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  1. If im understanding you correctly then yes you can do it that way.. If im understanding you by the term daisy chaining.. What one would have to do though is put the R2 Ip address in the DMZ of your AT&T modem/router.. So one doesnt get a double NAT type situation.. Hopefully that helps! That will allow you to have all DumaOS features then like the Geo.. Having your XR300 in AP mode ill not give you access to any DumaOS features.. If this isnt your goal then just ignore the above! lol.. Good luck! Zippy.
  2. Thats interesting.. For me I have IPV6 enabled on both WAN and LAN and it seems to perform better for me.. Im on the Xbox and have upnp off and no port forwarding rules and no dmz used.. But I do get an Open NAT even with all of that off.. Which is correct for IPV6 to work like that.. I think im the only one using IPV6.. lol.. Thanks! Zippy.
  3. Morning Fraser! I have a question.. As you see more people using TCP in there TP is this normal? What are your thoughts? Put it this way do you guys at Netduma prioritize TCP ports for gaming? Im not talking about what works best for someone but more on the actual how/what one should prioritize.. All the years past I would only Prio UDP ports.. Even on my ASUS years back.. So why the change? Why would TCP now make a difference.. Again just your thoughts..And how one should do this..Not what works best because this isnt making sense.. Also if one starts to prioritize wide ranges with both UDP and TCP doesnt that change the scope of low bandwidth? Wouldnt that now become a more intense bandwidth consumption? And couldnt this over run TP and actually cause lag or even cause TP to become erratic? Can TP actually process wide ranges with both UDP and TCP efficiently? Like in more real time applications like gaming.. The above is basically pertaining to gaming fyi.. Thanks Fraser! Zippy.
  4. That might be because TP supersedes that.. But I would still think one should be able to throttle your connection.. It might be that TP supersedes CC/BufferBloat.. Fraser or Liam would know more on this.. You could try extending your range more.. Because I believe speed tests are done through TCP.. Zippy.
  5. I can only give my opinion on Download vs Upload.. When using TP one should see more Download Packets vs Upload being prioritized.. To me if your Upload packets are out numbering your Download there isnt something right.. One is always Downloading more when playing a game then Uploading.. And Downloading is just as important as Uploading when it comes to gaming.. Every game that performs the best for me always shows more Download.. When a game feels off for some odd reason my Upload starts to out number my Download.. At that point I just disable TP.. Usually one does only use UDP for prioritizing.. But that was back then.. With so many things changing TCP could become an important port now.. The question is what is the port number.. Its always best to pin point ports so one can prio only the important packets.. Ive never been a fan of running ranges.. Unless one knows the range pertains to only critical traffic.. The range that fiefo suggests seems to be a good range to try.. When I do wireshark captures I see port 443 always for a TCP.. But I dont feel it should be used.. As its primary use seems to be with https.. Like port 80 is for http.. Zippy..
  6. Fraser is that the same one you gave me? Trying to think if it is.. But wouldnt hurt to load this one when I get chance.. Thanks! Zippy.
  7. Ricky, Id give it a go! In your case the feature you need should out way the bugs.. And who knows you may not even experience any bugs! Worse case is you downgrade back to your current firmware.. Halo Infinite will be a game I cant even imagine.. Theres alot ridding on it.. Hope 343 has done there homework on it.. It should be a good game given the amount of time they have had.. Im mean we are talking what like 7 years! lol.. This will be the true test for 343.. Almost do or die type situation with them.. But I think they have been getting help from outside developers which my guess will be very good for them.. Hope you get Halo5 working for yah! Zippy.
  8. Id do what Fraser says and upgrade to the beta so you have the polygon feature.. That should work for you.. That server in Texas is likely just an authenticating server.. Ive notice at these type of servers this is also where one gets a Teredo Ip address assigned to them.. One way to check this is when just sitting in the lobby of H5 without playing a game go into your Xbox network settings and test your NAT.. When that NAT test is being performed you should see a server pop up while the test is performing.. Its likely going to be that server in Texas.. That will at least let you know what that server is and pertains too.. Thanks! Zippy. Cant wait for Halo Infinite!
  9. Who is your ISP? It varies per ISP.. If you have a Dynamic public IP what I always do is power cycle the modem to obtain a different IP.. This sometimes works.. When I called my ISP on this awhile back they told me I need to unplug my modem for about 20mins in order to obtain a new IP if the simple power cycling doesnt work.. But im sure this is all different pending on who or what type of ISP one has.. Good luck! Zippy.
  10. Okay thanks! One would never want to set it to a 100%.. The reason I asked also is because if your game isnt picked up as gaming then when you increase your bandwidth like that it will produce more of a negative effect because its likely taking away from another category.. Let me explain this a bit more.. Heres what I noticed when using my xbox.. When I power up my xbox and even when playing a game all traffic is Uncategorized for me.. Meaning even my gaming is actually not gaming but its Uncategorized.. Bandwidth distribution by application represents this.. So in my case and possible your case when you start to give more bandwidth to your Gaming like you did you could be actually taking it away if your traffic is Uncategorized like mine.. In fact all my traffic when my Xbox is powered up is Uncategorized.. The only time I get anything else Is when I start a party chat.. Which then my party chat falls under Web General.. And my gaming then still stays and shows under Uncategorized.. So one would definitely want to be care full when adding more bandwidth by application until one knows what traffic is what or being picked up as... Then one could fine tune from there.. Hopefully this makes sense and is not confusing.. Ive dug into this for sometime and have noticed this over and over.. Liam is also correct by saying one doesnt need alot of bandwidth for gaming.. That is very true.. The key is to make sure one knows what your Gaming is falling under in the Distribution Flower by application.. Zippy.
  11. Okay Device mode should be fine. I do find having everything set even across the board is best.. Good catch on the TP rules.. Not sure if he meant to delete them or not.. Im not sure if they would effect bandwidth like that.. But wouldnt hurt to disable them and see if there is a change.. Ive not had alot of luck with TP.. So most of my gaming has been without using TP.. Even adding my own rules doesnt give me good results.. Or if it does it only works for a short time.. Hope the XR1000 is treating you well.. Zippy.
  12. Are you able to connect a computer or laptop wired to one of the LAN ports of the R2? Im pretty sure we need to get you to complete the setup wizard before you can connect.. I think currently one needs to be wired in order to go through the R2 setup wizard.. Once you get to that point you can set your password.. Sometimes one has to factory reset the router from the back.. Hold down the little pin in the back for 30 secs and then release.. Let the R2 fully boot up and proceed through the setup wizard of the R2.. You have to be wired to do this though.. Either access the R2 by dumaos/ or by See if you can get anywhere with that info above. Good luck! Zippy.
  13. Did you go through the R2 setup wizard? Or did you complete the setup wizard? Thanks! Zippy.
  14. Like Fraser mentioned one wants to be careful when allocating bandwidth in the flower.. Specially if its on application mode.. Can you explain what you mean about your TP rule? Not sure im following.. Thanks! Zippy.
  15. What do you mean by you set a 100% for gaming? Do you mean in the distribution flower? Thanks! Zippy.
  16. Good job and well done on your part as well! Zippy.
  17. Either one should work! That is more on your preference.. Personally if the device is a computer then I would use Upnp.. If its a gaming console then either one could be used.. Which some then used the DMZ feature.. Upnp is more secure over DMZ.. So I usually use that first and see how it performs.. Just remember use one or the other and not both! Thanks! Zippy.
  18. Yes give it a go and see what you get! Like I have stated above.. That should give you what your looking for. Thanks! Zippy.
  19. Okay! Heres what I would try.. Or how it should look.. Source Start 1 - 65535 End Destination Start 1935 - 56999 End TCP and UDP. That should cover the range that Liam gave you to try.. Good luck! Zippy.
  20. Hey Ralph, Are you adding those ports in TP? You mentioned Opening.. Your not adding them into port forwarding are you? Your not opening these ports per say but prioritizing them in TP.. If you go into TP and go to advance then select the device and then add them there.. Leave your Source Start 1- 65535 and add those that Liam gave you on your Destination... Hopefully that helps! Zippy.
  21. You could try flushing the cloud that might help.. But its more likely that Netduma needs to update the cloud for that game.. As there are a few miss located servers for it.. Zippy.
  22. No they will get back to you.. Currently they are off until tomorrow.. Its like a 11:30pm there atm.. I will tag them for you to get help though. @Netduma Fraser or @Netduma Liam will assist you on what steps need to be taken for your refund or replacement.. I think you have the same provider as I do.. And ive been watching this thread.. Honestly the one thing I would have done different when you came to the screen where it said internet connection not detected.. I would have power cycled your modem and then click on retry to detect your connection.. That normally would have got you connected.. The other method I would have tried if the first didnt work would have been to disabled IPv6 for WAN and LAN and then just skipped ahead to the main screen of the R2.. Regardless IPV6 needs to be disabled on WAN and LAN.. The main thing is you want to have the R2 detect your connection and not manually enter in your credentials.. So technically while you say you have a Static Ip I think in reality you have a DHCP IP.. and is not truly Static.. The only time ive ever heard of Spectrum giving out a true Static IP is if you went with a Business Connection with them.. And I believe you said you were residential.. So what would I do.. I would just power up your R2 and connect your laptop or computer to the R2 and log into the main screen of the R2.. Then go to network settings and make sure all of IPV6 is disabled and then switch back your WAN to DHCP.. Do this all with out even connecting the R2 to your modem.. Once you have verify you have everything set as stated above I would reboot the R2.. If things have gone well at this point I would then proceed to connect the R2 to your modem.. I would power down your modem before connecting it though.. Once connected to the R2 power back up your modem.. Chances are it will connect at that point.. But be patient.. If after this it still doesnt work then reboot the R2 only.. This is just suggestions.. You dont have to try any of what I said.. Just here to help! It is possible you might have a bad unit.. But never hurts to try. Good luck! Zippy.
  23. Id follow exactly what @BL4CK OPS V3TRN said.. That should work.. Id use UpNp and set it up like that using alternate port selection in the Xbox Network setting tab.. It also has always worked for me! Good luck! Zippy.
  24. Your welcome! Im currently using one.. Focused search.. And it keeps me on decent servers/close by.. When I play with a few friends from the UK I do set my preference then to Expanded.. Then I also set my Geo to Spectating mode at that point.. If I dont the preferences can work against each other if I was on filter mode on the Geo and had there matchmaking preferences set at Focused.. Which would make sense.. The Op might have better luck searching on Focused and the Geo set to spectating mode to gather servers that might be miss located. Then he could just add them to the Allow.. The only problem the Op might run into is if the population of the game isnt decent enough over by him to support this.. Because even after a period of time even when searching with Focused it will automatically start to search farther out until a game is found.. Population has a great effect on this.. And this game is 6-7 years old.. The Geo is a really good tool and can be used in many ways to get the desired results.. I wasnt sure if this question was directed to me or not but figured Id give some insight.. Thanks! Zippy.
  25. The only matchmaking options Halo5 has is 3 search preferences.. (Focused) which tries to find the closest server to you.. (Balanced) which extends the search a bit farther away.. (Extended) which basically is it just finds an available server anywhere in the world. Im a US player so im not sure if these search preferences are the same across the globe.. One added note.. Even if one searches on Focused and a game cant be found with in a certain time it may begin to automatically search a bit farther until a game is found.. This is based on if enough players can be found in a certain area.. Population.. Hopefully that may help. Zippy.
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