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  1. Ive tried IPv6. But im on the Xbox One X. Not sure what your playing on. I personally like IPv6. The last few months Xbox Live has sent out a few updates that are really pushing IPV6. The only problem is DumaOS doesn't fully support IPV6.. And even the XR500 doesn't give one full control of it either. We would need a good firmware update to get that on board. But give it a try and experiment a bit would be my suggestion. I personally want IPV6.. By disabling Share Excess you are basically locking your devices on the flower to hard bandwidth limits. Meaning they wont change even if other devices are not using anything. I feel it helps to stabilize my connection better by keeping the bandwidth consistent.. Again experiment with it and see what works best for you.. Zippy.
  2. Well welcome!! Im also gaming on the Xbox One X. Try that and see how your gaming goes. Don't be afraid to experiment a bit with giving more or less.. You will find everyone is going to have theres set a little different.. There really is no magical setting. If you have questions or need help feel free to ask! Zippy.
  3. Honestly then I would just allocate more bandwidth to your gaming pc or whatever it is your gaming on..Hope that makes sense. Your bandwidth allocation is the flower. Btw welcome to the forum.. Seems like you might be new here! 👍 Zippy.
  4. Some use both. I personally have only been using UDP. Experiment with this. Try both then try UDP.. See if one way or another performs better for you.. Zippy.
  5. Rodney if your on Fiber connection then I would try to not use ABB. How many devices do you have connected to your router? Zippy.
  6. No worries. Seems like we are on the same sheet of music! Good to see there is something somewhat consistent about this.. lol.. We share the same thoughts and settings! 👍 Zippy.
  7. Rodney, I would start high with your sliders then work your way down. If you over buffer your connection that also seems to have a negative effect. Personally I rarely use buffer Bloat Control. Or if I do use it I set my sliders very high. Like 98% up and down.. Zippy.
  8. Using the exact ports seems to work much better for me as well.. Using a range of ports did not give the same effect. And I usually just prioritize UDP ports. But it wouldn't hurt to experiment using both.. This really comes down to experimenting what works for each person. But using the actual port number seems to render better performance. Zippy.
  9. Zippy


    I would highly recommend people to experiment with Openwrt. There are many good features and imo if one wants to really battle buffer bloat that is where I would start. Its always good to have an open mind about other options. There is no one superior firmware. And what was good one day is already being improved the next. Zippy.
  10. @Philace866 my recommendation is not to purchase the XR500. I have the XR500 and the QoS doesn't operate correctly on it either. The XR300 you have should be more then capable of operating the QoS. The issue your having is the same as im having. And to be fair others have had also. I have no idea why this is happening. But I can say in my case the Anti Buffer Bloat does not work for me at all. If I hook my ASUS ROG back up I can manage my QoS better then my XR500.. My XR500 struggles to do anything correctly. And to be honest when I do run my XR500 with QoS enabled my connection is worse.. Ive tried everything under the sun with no luck! The only reason im posting here is just to give you my experiences as well.. You can try what Netduma says but just be careful not to chase down to many rabbit holes and get frustrated when the issue is very likely firmware related. Meaning there is nothing you can do until a new firmware release is available to try. And even that is likely to be iffy.. Good luck! Zippy.
  11. Well said!! Ive said it before and I will say it again! lol. Why the hell this feature was ever removed is completely mind blowing! And what is even more mind blowing is the fact we sit here for over a year without it back! If I was to say it was completely stupid to remove it I will be the front guy to take the heat! lol. I will be more then disappointed if its not back in the new firmware. This is a basic feature that other routers have. What in the world it isn't in here is right down dumb. I know Netduma wants to make this easy to use for all. But we are not talking rocket science here. We are talking a very simple process to get info on games. The removal of this feature has caused nothing but headaches and frustration. And making us jump through hoops and grab wireshark.. That's not cool at all.. @kinel I sure hope your efforts with your poll doesn't go unheard.. Good job on that! Zippy.
  12. @el1t3k If you are looking for the ports only for a specific game like Halo5 then the ones ive captured are 30000-30040 UDP Those are what the game uses only while actually playing the game only.. Nothing else. I should also add that those ports ive listed change with each new game you play. But the range has always been what ive stated above. So example would be lets say I play Ranked Slayer. There would only be one port out of that range of ports ive listed. So example would be my first match I play uses port 30002UDP. The very next game you play will then use a different port like 30011UDP. Each new match you play always seems to use a different port in that range ive listed.. If you are playing on a console XBOX ONE go to your console settings and Network settings. Then go to the advanced tab. In that tab you will see what port your xbox is using. That port is what XboxLive uses.That may or may not be 3074.. Chances are it isn't anymore. I haven't seen that port used in a very long time.. Im not sure if the R1 has the traffic prioritization light that comes on like the XR500. But if it does and that light comes on right away when you turn your console on then your prioritizing XboxLive and everything the console is doing. What you are wanting to do is prioritize just the game traffic. So in order to do that you have to disable Duma Classified games and manually enter ports for just the game. Nothing else.. If the ports ive listed above do not work for you then your going to have to get familiar with Wireshark and capture the ports yourself. But chances are the ports ive listed above are going to be the same. Those are the server port numbers the game is actually hosted on so they should be the same. When you get a chance see what port number your xbox is using and post it here. Im curious to see if your still using 3074 or a different port. Good luck! Zippy.
  13. We need that old feature back in the new firmware!! I wonder why that was ever removed? That type of info is very much needed and is critical to have it.. Zippy.
  14. @GHOST-1-EC Can you post your Wireshark captures. It maybe helpful to others. Thanks! Zippy.
  15. Thank you Fraser! It just helps me understand. As you know I am a big supporter of IPv6. I would just love to see you guys get ahead of this because I feel it can become very viable feature..Specially as IPv6 is becoming more and more used. Thanks again! Zippy.
  16. Say Fraser, Can you clarify what parts of QoS doesn't work with IPv6? Things like BufferBloat, Traffic Prioritization, anything at all you can think of? I really would love if you guys could get IPv6 supported using QoS.. Thanks! Zippy.
  17. @mercuryin I think Fraser has given you a very honest answer. While it may not be what you want to hear you have to commend him on his honesty! Im sure this will be corrected in the future. Zippy
  18. I think Alex's response should have cleared that up for you! So imo that means the R1 should get the new features first before any of the XR series Netgear routers see them.. Because even when Netduma is done testing this in there own in house its handed off to Netgear. Then they do there own in house testing. And that can take sometime. Specially if they run into issues.. Honestly if you have an R1 I feel your sitting better off then anyone with any XR Netgear router. Not to mention your in away better spot from just a customer service stand point.. You don't have to run between Netduma and Netgear.. 👍 Zippy.
  19. Did you happen to notice if your send and receive rate were consistent? Did you notice any fluctuating in that? You would be able to tell by the graph. The same graph that shows your ping rate.. Zippy.
  20. I totally understand Bert what you are saying. And I agree with what your saying and the reasoning. I have the XR500. And I have to be totally honest that its been one of the most odd performing routers ive ever had. Could I have a bad one.. That's possible. But it sure seems to point to bad firmware. All im saying here is everyone should keep an open mind. And that goes for NetDuma as well. They rush way to quick with a response before truly investigating anything. Way to quick! Zippy.
  21. I had a hunch that was why. And I totally understand why one would use the R1 or any DumaOS router for just the GeoFilter. My point is this is misleading.. Even though I don't blame him for using OpenWRT because I feel that in itself out performs DumaOS. What this does is clouds proper feedback to a possible issue with router or software on either Netgears side or DumaOS side depending what router one has.. Imo im with @GHOST-1-EC that there is a possible issue. And to be fair ive had nothing but very odd performance from my XR500. Even what has been talked here but in a different game. Zippy.
  22. N3CRO if you are running your R1 into another router with OpenWRT then you cant give any real accurate info.. You just cant... So why not just use the R1? Why have any OpenWRT? Im confused by this.. Zippy.
  23. If you haven't already try giving your devices static Ip's. That tends to help. But honestly one shouldn't have this issue. But the sad thing is I get this every so often. Ive also been told its the firmware. Ive also have had mine for just over a year and have had a fair share of issues. And they continue. You can see what Netduma says but I think a lot is ridding on this next firmware. If its a bust I already know what I have to do.. Hope things work out better for you! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Good luck! And welcome to the forum btw. 👍 Zippy.
  24. Thanks kinel, I do hope we can get some sort of a thing like this. It would make life much easier and then we can target ports correctly! The Netduma Classified games option while nice likely becomes outdated.. Meaning it likely is missing any new ports or changes. One is always much better off knowing exactly what ports a game is using on a regular bases.. That's why I think we need something like a active connection log. Its really a must have! Btw nice job on the poll! 👍 Zippy.
  25. Here is what I think might be taking place.. Or my hunch. From what I have observed over the last few months. And this is mainly about port 3074. Im currently using/playing on the XboxOneX console. And ive noticed that 3074 is no longer present in any of my wireshark captures anymore. To verify this I also checked using my ASUS router because it has an active connection log that tells exactly what port is being used and what type of port tcp/udp. Also shows how much data a port is using. Its basically like a mini version of wireshark on my ASUS router.. Im basically focusing on the UDP type ports. 3074 is gone. And has been for id say close to 6 months for me. Im not saying some might not still see it but its not been present to me in about 6 months if not longer. And both wireshark and my ASUS come up with the same thing every time.. The one port I do see now that has taken place of 3074 is 3544 exclusively for me. And that port is used exclusively for tunneling for IPV6 with Microsoft. So even if we have IPV6 disabled doesn't mean we are not running into IPV6 tunneling.. Microsoft has been very clear on this saying big things are coming with IPV6. And the last few updates MS has had on the console clearly points to this.. In fact with one of the updates that is when I noticed my 3074 was gone. So does this mean the PS4 is also doing things like this? That is unknown to me atm. If you see a port like 3544 in the mix then I would say yes! Because if MS data severs are doing this im sure other larger ones as well are using some sort of tunneling protocol for IPV6. Looks like IPV6 is becoming to be a thing more and more and also the fact that I see IPV6 MS servers pop up in my GeoFilter really makes me wonder.. Im currently running the XR500. And I no longer use any of the port prioritization features anymore because they have a negative effect in game. I just don't think there is something working right with that feature for me atm. What I think might be happening is the port that is tagged going into the tunnel protocol isn't being prioritized correctly coming out.. Basically QoS tagging is not being fully completed.. Its likely my XR500 is the problem. Since I have had issues with it from almost day one. Another thing also is even if I switch to IPV6 the XR500 has some of the most outdated IPV6 options I have seen.. We have very little options and control with IPv6. And of course the other problem using IPV6 is I don't think much of the DumaOS is compatible with IPV6.. Have any of you noticed if port 3544 shows up at all? Or noticed any IPV6 servers in the GeoFilter? Zippy.
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