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  1. Vérifiez que vous n'avez pas adblock activé ou un pare-feu qui pourrait interférer. Check that you do not have ad blocker enabled or a firewall that could be interfering.
  2. You made your own thread but did not respond to let us know if your issue has been resolved. How are we supposed to help if you do not ask? We guarantee the best connection possible when setup correctly. We cannot diagnose your routers performance based on kills and deaths. Please make a new topic including the screenshots asked for here and we will be happy to help you: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022425-lag-support-instructions-to-post-on-the-forum-
  3. It's possible but they likely wouldn't have changed a setting like that. What happens when you follow the guide to lead you to believe that it doesn't work?
  4. What do you mean by disabled the internet connection? If you actually disabled the internet connection then the R1 wouldn't get a connection or do you mean you disabled its wireless functionality? Can you see any PPPoE authentication details on the hub? If you tick on then you won't need the WAN IP. Try: Power off both your hub and your NETDUMA. Power up the hub and after one minute, power up the NETDUMA. Now, reconnect all the devices to your NETDUMA and everything should have reverted back to factory settings.
  5. Should do yes. Votre problème a-t-il été résolu?
  6. Haben die WiFi-Einstellungen vorgeschlagen ich nicht funktionieren? Schalten Sie Ihren Hub und Ihren NETDUMA aus. Schalten Sie den Hub ein und nach einer Minute schalten Sie den NETDUMA ein. Schließen Sie nun alle Geräte an Ihren NETDUMA an und alles sollte wieder auf die Werkseinstellungen zurückgesetzt werden. Deaktivieren Sie die WiFi auf Ihrem Feld sowie seine mögliche Geräte werden automatisch wieder mit ihm. Did the WiFi settings I suggested not work? Power off both your hub and your NETDUMA. Power up the hub and after one minute, power up the NETDUMA. Now, reconnect all the devices to your NETDUMA and everything should have reverted back to factory settings. Disable the WiFi on your box as well as it's possible devices are automatically reconnecting to it.
  7. If you have followed everyone of those steps it doesn't make sense that it is strict. Have you hard turned off the console when you've been changing settings?
  8. Take a look at this guide: http://www.howtogeek.com/197268/how-to-find-the-best-wi-fi-channel-for-your-router-on-any-operating-system/ You can turn off turbo mode in settings > miscellaneous. Both. SSID you want the Netduma to be. Your original password will have been the serial number. If you have factory reset the router it will be "netdumar1". If you have changed the password then it will be what you changed it to. So 3 possibilities there, which one is it? And what have you been entering? You would see that on the Geo-filter but unlikely you would have added it as a device to the Geo-filter. If you're putting in the correct password - check above make a post in the 1 on 1 section and I'll take a look next week: Post in the 1 on 1 section: http://forum.netduma.com/forum/66-request-1-on-1/and I will have a look. Please read this first before making the post: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/11450-read-before-posting-a-1-on-1-request/
  9. That doesn't make any sense, not sure why that would have an affect on it at all. Do you have UPnP OR port forwarding enabled on the duma, not both? Disable UPnP forwarding in misc settings. What cloud are you using? Is anything appearing as blocked on the Geo-filter when you can't connect?
  10. Quel est le ping moyen que vous obtenez pour le jeu comme le montre le jeu? What is the average ping you're getting to the game as shown by the game?
  11. The whole point of testing is to ensure the fewest amount of bugs possible. Can't comment on anything specifically. Also regarding the list we are able to develop new features very quickly. Not everything will be in there at launch and would be added post launch.
  12. Ce sera un problème graphique, assurez-vous que vous utilisez Google Chrome et sont sur le thème par défaut. That will be a graphical issue, make sure you're using Google chrome and are on the default theme.
  13. Ahh there we go, that makes sense! Would recommend disabling the WiFi on the hub to stop them reconnecting. Glad to hear the issue is now resolved, so I'll close this thread.
  14. When it comes to gaming it's all about ping. Increasing your internet speed won't necessarily lower your base ping. In fact it could get higher or be unstable. Thats why the phrase "get better internet" is a myth as most people are referring to speeds when it doesn't make a difference.
  15. Dies ist Ihr 2. Post, weder enthält Screenshots. Wenn Sie sie einbinden, können wir Ihnen helfen, effizienter zu arbeiten. This is your 2nd post, neither contains screenshots. If you include them we'll be able to help you optimise more efficiently.
  16. Okay so make sure it's wifi workaround is ticked. Have you tried all my other suggestions?
  17. First connect via ethernet cable then disable the WiFi on the Netduma, then apply. Enable then apply. Then please try what I said here, un tick or tick the WiFi workaround in miscellaneous settings as well.
  18. Are other devices able to connect to the Netduma WiFi? You're not able to open the Firestick software? Have you definitely used the correct WiFi password? As there should not be any reason why you cannot connect to the internet. Just as a precaution disable turbo mode and switch to the preemptive algorithm on the Netduma.
  19. No need, I can see the issues from the screenshots you've provided already. Okay so firstly, you're probably not getting your full speeds right now even with anti-flood to set to 100% so first follow this: Reactive Algorithm 100% anti-flood Share excess enabled Reset device prioritisation & apply Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc Disable deep packet in misc Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds. Do a wired speed test from a PC You should then have full speeds. Make sure to go back to 70/70 anti-flood though when gaming/using the internet intensively. Ensure all devices in your home are connected to the R1 otherwise it will not work correctly. On the Geo-filter, you're filtering just using port 80. This is web traffic and will not correctly filter for games. Just like hyper traffic use the Playstation service on the Geo-filter. I would also recommend enabling strict mode, expanding your radius to about 1000km and lowering ping assist to 0ms. Your internet diagnostics is quite concerning, your minimum base ping is around 20ms, so straight away you won't get a game ping under this. However, your base ping seems to be spiking/fluctuating up to 50ms. Then add your game ping on top of that and it wouldn't be great. Would recommend running a Ping Plotter test to something like Bbc.co.uk or another UK website over different days/times and see if it shows the same.
  20. That is great thank you, also the following: Post a screenshot of the top of the Host Filtering page. Post a screenshot of your Geo-Filter when in a game. Post a screenshot of your entire Congestion Control page please including hyper traffic. Post a screenshot of a typical ping graph (not anomaly games).
  21. Hey, welcome to the forum! Are you using the HDMI extender it came with as that improves WiFi connectivity. Double check you've set up according to this guide: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201452610 Which connection status does it give you from those listed here?: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201822120 Make sure you're using PSK2 as the security mode on the Netduma WiFi. I would also use a WiFi analyser to find the least congested channel in your area and then switch to that on the Netduma's WiFi settings.
  22. Le mode Bridge peut être une option sur l'interface de votre routeur Orange. Sinon, le mode modem serait le meilleur, sinon mettre l'IP WAN Netduma dans le gestionnaire de périphériques dans la section DMZ de votre routeur Orange. Bridge mode may be an option on your Orange router's interface. If not then modem mode would be best, otherwise put the Netduma WAN IP in device manager into the DMZ section of your Orange router.
  23. Yeah they seem to show up in Cali quite a lot. Okay please do let me know.
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