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  1. I'm using a VPN to connect to Warzone because my ISP routing is bad at the moment. Without VPN 50ms to 70ms. With VPN it's 23ms. So you can see why I've opted to route my traffic via a VPN. Only issue takes very long to get games. But whenever it does get a game it's 23ms. Now my NAT type without VPN is Open. I've setup a DMZ. With VPN it's moderate. How does one setup an Open port with a VPN. The VPN protocol I use it PPTP. Since that protocol doesn't add much overhead and it's good when I game. Please help thanks 👍
  2. Alright let's begin. Before this when using this router finding games with filter on and a location drawn on the map was easy. Now with filter on and location drawn on the map it takes like ages to find one game. You might say you need to draw more locations, I drew Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. My god it still doesn't connect to them. I didn't draw Japan because ping is too high. Now the moment I turn off filtering bam I get games so fast all in Hong Kong as the ping is 50. Also another issue when using filtering on I'm not able to connect to Discord. The moment I turn off filtering I can join Discord. When I use Ping Assist and filtering on I'm able to join Discord. For some reason filtering with locations drawn everywhere I mean I've covered a lot of the Asian locations doesn't connect Discord. Something has broken inside the filtering and you need to look into it. I've tried everything. Even changing my device to Playstation and Xbox nothing works. If I turn off filtering I get games so fast and all in Hong Kong. If I Filter and draw a huge map on Hong Kong it doesn't get games takes ages. Please look into this and push an update to the cloud ASAP. As always thank you and I know you guys are doing the best you can. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam
  3. Yup try and update please. Would be of great help thanks a lot @Netduma Fraser
  4. I mean the Netduma COD Filter list whereby you add servers we can connect to. So I may update it via the cloud sync function. I'm sure that server you have currently is old because I never connect to it. Might help if you get this IP from the screenshot above. No harm trying 😉 Thanks for all your assistance. @Netduma Fraser
  5. Please update the Heatmap and Filter list also. I'm asking because the Filter list currently doesn't have this server reflected on it. Thank you so much @Netduma Fraser
  6. Yup that's why after removing it from the Allow/Deny list and not locking 1 server but locking it by region I was getting matches quicker. Only issue is now it searches at 30 ping sometimes and gets the low ping and sometimes it just searches at 50ping plus and keeps denying games forever. I always have to try and make it lock the 30 ping search then it works. I hope you can add the server above to the list so it starts at 30 ping when finding matches like before they changed the address. The screenshot shows the 22ping matchmaking lookup usually it searches higher than that for some reason. It starts at 55ping or higher lookup. @Netduma Fraser
  7. Nope the only server to draw a low ping is Singapore. Now once I removed the server from the Allow/Deny list I was able to find matches faster. It would start finding matches at 35ping during matchmaking search. After that I was getting games fast. Now after quitting the entire game and starting it again, it's searching at 55ms and takes longer to find matches. I feel to fix this issue that server in Singapore needs to be added to the Filtering list. When I do a ping Heatmap check only the 50ping plus servers are found. Which means this low ping server is not in the list. Please add it as I've been suffering with 50ping servers and getting my old servers was so good. @Netduma Liam @Netduma Fraser
  8. I did draw a polygon as you can see in that screenshot above but it takes ages to find that low ping server. It does find it but takes very long. I'm thinking of removing the Allow and Deny list. Just afraid I'll lose the server and have to find it again to put it into the Allowed list. I want to see with just the polygon will it find that region server only. Will have to test I guess 😭
  9. Yes your advise worked. Only issue since I only whitelisted one server it takes ages to get games. Since it's looking for that specific server. I hope you are able to include the IP range for these servers based in Singapore as this would fix the issue @Netduma Fraser
  10. Should I have the filter list enabled or disabled? What I mean by filter list is the filtering mode. Or should I not use filtering mode?
  11. I've been playing for over a month with 50ping when I used to be able to connect with 23ping. This is because some change in the IP address on Warzone side. Finally today I found the 23ping server and took a screenshot with the IP address. This server is located in Singapore at the moment I'm connecting to Hong Kong. Please can you add this IP to the filter list and how do I force Netduma to connect to this IP only. I already put it in the allowed list. Only issue when I reconnect to a new game I'm back in Hong Kong server. Attached below is the screenshot:
  12. It seems the server is back. When I do a ping on Ping Heatmap I'm only able to find the Hong Kong server IP that's 48ms. In game I'm connecting to the Singapore IP because that's 23ms. My question is how to get you this IP so you may update the cloud?
  13. @Netduma Liam Have you updated the cloud so I may try to resync. @dpk_ydv What's your ping in Singapore? If you know the IP to the Singapore server can you put it down here so I may have a look on tracert to see why it's being routed wrongly
  14. I'd like to know what happened to the SEA server located in Singapore? Right now with Ping Assist I'm getting 48 ping from the Hong Kong server. Before this I was on 23ping or so. This ping was achievable because I was connected to the Singapore server. I'm not able to find the Singapore server even after flushing my cloud list. Can you please check and revert back so I may contact Activision. Thank you Fraser :D
  15. I've connected my ISP modem to a TPlink Switch and that's connected to the internet Netduma R2. I need the switch to do Vlan tagging for my PPPoE connection. What are these: DHCP packet received on eth0.2 which has no address HTB: quantum of class 10007 is small. Consider r2q change
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