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  1. For DMZ you put the Netduma WAN IP thats shown in device manager
  2. Hey, welcome to the forum! At the moment we're just focusing on improving the software as much as possible. I'm sure after that we may look into it as we know people want better wireless.
  3. Asegúrate de usar el navegador Google Chrome y de que el tema predeterminado esté seleccionado en varios ajustes, ¿resuelve el problema? Make sure you're using the Google Chrome browser & have the default theme selected in miscellaneous settings, does that resolve the issue?
  4. Es muy pequeño, ¿puedes subir una imagen más grande? Es difícil de ver.
  5. If you're the host then all the circles will be the same size, they may pulsate as well. If you are host then use peer ping to see what your ping is to each player
  6. Alright guys, appreciate everyone has their own opinions but let's keep this on topic!
  7. Not just yet, been very busy on DumaOS so haven't had time to check if there are conflicts with games
  8. You need to have the router connected wired to the Netduma if thats your question
  9. There isn't really anyway you can get better than that! Looks like you're on business class internet with the game dedicated servers practically on your doorstep!
  10. Like speedtest at 100%, then at 70%. Saturate your connection, do a ping test then lower to 70% to see it lowers your ping. Are you talking about the icons in game? I can't diagnose based on that
  11. Je ne peux pas le faire maintenant, tous les 1 sur 1 doivent être programmés car je suis rarement libre le même jour. I cannot do now, all 1 on 1's have to be scheduled as I'm rarely free on the same day.
  12. Are you saying that the router is rebooting on it's own? I'm not sure what exactly the issue is
  13. Very interesting question and sounds like you've found your answer! It should block the internet completely, it may not block a site/service that you're on at the time of blocking until you quit and try to access it again. You should still be able to access the interface as well from that device.
  14. Do you see the game ping fluctuating at all when you experience this lag?
  15. Well if it works for you thats great! Id be interested to see if other people obtained similar results.
  16. Hey, welcome to the forum! You've got some great advice so let us know how you get on
  17. I can't diagnose a problem based on in game icons, can you do a proper test for download on PC? As there shouldn't be a reason congestion control isn't working. Do you have super turbo mode unticked?
  18. Es ist nicht nötig, es auszuschalten, da Sie noch eine Verbindung zu den vorhandenen Servern herstellen können It is not necessary to turn it off as you should still be able to connect to the servers available
  19. Bonjour, bienvenue sur le forum! Consultez d'abord ce guide sur la raison pour laquelle vous ne voyez peut-être rien sur la carte: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022408-why-can-t-i-see-anything-on-the-geo-filter- Vous devrez poster ici afin de vérifier votre routeur pour la mise à niveau: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/11018-major-netduma-upgrade-now-available-v-1036/ Hello, welcome to the forum! First see this guide on why you may not see anything on the map: You will need to post here in order for us to check your router for upgrading:
  20. What better features are you referring to? How is the congestion control handled better? Unless the game is P2P you cannot control how other people connect to the game. Getting you the closest server possible which means you have a lower ping to the server/host is it's purpose and that's what it does. You will always have the advantage as you have the lowest ping.
  21. I would do a different test for download since games use mainly upload and see if you get similar results
  22. Are ALL devices connected behind the Netduma as well? If not then it can not work properly if it can't control all the devices in your home
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