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  1. Yo my man what city is US West based on? I thought it was in SF or SJ And I thought South Central is based in San Antonio…so south central based in Dallas now? Please let me know thank you
  2. Holy shit bout to buy Orbi now I have a reason to get it now. I been wanted to get one but because of no duma os never no point and now new motherboards are out with WiFi 6E makes more sense to buy WiFi 6E Orbi now including w/ Duma OS just makes everything perfect
  3. You have to resync the cloud on the option menu and bro I had the same problem before lol
  4. Netgear WiFi 6E with Net Duma OS would be awesome 💯
  5. Why PS4 can you do change to Xbox on device manager as well ?
  6. We need Halo Infinite Servers listed and Geo filtering my ping is so bad just having net duma os is really helpful but not having Halo infinite is disappointing please add thank you
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