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  1. Genial, gracias. Mientras tanto, utilice números manuales de nube 34, 31, 28 y vea si hay una mejora. Great thank you. Meanwhile use manual cloud numbers 34, 31, 28 and see if there is an improvement.
  2. If that happens without the Geo-filter on then it acts like a normal router. Out of interest disable hyper traffic and turbo mode and see if it continues to occur.
  3. Hey, welcome to the forum! If you provide us with the screenshots asked for in the guide above we'll best be able to help advise
  4. I just tried it on my own router and going from bits to bytes definitely showed it more accurately. Could you take a picture when it's on bytes please.
  5. If you have share excess on then yes it could get more if other devices aren't using it. That's the way I usually have it myself, I don't want to be restricting any devices unnecessarily. You could do that yes and leave share excess on just in case.
  6. The reactive algorithm I believe is fq_codel. Geo-filter either disable all devices or don't add any devices to it. If you're worried put radius and ping assist to the maximum as well.
  7. Go ahead and try 34, 31, 28 now please. Remember can take up to 4 hours to propagate. May need to apply twice.
  8. Have you set your speeds in bandwidth settings higher than you actually have by any chance?
  9. We'll have more info soon. This thread is just for people needed to upgrade to .6g.
  10. I don't think the speed you've said is correct, that's like pre broadband levels. What does a speed test say you get? If you let us know your speeds and provide the screenshots asked for here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022425-lag-support-instructions-to-post-on-the-forum-we can best advise.
  11. It's a percentage out of 100 so it will change depending on how many devices you have connected, they'll all be given an equal share but as said with share excess on can get more if needed. You would give it a higher number so it has more bandwidth available.
  12. Hey, welcome to the forum! As above please
  13. If you're getting much higher on PC then I would say the console is restricting it, you're getting loads through the console as well, certainly enough for gaming/game downloads
  14. In your original post you didn't mention you had those high speeds. Enable super turbo mode as well and you should achieve higher - this will also disable congestion control so there are no restrictions, what do you get through the AP then?
  15. Utilisez-vous le navigateur Google Chrome pour effectuer ces modifications? Si ce n'est pas le cas, modifiez-le. Si oui, assurez-vous de ne pas traduire la page, puis appliquez les paramètres. Je ne peux pas diagnostiquer le gameplay, mais c'est un très bon ping. Le PS4 devrait être configuré pour utiliser les paramètres de réseau automatiques dans quel cas, car il utilisera le DNS de la Douma. Are you using the Google Chrome browser to make those changes? If not change to that. If yes then make sure it's not translating the page, then apply the settings. I can't diagnose gameplay but that is a very good ping. The PS4 should be set to use automatic network settings in which case that is fine as it'll use the DNS from the Duma.
  16. Glad to hear Pharm has helped you out. With share excess on any device that needs extra bandwidth can grab it from devices that aren't using as much. If you want to limit each device specifically then you could un tick share excess and prioritise each device manually but they'd only be able to get that much, if they needed more they wouldn't get it.
  17. It's not a bug so I wouldn't class it as a fix, I believe it's disabled because the hardware cannot do higher speeds along with QoS at the same time so it's one or the other. Disable super turbo and see what max speeds you get, you may get over 300mbps as it is in which case you can have both. That may occur as they're both things that need priority really so I would either prioritise the console (see how it goes) or prioritise neither.
  18. Let us know how you get on with port forwarding. Bleeding edge has the latest, it defaults to that for everyone so I've started doing test clouds where you have to select the numbers manually. In which case yes the very very latest ones you can disable and choose the latest numbers.
  19. Next week would be best if possible as 4pm EST is 9pm here in the UK. Monday next week 12pm EST? That's 5pm for me.
  20. If that's the issue it could just be that the population has decreased. Has anything else changed? Like not being able to sign into the game?
  21. Just means we'll have to test for it, will likely need your help!
  22. Un ping de base de 11 ms signifie que vous n'obtiendrez jamais un ping de jeu sous cela. 25-30ms est très bon compte tenu (on s'attend normalement à 10-20 plus pour un jeu réel au-dessus de la base) An 11ms base ping means you'll never get a game ping under that. 25-30ms is very good considering (would usually expect 10-20 more for an actual game above base)
  23. I would need to physically look at the interface rather than having a call to be able to see whats going on. I wouldn't be able to tell if it's faulty or not. I can do a 1 on 1 with you pre return or after you get the next one
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