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  1. On a PC try to access the interface then right click the page and click Inspect Element. Then on the Window that appears click the console tab please and then take a screenshot of the entire web browser.
  2. What do you mean by crashing exactly? It says R-App not loaded or something else? That is a Netgear feature, the reason it doesn't work really is because it only applies to HTTP and considering most sites now use HTTPS it won't work correctly. We'll be doing something surrounding this ourselves, it may or may not be in the initial release but may come later.
  3. The marking entries are normal, those errors however are not. They may be related to the issue you're having so thanks for providing them, I'll have to ask a developer to take a look at this.
  4. A reboot or factory reset should definitely resolve it as it is quite a common error but I totally appreciate you don't want to rock the boat at the moment.
  5. There are usually multiple servers in the same location so you may need to do it a few times to get the multiple servers but then should be resolved after that if you had luck with the first. Could you put the IDs in this form as well please so we can whitelist them in the next cloud update? https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29742-found-mislocated-servers-post-here/
  6. Do you know how long the lease the ISP router gives the XR is? Does it happen to be a week? On the ISP router make sure the XR has a static IP and then on the XR in Internet Setup switch it to use Static as well. If the issue is that it resets after the lease renewal which shouldn't happen anyway then that should resolve it.
  7. Okay let us know! Check in Settings > Monitoring > Connection Status and see if the lease obtained matches the livebox lease it's been given as well.
  8. If they'll let you do that then there is no harm in doing so, they would just return it to Netgear most likely.
  9. Sorry to hear that, I wish I had more suggestions for you. Hopefully with 3.0 you won't have any of these issues, when the beta is rolled out you could provide us feedback on this.
  10. Could you try putting another router between the ONT and the XR please and see if you get those same results through the XR? I've seen someone else having some odd issues when plugged directly into the ONT and having a router between them resolved it. Not ideal I know but does help narrow down the issue.
  11. Could you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing currently please just so I can determine what may be happening.
  12. Ahh I see, I was thinking when you're on the same version. That's a Netgear feature so I'll pass it on to them.
  13. Fingers crossed for the beta then, let us know your feedback then.
  14. Fingers crossed for the beta then, let us know your feedback then.
  15. Check the Geo-Filter when you do the test, there may be something blocked that appears. Ping it and then allow it, then you should have the low ping from then on.
  16. If you're using IPTV provided by your ISP then you may need to use VLAN to get it working correctly. Also re-enable QoS but disable Traffic Prioritization completely does that work?
  17. Sorry, could you just clarify, is the ISP modem/router resetting to factory defaults or is it the XR500 that is resetting each time? How do you have the XR plugged into power? If using a power extender could you plug it directly into a wall outlet please and then reboot it, does it still reset?
  18. There aren't any changes between those firmware versions that I could attribute this issue to unfortunately. It's doubtful there are any specific settings causing this either. However, could you check the livebox please and see how long its DHCP lease is please? Also as you've DMZ'd the XR did you set a static IP for it on the livebox? If not could you do this please and then also on the XR in Internet Setup change it to use static instead of dynamic please.
  19. Usually the IP address will change when it is put into a mode like that so you may need to have a look on the manufacturers website or the manual to find out what that is.
  20. Glad that it's been working, keep us updated! Untick disable IGMP Proxying in WAN Settings. Also IPTV may require VLAN to work, in which case you can do this in the settings. You should be able to give us feedback when the beta is available.
  21. Fingers crossed it does, you may need to use VLAN for IPTV to get that working correctly but you should be able to let us know during beta whether it is still an issue.
  22. That all looks fine. On that page could you disable both 2.4 & 5GHz radios please then apply, then reboot. Then enable them both, apply and reboot the router again and see if that fixes the issue please.
  23. Thanks for the information, could you put the ID of the server in this form please under needs to be whitelisted so we can add that to our next cloud update and then that should hopefully fix that issue: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29742-found-mislocated-servers-post-here/ Unfortunately if their IPs keep changing then you'll still need to keep allowing them, there isn't a way around that unfortunately.
  24. I can assure you that we are all working just as hard as usual and I expect that you'll see a beta announcement soon.
  25. I've just checked that IP address and it is a US server so that's likely why the ping was much higher. Double check and disable Auto Ping and ping the one within your radius is it still a high ping? Also keep in mind due to the pandemic that services/servers are stressed and under heavy load which can cause issues - some services are throttling.
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