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  1. I will give that a go! And report back to let you know how it went. Is there anything in particular one can watch for to know if the XR500 has had a successful factory reset? Should I just watch and see if QoS is disabled completely again? Or is there something else I should also check? Thanks again! Zippy.
  2. Thanks Fraser! Do you happen to have any tricks up your sleeve for me to try to have a fully successful factory reset? I believe that is what is taking place here as well.. Thanks my friend! Zippy.
  3. Welcome Kieran! Looking forward to the more content as well. Good luck with it all.👍 Zippy.
  4. Hello @Netduma Fraser.. I have a question pertaining to the most current beta firmware.. .120. Is it normal now to have QoS fully disabled in this new firmware by default? I did do a full factory reset after i uploaded the new firmware to the XR500.. And notice that QoS was fully disabled.. Wasnt sure if that is normal or not now.. Thanks! Zippy.
  5. Awesome video! Wish you all the best with Netduma! Id have to imagine working for such a nice company is quite a treat! Again all the best! Zippy.
  6. Your the best Fraser! Thanks for the link! Zippy..
  7. Hello @Netduma Fraser.. What is the most current Beta 3.0 firmware for the XR500? I thought a new release just came out.. Wasnt sure but figured id ask you.. If you could post a link here that would be great! Thanks! Zippy.
  8. Thanks for the detailed answer Fraser! I will do as you mentioned and report back with my results.. Have a good evening/night! You must be close to quitting time. Zippy.
  9. Excellent! I could try that like you have mentioned.. Smart thinking! Currently my respond to ping is disabled.. But Dos and Port Scan is enabled.. Should I maybe enabled respond to ping but leave Dos and Port Scan Enabled? Does one need to have respond to ping enabled when using Dos Protect? What would we even use respond to ping for anyways? Like in what case would we ever do that.. Hopefully I didnt confuse you what im asking on my second question.. Thanks Fraser! Zippy
  10. Thanks Fraser! I have still been noticing these attacks.. Port 80 and 443.. Along with others as well. I did notice I had an update on my xbox that was blocked by the XR500.. Also my laptop had an update waiting to update as well and it wasnt updating.. What should I do at this point? Ive been trying to figure out why this is happening.. I have not Disabled DOS protect or port scan.. Do you feel that is safe to do that? Or is there something else I should maybe try first? Thanks my friend! Zippy.
  11. Thanks @Netduma Liam Figured it was worth a shot! As it has worked sometimes before with a couple others.. Zippy.
  12. @Gritz Maybe here is something to try.. Unplug your pc from the R2.. Have nothing at all plugged into the R2 other then power.. Then proceed to do another factory reset to the R2 and let that fully boot up with nothing connected to the R2 at all.. Then go into the PC network settings and then properties.. Remove any devices that you had originally connected to the your PC for internet connections.. Sometimes your computer will store various connections/routers you have had before.. Remove all that are there and start fresh.. Maybe even reboot your PC after they have been removed for good measure.. Once you have done that and the R2 has fully booted back up then plug your PC only into the R2 LAN port.. Then try to access the R2 with See if this time you have some success.. For some reason your PC seems to have held onto whatever was connected to your PC prior to your R2.. Just a suggestion to try as that might help you have some luck! Good luck! Zippy.
  13. I will check into that as well Fraser! Thanks for all your help! I guess my question is why would the XR500 start to block these updates if they are from a known and trusted site like MS.. Doesnt that seem odd to you? Anyway I will look into all of this! Thanks again! Zippy.
  14. Yes you noticed that too! I will try what you have mentioned above.. You have any idea why out of the clear blue it would do this.. So strange really.. Thanks Fraser! Zippy.
  15. Here you go Fraser! You will see what I mean in this log file.. log-1615759375209.txt
  16. I will quick send you a log file.. In there you will notice these.. The strange thing is the XR500 was fine for days on end.. But then my MSN home page would only half load.. Which is owned by MS.. Give me one sec and I will send the file.. Its like the XR500 started just randomly doing this.. Before my log were free and clear of these.. Thanks Fraser! Zippy..
  17. Thanks Fraser! I will investigate this more.. Is there away to get away from DHCP? Im assuming the DHCP is using the XRs DHCP.. Which would be fine but the DHCP is constantly changing.. Another thing I was going to ask was I noticed out of the clear blue the XR500 started to show DOS attacks.. But I know there nothing to worry about.. But the attacks are coming from MS servers.. Which again I know is a false DOS Attack.. But when that happens the port becomes filtered for safety concerns.. Wouldnt that also cause strange performance in my gaming? Thanks! Zippy.
  18. Hey @Netduma Fraser.. I have a question in regards to the XR500 with IPV6.. I notice that if I let the Auto detect what type of IPV6 connection I have it comes up with DHCP.. Is that the same as a Native connection? The reason I ask is I find it strange that the XR500 comes up with this.. And when I hook my ASUS up it comes up with Native IPV6.. And the ASUS also has a DHCP setting as well but I am a Native connection.. So the ASUS picks the correct setting.. But the XR500 is coming up with DHCP... So what im asking is what type of connection is Native in the XR500? Currently they dont offer a Native option for connection.. Thanks! Zippy.
  19. That would be correct.. It automatically sets it and doesnt show it.. I personally would like it to show what it does automatically detect though as good useful info just in case something was off per say.. If you want to manually input your mtu value in that also would be fine.. But if your fine with it automatically detecting it and not showing your mtu value then you can just leave it alone.. Its all up to you! Zippy.
  20. Your bandwidth distribution flower on your QoS screen reset that to where all devices get an even amount.. Try that once.. Also go to your Device Manager and see what those unnamed devices are.. If you dont know what they are and they are offline delete them for the moment.. See if that also helps with your issue.. Good luck! Zippy.
  21. The R2 can be tricky at times to get internet.. It seems even more tricky if one has a stand alone modem only.. But its something Netduma is looking into.. If anyone can get to the bottom of issues its Netduma.. Zippy.
  22. That is strange to hear this.. I can see ones speeds a bit higher then what they pay for but not to the extent to where its as much as your saying..Id monitor this for awhile.. Maybe they are being generous! lol.. Tbh I never heard of this before.. Its usually the other way around! Good for you though! ha ha.. Zippy.
  23. So those were already disabled by default? Thanks! Zippy.
  24. Thats interesting.. I have the XR500 and I cant seem to get anything consistent on that.. Some times it works and throttles my speeds then all of a sudden I have full speeds again.. Not sure why that is and havent been able to figure it out.. Not sure if that is what your XR1000 is doing or not.. Zippy.
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