation when one buys there own modem it becomes the owners responsibility to update the firmware of the modem.. Not sure if that will be the case for you or not but figured id mention it.. Good luck! Zippy.
  14. Your welcome @Netduma Liam! Wish it would have worked for him.. This one is very strange and doesn't make sense.. I think some screenshots are needed as well to make sure nothing is being missed.. It wouldnt hurt to have a screenshot as well of his Advance Network settings on his Xbox if possible.. The only other thing is if he is using the Geo Filter.. Could be blocking a server possibly.. Zippy.
  15. Op the first thing I would do in this situation is to check what port your Xbox is using.. Go into your Xbox and then to Network Settings.. Then go to Advance Settings.. On the very bottom of the Advance Settings will be what port your Xbox is using.. Usually its 3074.. But sometimes it can change if you have had a power outage or something out of the ordinary happens.. Id delete all your current port forwarding rules you have and start from scratch.. And make only a port forwarding rule just for the port your Xbox shows in the Advance Settings of the Xbox.. As an example lets say your Xbox port is still 3074.. Heres how I would set up the rule bellow.. Source Port..3074 Destination. 3544 Source Port. 3544 Destination. 3074 That would be for both TCP and UDP.. Even though UDP usually just works by itself.. Try that combination above and dont forget to double check what port your Xbox is actually using.. I noticed in your AT&T gateway that in the service tab it has 3544.. Which is why I suggest trying the port arrangement above.. 3544 is used in this situation when one usually has only IPV4.. Hopefully this gets you an Open NAT. Good luck! Zippy..
  16. Id say this.. Years ago we always strived to have an Open Nat.. But even now im finding myself having better game play with Moderate or even Strict NAT type.. Why is this happening?? Honestly I have no idea why this is.. Its a mystery to me.. Because years ago if one didnt have an open NAT one would get just wrecked in a game.. Now today its just the other way around it seems.. I would do what gives you your best gaming experience.. Thats my current conclusion.. Even though it doesnt make sense..lol.. Zippy..
  17. That server in Virginia could be an authenticating server.. Which means you might see that pop up when playing a game.. But yet still connecting to servers in your area.. Just a possible guess.. Zippy.
  18. Hey l2eactionz, as they say im doin doin! lol.. Hope things are well with you! From prior experiences ive always understood both to be important.. But I was seeing more download packets verses upload.. Maybe now something has changed where that is no longer true.. Im always open to listen to all possibilities and open to every ones point of view to help us all understand this.. Heres the part that doesnt make sense to me.. When adding a Device to TP and proceed to play a game why does my download packets that are being prioritized show more then upload for about 4-5 games.. Then out of the clear blue all of a sudden my upload packets start to surpass my download packet count..? Thats playing the same game without making any changes in the router.. The packet count just starts to change from download being more to upload being more.. I just find that part very strange.. And its also kind of strange as this takes place the performance of the game becomes worse and worse.. So its this that makes me scratch my head trying to understand what is going on.. So my conclusion the way im thinking is that at the very least the packet count for both up and down should be very close give or take a bit.. But mine seems to get a bigger gap then what I feel is correct.. Are your packet counts close to each other or is your upload much more? Thanks! Zippy.
  19. That is strange.. So your getting some servers but none in Texas.. Wonder if they have that offline for some reason.. It is odd though because Texas does have a big data center there that most games play on.. You dont have anything Denied or blocked in the Geo do you? Maybe @Netduma Liam can give you some advice.. Good luck! Zippy..
  20. Try removing your Device from the Geo. Then re add it again.. See if that works.. Also sometimes removing your Device from the Geo and then flush the cloud then re add it work also if the above didnt do the trick.. Good luck! Zippy..
  21. Ahh yes! That would make sense.. I am surprised they have it like that tbh.. Specially if its peer to peer.. Really those on the new gen should be playng each other and ones that are on older gen should be playing each other.. Im guessing the population cant really support it that way though.. Zippy.
  22. Ha ha good explanation! I can imagine it would be very messy! lol.. They would actually be better served if they capped the new gen to 30 as well and not let the game run wild like that.. Then the game would actually perform better if everyone was on the same playing field.. Some game developer say its fine like that because we use a Normalization.. Which really means trouble.. lol.. Zippy.
  23. Ahh thats interesting.. So basically they are allowing both old gen and new gen to play each other in the same game online in the same match? Zippy.
  24. Yes it does play a part.. fps is the number of frames shown per unit of time.. Tick rate is just a measure of time.. So lets say a game is running at a clock tick rate of 30. That means for every second at least 30 frames should pass.. Thats if the server is sending a 30 Tick rate and Client is receiving the same 30 Tick rate.. So in this example the two numbers would be the same or very close.. So your fps should be close to 30 as well.. Theres alot more to it but thats basically the run down.. Latency can effect this. But thats really totally another animal.. Hope that makes some sense. Thanks! Zippy.
  25. That Tick Rate drop by the Host is pretty substantial.. But what is even more critical is that the Host Tick Rate is the same for everyone in the same game.. So if someone has a Tick Rate closer to 60 from the Host in the same game well then that would be unfair totally.. If you know what I mean.. They would be killing it in the game while everyone else would be getting leftover crumbs! Which is a no win situation.. Zippy.
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