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  1. Post in the 1 on 1 section: http://forum.netduma.com/forum/66-request-1-on-1/and I will have a look. Please let me know dates/times available next week. Please read this first before making the post: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/11450-read-before-posting-a-1-on-1-request/
  2. Okay probably using auto then which is fine. Can you try everything from here just to cover all bases please: Don't put the router on the floor Don't put it in a corner or a cupboard Channel change to least congested PSK2 Security mode No wireless devices nearby e.g. wireless headphones etc, definitely not near a microwave Make sure all devices connect via automatic settings aka - no static IPs set on them individually Set a static IP for the Duma on your ISP hub Set ALL devices on the Duma with a static IP in DHCP lease Make sure all those IPs fall within the DHCP range aka .100-.250 Disable stealth mode in misc settings Also try turbo mode off and preemptive algorithm
  3. I'm down for WW2, I like that era for films/games. As long as I don't get killed by someone wielding a fluorescent pink lee enfield I'll be happy
  4. Yep just put the ID & pass here, I'll hide it
  5. No worries, do let me know if you change your mind!
  6. What dates/times are you available? I can do right now quickly if available
  7. I would say the kill cam isn't an accurate representation of what's happened. Slash do you have an elgato or anything? I'd be interested to see what your game is playing like, alongside looking at the router settings
  8. NAT only relates to the people you're able to connect to. What are you pinging?
  9. 1. Il montre votre ping à l'hôte du jeu, de sorte que le temps nécessaire pour que les paquets viennent de vous vers le serveur et que les paquets du serveur vous soient retournés. C'est un temps aller-retour. 2. Je recommande d'utiliser le service de console, comme vous l'avez dit correctement, il désigne les ports utilisés dans cette plage. Le jeu n'utilisera pas exclusivement les ports que vous mentionnez, c'est pourquoi nous recommandons le service à la place. 3. Je recommande 70% d'anti-flood pour le téléchargement. Si je comprends bien, vous n'avez pas beaucoup, donc vous ne voulez pas l'abaisser trop. 70 sera bon pour contrer tout retard tout en permettant à Internet d'être utilisé normalement. -- 1. It shows your ping to the host of the game so that's the time it takes for packets to go from you to the server and then packets from the server back to you. It's a round trip time. 2. I would recommend using the console service, as you said correctly it prioritises any ports that are being used in that range. The game will not exclusively use the ports you mention which is why we recommend the service instead. 3. I would recommend 70% anti-flood for upload. If I understand correctly you don't have much so you don't want to lower it too much. 70 will be good for countering any lag while still allowing the internet to be used as normal.
  10. What is your NAT Type? Do you have the duma in the DMZ of your hub or the hub in modem mode? Disable UPnP & port forwarding on the hub, disable upnp forwarding in misc settings on the duma
  11. That's been suggested quite a few times so definitely something we'll be looking to implement
  12. Great to hear that, try changing the usual settings and see if it continues to work.
  13. Are you using default enabled DNS? If so use your ISP DNS and see if that stops that issue
  14. Thank you, I usually see that testing and a factory reset resolves it. Unplug everything except power and hold reset button for 5 seconds then let go, it should beep. Then wait a few minutes and connect the ethernet for internet into port 1, then about 10 seconds later do PC to port 2 and see if you have internet/can access the interface.
  15. Cela n'a aucun sens, pouvez-vous effectuer une réinitialisation d'usine à partir de paramètres divers, puis faites la première configuration afin d'essayer d'accéder à l'interface lorsqu'il est connecté au concentrateur It doesn't make any sense, can you do a factory reset from miscellaneous settings please and then do the first setup so you try accessing the interface while connected to the hub
  16. How can you be certain that it's a port issue? It sounds like it is more likely that you're blocking servers with the Geo-filter, and that you haven't added your friends to your allow list so party chat won't work correctly. RB6 has a few servers in each region so you may not be encompassing the ones where you are. Do you see anything blocked on the Geo-filter when this occurs?
  17. Host History doesn't support IW at the moment. You need deep packet processing enabled in miscellaneous settings for host analysis to work. You can also of course ping the host on the Geo-filter as well, use the Xbox Live service for PC
  18. Ports forwarded for the game and the 30, 28, 28 cloud numbers you shouldn't get booted
  19. Are you using cloud numbers 30, 28, 28? You should also port forward specifically for the game, once thats done you shouldn't get booted. Great to hear that!
  20. As if that was ever a question! Anywho, Woof does that answer your question? Anything else we can help with?
  21. I'm trying to think/rule out any potential for the router to get confused. No not exactly. Set a static IP for the Duma itself on your hub so if you ever reboot it etc then it always keeps that IP on your hub. Same premise on the Duma itself, by setting static IPs for any devices connected then they'll always have the same one whenever they connect. I'm not saying these are all tried and trusted methods to 100% get your WiFi working but that is everything that I can think of that could potentially fix it if something weird is going on. If they're completely off and therefore there is nothing upstream of the Duma using bandwidth then congestion control will still work as it's controlling all the bandwidth using devices. If theres any devices upstream that are on but not specifically using the internet and it has a background update that causes congestion the duma can't control that. It can only control whats connected to it.
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