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  1. A while back I had a problem as well connecting to the game. I was using DNS for the router. Once I turned that off I've been good ever since. Not sure if your using dns at all but just thought I would throw that out there. Hope you figure out your issure!
  2. I've been saying this for a while as well and asking them if they we're planning on making an R2. I guess the merge with netgear destroyed that, idk. I would rather stick with netduma since they will update it faster than netgear will.
  3. I posted this a long time ago and Jack thought it was a good idea and he said he was going to bring it up to you guys. So here's my post and suggestion. Can we get this soon please?!! Duma needs a temp ban feature that actually works. How you work it is you'll have the option to ban for say like 1 hour or multiple hours or 24 hrs. I don;t know about anyone else but in bo4 I pretty much play on ping assist and connect to all of the servers around 30ms. But that doesn't mean its a good server cause low ping, obviously. So sometimes for say like chicago server is playing like crap but yesterday it played great. Well, 24 hr ban or whatever. Cod ww2 chicago for me played like absolute garbage. Unplayable always. So permanent ban then. This feature is so important that it should've been done yesterday!
  4. Nevermind, I had dns plugged in as I always do. I buy into the narrative that placebo effect. Anyways, I actually eliminated it and the game is playing way better on the old firmware. Pretty weird that it was actually having a negative effect.
  5. Hey, everyone. For those of you that switched back to old firmware what are your settings for bo4? I pretty much play blackout. I'm at 70/70 reactive PA @ 50 (so I can find games faster). I know it'll be different for everyone but looking for some better settings if possible. Thanks!
  6. Can someone please remind me how to save all settings on the old firmware. Every time I reboot or leave a page everything gets erased. thanks!
  7. Yeah I know it says N/A. Also, when resetting/update distribution is broken. Its sits and think forever? Any ideas on that? I wouldn't be on the this old software but it literally is the only that works with bo4. You guys seriously need to consider running test on the geo-filter on OS. For whatever reason I get way better gameplay on old firmware. Something isn;t right. Dude fraser you leterally can't make changes to anything on the firmware it literally just sits there and there and thinks. I can't refresh the page or anything. Literally driving me bonkers. Please quote me so I know when you respond too.
  8. blackout is different from mp. Cause its more like the real thing with bullet drop and all that. Yes, you definitly have to lead your shot. Sniping in blackout is too much fun. I never get tired of it. It so much more satisfying when you get a head shot kill with a sniper then any other weapon. the distinct sound that goes off. I love that!!!!!
  9. I like the outlaw as well, but the pally is my go to for sure. No hit markers with that beast. Check out my vid I put in the gamer talk section. I haven't ever sniped seriously until this game. So I'm still learning!
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