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  1. Modem > TP link > R1 if you have the R1 in the TP link DMZ with it's WiFi & QoS if it has it disabled then everything will still work properly, packets can pass through no problem. If you don't disable these things then you'll prioritize the packets coming out the R1 but they wouldn't be as quick to exit the TP link if the TP link QoS gets in the way for example. If you did modem > R1 > TP link then all the features will still work for the individual devices but only if you put it in AP mode. If it's not in AP mode then the R1 will just see it as one device and so you will not eliminate congestion.
  2. Did you add one as destination instead of source by accident or vice versa?
  3. Actually I remember now, the way you did it should be fine so 3074-3075 without spaces. Will it let you click done? If so then it's fine, you won't see that the rule is a range due to the way it is formatted but should work.
  4. I don't handle the email support so I wasn't aware they'd already gave the all clear as usually get the router sent out pretty fast. So I was just asking for the video as a means to push them. Don't worry I'll take this higher up the chain for you to get it sorted out.
  5. It shouldn't have a problem handling that, first thing to do would be to not use QoS (put Anti-BB to 100 not disable completely) and see if it happens or not. I would also see if you're actually getting the speeds you should for 70% which is 175mbps as that is plenty for that content so would indicate you're getting no where near that.
  6. That peer is a server I checked the IP. You won't see yourself on the map at all. Disable Auto Ping and then click on the icon that shows when you're in a game. What happens when you use Ping Assist? I would suggest zooming out of the map so you can see fully.
  7. Vous devez les ajouter à votre liste d'autorisation afin que le géofiltre ne les bloque pas, alors invitez-les à une fête, cliquez sur l'icône qui apparaît sur la carte, puis cliquez sur autoriser dans le panneau de ping. - You need to add them to your allow list so the Geo-Filter doesn't block them so invite them to a party, click on the icon that appears on the map and then click allow in the ping panel.
  8. Based on the ports you've been given then yes you would need to do source and destination rules separately. For the port number try doing 3074 - 3075 (so with spaces) and see if that takes.
  9. Great to hear that! Not at all! You can leave it as is and see how you get on, if you have trouble then you can raise it.
  10. Not long but it's because there has been some issues with it so Alex is working with the devs to get that resolved.
  11. D'après ce que vous avez posté, ils vont bien! - From what you have posted they are fine!
  12. Hey, welcome to the forum! We apologise for the inconvinience caused, we do take it seriously and will get a fix out as soon as that's possible. Current workaround at the moment would be to do a reboot or downgrade to the previous firmware.
  13. Could you try switching NAT from Secured to Open in WAN Settings please?
  14. That's certainly something we can consider in the future yes but would require a lot of testing.
  15. Toutes mes excuses, voici notre guide de paramétrage optimal pour le firmware sur lequel vous vous trouvez: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000023979-optimal-settings-guide - Apologies, this is our optimal settings guide for the firmware you are on.
  16. Anti-Bufferbloat is not a feature to fine tune the CoD experience, it exists to eliminate local congestion which is what it does. Traffic Prioritization prioritizes ports/packets to eliminate jitter/spikes and does this automatically. These are what we recommend to use but everyones connections are different which is why we suggest that people experiment to see what works for them which is what's happening in this topic which is great. Bagsta the other day posted a video of his game the other day with good connection and he used our recommended settings so I don't think we need to chime in really as experimentation is down to the customer themselves to tailor to their specific connection, of course we'll help where possible.
  17. Could you take a screenshot of the actual rule you're trying to set when it shows red? If the light appears red when you're playing then it will be working so try it out and see.
  18. Do you have an Open NAT? If so then it could be a browser issue as to why they don't load correctly so clear the browser cache/cookies and see if it works then please.
  19. That's Netgears standard practice, they also log general encounters with websites e.g. Facebook as DoS attacks so I wouldn't worry. It's likely unrelated, what is the actual issue you're having? Unable to use the VPN when connected using a client program on your PC? Could you disable QoS completely in the Anti-Bufferbloat options please and see if that resolves the issue?
  20. Have you double checked through PingPlotter or standard ping that local congestion isn't happening? Are you saying this is only an issue when crossplay is enabled? - Have you confirmed this?
  21. This isn't an issue everyone has and is usually down to browser. We've not seen you post until yesterday which we've replied to asking for more details so we don't know if you're having the issue until you let us know.
  22. No we don't have that unfortunately, at least not at the moment. I couldn't say whether that's something we'd do or not.
  23. This is actually something we already have on our roadmap but good suggestion.
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