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  1. If all the good advice above does not help improve your game-play, try re flashing to Firmware Version and Factory reset. My Son is Xbox Series X with Fifa 22 (wired) and with this firmware Version, very few disconnects, no speed up lag etc and Generally OK. We have double NAT another wireless router of the XR500, just to provide wireless and parental control requirements and have disable Geo-Filter, but have used the XR500 QoS with Console added to list . Hope this helps ?
  2. I gave-up back in the day with my Netgear R7800 - switch is the only way for a WAN PPPoE connection that I could find to work Short Reason Why: Your ISP's network uses DHCP to assign your router a publicly routable IP address for its WAN port. It also tells your router to use the ISP's nearest router as its default gateway. So your router doesn't have a route to your modem's default static address/subnet.
  3. Modem handles VLAN separation - router does not. Switch between Modem and Router does not need and VLAN ID's I just plug laptop into switch and access Modems UI .
  4. @Bert - glad you seem to understand networking protocols to a good degree 😉 For both @Harley (probably )and myself , we use PPPoE to Router, the Modem is bridged by default and manages the VLAN ID tag 101 separation, hence issue with most Netgear WAN's. ASUS do not have such a limitation on the WAN as they have virtual WAN's (I believe) or routing to that allow more than just PPPoE via WAN This limitation could be considered a Security enhancement I suppose, so maybe why Netgears function that way ?
  5. Interesting and thanks, so what device is picking up ISP issued IP address ?
  6. @Bert - is your XR500 WAN using PPPoE or are you in essence double NAT-ing ?
  7. FWIW: If you want to see the stats on your Draytek Vigor 130 then between the modem and router, use a small 4 to 8 port switch. Connect your Laptops/PC Ethernet cable into that switch with an IP of (manual IP address on that interface) - (no gateway needed) Then at your browser type to enable you to login and get your stats etc. Note: my TP-Link 5 port switch likes it when the Ethernet cable from the laptop plugs into Port 1 ? - Ports 4 and 5 are used for the connection from DrayTek 130 to my XR500 (switch only adds marginal delay - so not big issue when gaming) 😉
  8. @Harley means I believe he wishes to gain access to the Vigor 130 stats etc. via his XR1000 Hope this helps .
  9. To help, go to https://www.grc.com/shieldsup and see if any of your ports are OPEN or STEALTH mode, If they are all STEALTH (which they should be) then even though you are being scanned they are just really looking. Also, most consumer grade routers firewalls (even ASUS) are not that adjustable and by default all incoming connections are blocked (denied) by default unless initiated by an outgoing traffic which opens a port etc. or if you have enabled port forwarding etc etc. Update: IP Address is via Viet Nam, if it was Russia or simular, I would be more concerned, if you want to change IP address and are not on a fixed IP address service, then switch off modem for 30 minuites and it may pick up new ISP IP address when it boots up ? Hope that helps and it is not as series at it seems 😀
  10. That is the difference between Knowledge and Experience, my Son got repeatedly temp banned from COD, Fifa 21 etc.whilst we had the XR500 and is due to the XR500 disconnecting and sometimes re-connecting mid game and pre lobby etc etc. Such a shame as we are using another brand router (not by choice) and no bans / warnings (enforcement actions) etc.
  11. Thanks, just had a look and still looks like 120 is latest release 👎
  12. Hi, any news of a newer release for the XR500 than Open beta for the XR500 – v2.3.2.120 ? Thanks
  13. is a Chinese IP Address (one of many) reported for Abuse, As long as they Scan and do not get in, nothing to over concern yourself with from A security perspective (hopefully) https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/
  14. @dialatech and @zippy thanks guys, I might try firmware 120 over the weekend, especially if @Fraser manages to find a solution (hotfix) 👍
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