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  1. You have plenty enough for gaming so you're good there. I usually suggest 70/70 for anti-flood. Console should definitely be in hyper traffic and Geo-filter settings you should be able to keep the same.
  2. Tick remote access from WAN in misc settings, set a username & password for the interface then access by typing your public IP in
  3. You can use 41, 38, 28 now. The ping spikes is an aesthetic bug we're aware of, very unlikely you'd have a ping that high. Untick auto ping host and manually click on a host to ping it, does the ping stay normal? Are you using Google Chrome to access the interface? For slow interface take a look here: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/19266-slow-gui-interface-the-solution-is-here/
  4. I did yes, there shouldn't be any conflicts between the whitelist and dedicated either so hopefully we've actually almost got them all
  5. Where are you seeing your base ping as 80ms? Where are you seeing it as 10-30ms? 10ms is what you're getting to the game servers? Can you show us a clip of a typical game for you please. Would also suggest the above
  6. I still haven't got a chance to look at it. I don't know if you're still within warranty or not. If you are then it'd be worth it to have me take a look so you could get a replacement if I can't resolve it.
  7. Have you checked the PS4 IP in it's network settings with the IPs in device manager? It may appear as a nameless/unnamed device
  8. Home hub into port 1 of the duma instead of the poe port on duma is that what you mean? Port 1 & POE port is the same so do you mean port 2? I don't really understand exactly can you clarify please?
  9. Oh wow that is stressful! Haven't heard of that happening before!
  10. You can use 41, 38, 28 now. Should hopefully be more efficient.
  11. You can use 41, 38, 28 now. Should hopefully be more efficient.
  12. Hope you're safe! If you lost power during the hurricane then it is possible the previous settings you did for NAT have been reset. Double check that it is all set as it should be. Disable the Geo-filter before trying the test again as well.
  13. Okay no worries at all, thanks for the update. Try disabling 2.4GHz on 1 then the other and see if they're interfering with each other and see what speed you get on each.
  14. Avoir un routeur supplémentaire dans votre configuration inutilement est à l'origine du problème NAT. Si vous insistez pour avoir un routeur supplémentaire, copiez l'IP WAN du gestionnaire de périphériques Netduma. Cliquez sur la case bleue dans le gestionnaire de périphériques pour aller à l'autre interface de routeurs et trouver la DMZ. Habituellement dans les paramètres de pare-feu ou de sécurité et collez l'IP WAN. Having an extra router in your setup unnecessarily is causing the NAT issue. If you insist on having an extra router then copy the WAN IP from the Netduma device manager. Click the blue box in device manager to go to the other routers interface and find the DMZ. Usually in Firewall or Security settings and paste the WAN IP.
  15. La fonctionnalité VPN est limitée à ~ 10mbps. Il a été introduit uniquement comme un moyen de protéger contre les attaques DDoS lors du jeu, donc une bande passante élevée n'est pas nécessaire. Si vous souhaitez télécharger plus rapidement via un VPN, utilisez-le directement à partir d'un PC. VPN feature is limited to ~10mbps. It was only introduced as a way to protect from DDoS when gaming, therefore high bandwidth is not needed. If you want to download faster through a VPN use it direct from a PC.
  16. Hey, welcome to the forum! As above, it's not available on the router. As well as the fact that pinging servers/players is a huge part of the Geo-filter blocking would take away that feature
  17. It is unwise to port forward everything to the PS4 like that yes. R1 in DMZ, then port forward only necessary ports or use UPnP.
  18. Do not use dedicated 38, I am testing this myself. You can use 41, 37, 28
  19. You can use 41 for whitelist, I'm working on dedicated one to make it more efficient. Unsure if 41 will be as effective without the the dedicated one I'm working on but should be better so use 41, 37, 28. Thank you, use 41, 37, 28.
  20. Hey, welcome to the forum! Click the home icon then click on the map where you live.
  21. Use the Geo-filter to get a game within your radius, once you're loading into the game then disable it
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