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  1. Hey l2eactionz, as they say im doin doin! lol.. Hope things are well with you! From prior experiences ive always understood both to be important.. But I was seeing more download packets verses upload.. Maybe now something has changed where that is no longer true.. Im always open to listen to all possibilities and open to every ones point of view to help us all understand this.. Heres the part that doesnt make sense to me.. When adding a Device to TP and proceed to play a game why does my download packets that are being prioritized show more then upload for about 4-5 games.. Then out of the clear blue all of a sudden my upload packets start to surpass my download packet count..? Thats playing the same game without making any changes in the router.. The packet count just starts to change from download being more to upload being more.. I just find that part very strange.. And its also kind of strange as this takes place the performance of the game becomes worse and worse.. So its this that makes me scratch my head trying to understand what is going on.. So my conclusion the way im thinking is that at the very least the packet count for both up and down should be very close give or take a bit.. But mine seems to get a bigger gap then what I feel is correct.. Are your packet counts close to each other or is your upload much more? Thanks! Zippy.
  2. That is strange.. So your getting some servers but none in Texas.. Wonder if they have that offline for some reason.. It is odd though because Texas does have a big data center there that most games play on.. You dont have anything Denied or blocked in the Geo do you? Maybe @Netduma Liam can give you some advice.. Good luck! Zippy..
  3. Try removing your Device from the Geo. Then re add it again.. See if that works.. Also sometimes removing your Device from the Geo and then flush the cloud then re add it work also if the above didnt do the trick.. Good luck! Zippy..
  4. Ahh yes! That would make sense.. I am surprised they have it like that tbh.. Specially if its peer to peer.. Really those on the new gen should be playng each other and ones that are on older gen should be playing each other.. Im guessing the population cant really support it that way though.. Zippy.
  5. Ha ha good explanation! I can imagine it would be very messy! lol.. They would actually be better served if they capped the new gen to 30 as well and not let the game run wild like that.. Then the game would actually perform better if everyone was on the same playing field.. Some game developer say its fine like that because we use a Normalization.. Which really means trouble.. lol.. Zippy.
  6. Ahh thats interesting.. So basically they are allowing both old gen and new gen to play each other in the same game online in the same match? Zippy.
  7. Yes it does play a part.. fps is the number of frames shown per unit of time.. Tick rate is just a measure of time.. So lets say a game is running at a clock tick rate of 30. That means for every second at least 30 frames should pass.. Thats if the server is sending a 30 Tick rate and Client is receiving the same 30 Tick rate.. So in this example the two numbers would be the same or very close.. So your fps should be close to 30 as well.. Theres alot more to it but thats basically the run down.. Latency can effect this. But thats really totally another animal.. Hope that makes some sense. Thanks! Zippy.
  8. That Tick Rate drop by the Host is pretty substantial.. But what is even more critical is that the Host Tick Rate is the same for everyone in the same game.. So if someone has a Tick Rate closer to 60 from the Host in the same game well then that would be unfair totally.. If you know what I mean.. They would be killing it in the game while everyone else would be getting leftover crumbs! Which is a no win situation.. Zippy.
  9. The Geo should show Host tick rate and Client Tick Rat.. The Client Tick Rate would be your Tick Rate.. This info should be shown by read outs with your ping.. Zippy..
  10. You could look into your log file and see possibly when a certain device has made a connection.. But im not sure if your log will show that or not.. Its possible it could.. Give that a look and see once.. If you are truly not safe and some physical or bodily harm could come to you then I would highly recommend you let the proper authorities know with whats going on and your situation.. As im not here to pry into your situation or your personal life but to make sure you are taking the proper safety measures.. This will have to be something the Netduma Staff is better to assist you with.. I just dont know your situation.. sorry I could of been more help! Stay safe! Zippy.
  11. I believe all of the Netduma staff is off for the night.. They should respond to you in the morning.. Hope things are well as im not sure what you mean by personal privacy and safety.. I will tag @Netduma Fraser or @Netduma Liam here for you so they will respond as soon as they can.. Thanks. Zippy.
  12. Heres what I would do in your situation.. I have the same router.. When this happens what id do is just power cycle the modem and leave the XR500 powered up.. So if currently you can still log into the XR500 then all I would do is unplug your modem for a few minutes then power the modem back up.. Have the modem connected of course to the router when doing this.. Sometimes I do have to power cycle the modem twice in order for the WAN of the XR500 to take signal from the modem.. when doing this be patient though.. It can take a few minutes for it to connect.. If you dont have it though over 5mins or so I would just power cycle the modem again.. Im not sure how this may respond since you factory reset the router though.. But I would think once you go through the setup wizard of the XR500 you should be fine.. If you havent done that yet proceed to do that first.. If the setup wizard cant detect your connection during setup just power cycle the modem then and let the modem fully boot backup and click retry to establish a connection in the setup wizard of the XR500.. This also may take a few tries.. Hope that works for yah. Good luck! Zippy.
  13. Im with Fraser on this one! Can you replicate this everytime? I know I will investigate this more myself as soon as I can.. Thanks! Zippy.
  14. Thats a good question tbh.. Im still trying to figure this out yet myself.. When I used the same port arrangements sometimes they would have more download packets prioritized then upload.. But the very next day I play the upload packets surpass the download.. really makes no sense.. I will keep digging until I understand as to why.. My experience though has been when my download packets are more then upload packets my gaming feels much better and the game is in sync.. When upload starts to surpass my download the game feels off.. very strange.. There has to be something to this.. In your case one could try Source 1-65535 Destination 3074-65535. UDP.. See if that makes a difference.. How does your gaming feel to you? I know some are now using TCP ports as well.. So you could use the same port arrangements above and then select TCP and UDP.. Try that once and see which one feel better to you.. As far as more download verses upload im still investigating that one because its mind boggling to me why one day its more download then next day just the opposite.. When I do figure it out I will let you know! Thanks! Zippy.
  15. Ive never tried one another.. One would think in that aspect they would be more the same.. Interesting find on your part.. I will have to try and see if there is a difference.. I dont own a XR1000 but have the XR500 and the R2.. Will compare the two and what you mentioned.. Im curious to see if I can get more down packets prioritized then upload packets.. Thanks! Zippy
  16. Morning Liam!/afternoon to you.. Basically the ping underload doesnt change when I move my sliders down in CC.. So example would be it shows theres no effect from using 100% or if I lowered them to 50% ping underload stays the same.. Usually just moving them in 10% increments the ping underload would change and go down to match ping at idle in Connection Benchmark.. Thanks! Zippy.
  17. Thanks Fraser! I know you guys are working very hard.. Keep up the good work! I know my details above are not detailed but if you need more info just let me know.. I was able to try out QoS a bit tonight and I dont think CC is working.. When I adjust my sliders lower connection benchmark doesnt show this.. My ping underload doesnt go down.. At first I thought it might be a problem with connection benchmark not reporting properly but I think its actually CC.. Usually when I lower my sliders even my Xbox would report lower bandwidth on both up and down.. But im showing full speeds yet.. Even when set to Always.. On a positive note though on this firmware I am able to disable all of QoS and it is all greyed out.. Prior firmwares when I went to disable it it wouldnt disable and I was able to still add TP rules and the bandwidth distribution I was still allowed to change.. This latest firmware once I disable all of QoS I cant adjust anything.. Which I believe is what you guys intended or how its suppose to work.. I should also add that I did do a full factory reset after any new firmware.. Just so you know I have done that before any of my testing.. Thanks! Zippy.
  18. Hello @Netduma Fraser.. Im on the most current firmware and just wanted to share some of the issues ive discovered thus far.. There likely is already reports on Netgears site about some of these.. As im not signed up over there I will just report here quick.. If you need to lock this thread after I totally understand.. IPV6 DNS wont allow me to change them.. Even when changing them they dont change.. Example like using Google or Cloudflare.. I get an Open and then Moderate NAT type on my Xbox with IPV6 enabled.. That is with no port forwarding and no upnp or using the DMZ feature.. One really should be getting a Open NAT with IPV6 regardless as you know.. .104 beta firmware did allow this and worked fine except it had its own issues.. I still get this Unnamed Device in Device Manager.. But the strange thing is if I delete it after the router has fully setup with all devices reporting and then go and delete the Unnamed Device for some odd reason the performance of Devices across the board get a strange performance issue.. All devices are slow at whatever they do.. The performance seemed fine until I deleted this Unnamed Device.. TP Ive mentioned this issue before as well but I dont think I need to go over that.. As you know im a big fan of IPv6.. This is a suggestion not only for Netgear but also for Netduma as well.. In the IPV6 section one should also have a separate place for MTU value just for IPV6.. Other routers have this for a good reason and if you need me to explain more on why I will be more then happy to do so.. This a critical feature that can help in so many ways.. Technically IPV4 would have its own and IPV6 would have its own.. Again other routers do have this like ASUS for example.. I havent dug into the QoS yet but im going to shake it down for bugs as well.. As im fairly sure I will get something to pop up.. I do notice that once a factory reset has been performed the router performs its best.. But over the course of a few days things degrade.. Until another factory reset is performed then things seem well again.. This is something ive noticed and without making any changes during that time.. It just degrades for whatever reason.. If you want to make a internal ticket for the IPV6 DNS that would be great.. That is really disappointing that one cant change them as its been a issue for sometime now on the beta.. Im sure this is a Netgear issue though.. Now with the above stated all in all this has been the most stable beta firmware to date.. So its not all bad.. If you have any questions at all on anything you need more info on ask away! Thanks Fraser! Zippy.
  19. If you are using Bandwidth by Application it is very possible that the game your playing doesnt fall under the category of Gaming.. It could be that its falling under Uncategorized.. Something to think about anyway.. It is best if you dont know to keep everything equal.. Hope that helps.. From my testing everything for me is Uncategorized..And shows as such.. Hope that helps! Btw if you see the screenshot above that Jack_DK posted.. Where he allocates alot of bandwidth to Gaming.. That is something I wouldnt do unless your positive that the game your playing falls under Gaming.. Zippy.
  20. I should add that those server port numbers were grabbed when I was doing wireshark captures.. The older R1 router (not sure what firmware) had a feature that showed port numbers in use when playing a game.. Would be really cool if we could get that feature back.. Then we could easily narrow down port ranges to use.. It would help to take out alot of guess work for us.. After playing a number of games we should be able to see a pattern or range that is used.. Glad to hear that works good for you.. I have also noticed the same.. Not all ports are used.. Or at least there is no traffic going through them.. Zippy.
  21. How does this work for you? The only thing ive noticed though is that will not include the actual Server port numbers we connect to once we connect to a game.. Ive notice a wide range used.. So far the lowest range a Dedicated Server has used has been 30000 and goes up from there..And that usually is just a UDP port.. Thanks! Zippy.
  22. Thanks fiefo! I agree I have noticed that if I use UDP only the game does seem to fall apart.. I also agree with you that TCP seems to be critical as well.. I dont want anyone to think I was doubting anyone.. I just found this all very interesting.. Ive tried so many different ranges as well that I cant even begin to remember them all..lol.. Thanks again for your reply! Maybe we will all figure this out together and narrow down the ranges.. But we seem to be using some very close ranges so thats a plus.. My Source I do leave and just fine tune Destination currently.. Zippy.
  23. Excellent Fraser! Thanks for the awesome detailed response! Greatly appreciate that my friend! Zippy.
  24. Give it a try if you want.. Again I do find myself like one of the only one that uses IPV6.. I just find that part strange.. lol..Im not sure if different ISP are at different stages of there IPV6 roll out or what the deal is there.. Thanks! Zippy.
  25. Well in that guide they talk about disabling DHCP.. On which router though im not entirely sure.. To me one would still need DHCP enabled.. But I could be missing something.. Maybe daisy chaining is something totally different.. But I would think one will still run into a double NAT type situation on the second router.. I think what I explained above would give you the same result.. But I will tag @Netduma Fraser for better clarification on this.. Because even now its got me curious.. Your the first ive heard to use this daisy chaining.. It could be a very similar way to go about doing this.. Just two different ways to achieve the same results.. Do you understand that guide one how they want you to set this up? Thanks! Zippy.
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