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  1. Honestly, what el1t3k makes a ton of sense. It would be nice to have a simpler (which is basically is) smoother running(which it's touch and go. Yes my home network is fine but gaming wise I feel like I'm a step behind everyone). Meaning just study what the new games and most popular titles are doing and how to make our be able to give us smoother gameplay. I love the new features set to come out but with the amount of time I've spent on pingplotter to get my ping as solid as it can get my gameplay doesn't really reflect at all. I almost feel like I play better on wifi. I have that suck at the game I play blackout that play on wifi and have better hit detection than me. The ole r1 actually ran better in my opinion (of course there wasn't servers back then is p2p) But I feel like all I had to do back in the day was move the sliders a little here and there to find the sweet spot and boom back in business.
  2. Simple is better (apple teaches this) better a simple thing that works smoothly and smoothly than a complicated and cumbersome thing. Amen to that brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Its probably counter productive to put your circle over US cause your going to have conflicting interests cause the game knows you have high ping. I would just extent your radius by your area. There are no p2p servers. They may come up like that but they are more likely mislocated. Usually there are banks of servers in all of the locations that they are supposed be in.
  4. If ping assist works good for you then use it. Otherwise I would find the servers that play the best for you and place radius around them so you play on those severs consistently. There usually isn't a server below 25-30ms anyways in most cases.
  5. Bert no one cares to go that in depth. Basically a 1 ms monitor is the best. I don't pc gaming so I don't care. Monitors are basically all made the same. 60hz is all that matters on console cause thats all the faster the refresh is. So if you bought a monitor with a refresh faster than that is merely pointless. Like I said at the start of the vid I was keeping it short and sweet.
  6. Which in most cases thats the case. I'll double check in network settings on ps4 run test and it'll say nat type 2 which is open but sometimes in game it'll say moderate.
  7. Dude first off I don't hide behind anything. I'm a grown man 43 to be exact. I can give you my address if you honestly think I'm some sort of fkn school age pussy AH AH AH (get out of here with that bs) Second of all I'm not some naive fool thats going to spend $50 for cat 8 when it's literally not going to improve my gaming one bit and I'm not going to spend whatever the f you spent on your super 2.1 hdmi fkn cable. I don't make assumptions I just call them as I see them! I can't even believe I wasted 5 mins of my time to reply to your nonsense.
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