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  1. So actually now I went back into again to make sure i have the right ip and its not in the 192. range it starts with a different number and I cant enter that into the dmz cause it won't all ow me to anything outside of 192.168. range. and I can't get the ps4 to connect. Last night I just plugged the thing in and went to network on the ps4 setup internet connection and boom I was playing. The only reason why I wanted to put it in the dmz was so I could still use the geo on the XR.
  2. Ok so I think I entered in the right info. I plugged into the second router and the ip was I put that into dmz and now my ps4 won't connect online. I factory reset the old router and unplugged everything thats what i got. Idk ?
  3. this is the dmz page, correct? Thanks again Fraser!!
  4. I got a question for you. I just found an old net gear router laying in a box at home from 2011 I believe. Its the netgear n600. I have this plugged into my XR500. What do I do for dmz? Do i put the n600 into the dmz of the XR500 then? Do I need to log into the old router at all? Cause I'm having trouble doing that cause my computer thinks I want to log into my XR500. So I am confused, LOL. Sorry I'm a rookie at all of this. I learn from yall by reading all of your posts!
  5. I headshot him several times thought he should've been dead!
  6. Yep 1hp and a dream! I have a lot of bad luck in this game so I'll take it!
  7. Whats up thanks for your post! Just out of curiosity sake do you have this said router downstream from your R1/Xr500 or in place of the R1/Xr500 (whatever router you use)? Cause I have a nighthawk 7800 laying around and maybe another router older than that somewhere as well. I'm inclined to try this. Right now I'm playing blackout on a wireless connection cause I feel the game plays better than when I'm wired which is just frickin stupid. I just want more of a level playing field. It is just exactly what you said the better my connection the worse the game plays and its been that way since cod switched over to dedi servers. I always had a great connection when it was peer 2 peer.
  8. I don't understand all of it but it sounds like we are behind on the XR500 platform and its probably never going to change cause of netgears inability to put things up to date. All I know is the game I play runs better on wifi right now then when I'm wired. It's probably more of the games fault then the router. But I had a nighthawk 7800 as well and had it since it came out along with the R1. I'm honestly thinking about a different router soon even though I just bought the XR500 a few months ago. I rely on you smarter fellas to keep me in the loop on thoughts and opinions which I learn a lot from! Cheers!
  9. Dude for sure we gotta win this one! Packer week is our superbowl. We should've beat them the first game but the refs jobbed us on that Dalvin cook push off in the endzone nonsense. Whatever. Anyways, literally right now I'm playing blackout on wifi cause I couldn't take it anymore. No matter what settings I use or do I cannot make this game play good at all. Literally getting destroyed by noobs and I'm usually around a 2kd player in ever cod since MW2. Bullet sponging and insta deaths galllore. The games plays way better on wifi for god sake. Like I said the R1 was great when we had p2p matches but ever since cod switched over to dedi's the duma has kinda been not so relevant. Not to mention my vids lag from time to time internet seems not normal for 200 d and 10 up. I 'll wait and see if the new software is worth a shit and if not I'm done. Thanks for the heads up with the features I need to be looking out for. I was reading reviews on the one you currently have. Let me know if you have suggestions of routers you would purchase if you were on the market. I just bought this XR probably a couple months ago. Its a damn shame thats its pretty much like burning cash. Literally the only thing this is good for is the geo. But I could seriously do away with it for a normal connection. Merry Christmas Zip!
  10. ok so if I were to get another router how are you running your setup? Asus being first from cable modem then xr500 and putting xr500 into asus dmz? I don't want to talk trash about this router but I'm kinda losing faith in its capabilities and the fact that haven't released an update in over a year is total bs.
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