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  1. That's the way the login works unfortunately and we haven't had proper mobile support the entire time which is why we're making a phone app now. We're too far into 3.0 now to pivot and do an update.
  2. Is that the readout from what I asked previously as it doesn't look right, could you provide a screenshot of the result please? Also what do you see when you're unable to access the interface.
  3. Do you have the R1 in the DMZ of your ISP hub? If not it could be having trouble redirecting the traffic to the correct ports that could cause the issue.
  4. It's either that they're throttling the speeds due to COVID or that the Geo-Filter is affecting it, try disabling the filter and see if the speeds increase.
  5. Unfortunately it is pretty hard to tell what is causing it as the logs aren't much help. Perhaps rolling back the firmware could help until the new one arrives.
  6. Just to double check does the IP in the PS4 network settings match with the IP of the device you think is the PS4 on the Device Manager and that device is added to the Geo-Filter?
  7. By the logs it looks like the internet reconnected itself without a reboot? I assume that the internet isn't cutting out on the ISP hub either?
  8. I haven't had a response back, probably due to heavy testing but should find out next week.
  9. Not sure why that would be happening. Perhaps best to use the DMZ and disable WiFi on the hub instead, it'll still work just as well as bridge mode.
  10. No worries, we'll do that as soon as we can and get a cloud out!
  11. The pings are sort of what I would suspect for your connection. The only way really is to find the ones that play best for you and then force them using the radius/by moving your location.
  12. It's already got a server that is whitelisted there that should be preventing the booting. Do you see anything blocked when you get kicked? You'd have to look very quickly in order to catch it.
  13. There is nothing in the logs indicating why it has reset. Did the whole internet go down when you were playing those 4 times or just that device? The IP address of the device it's marking is
  14. Hey, welcome to the forum! It is quite hard from what I remember to determine whether these devices are online when connected to the extender. Make sure you're on the latest firmware first of all. This was something we looked at a while back and I believe was fixed but looks like we need to take another look.
  15. Was the PS4 hard turned off when changes we made and then you waited 2 minutes before booting the console/game?
  16. Best way to double check is to use Ping Assist or switch to Spectating Mode and see if you can get put on it. If you find it is mislocated please put it in the form and we'll be able to update the cloud to fix it.
  17. Hey, welcome to the forum! What server pings are you getting using Ping Assist? The closest servers to you are probably in Europe so I'd suggest not using Ping Assist and changing the location on the map to that area and trying to force them with the radius.
  18. Really this used to be possible before they transitioned to a P2P/Dedicated server hybrid system. A lot of people who have tried this recently have not had any success. You have the right idea but if it's not working that way then there is no way around it that I'm aware of.
  19. All you need to do is disable DumaOS Classified Games on Traffic Prioritization and have the two PS4s added manually with the games console service. They'll continue to be prioritized and if the iPhone was caught by classified games then it'll no longer be prioritized and cause you issues so you can keep the rest of your settings as normal.
  20. Thanks for your patience, I appreciate it is frustrating. If you could please put those IDs in the form here to be whitelisted so we can make sure they're all added that would be really helpful. I haven't heard anything yet which means Alex is probably testing but I should get an update on Monday. https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29742-found-mislocated-servers-post-here/
  21. We don't have an estimated date at the moment but we are planning to do a beta soon! It takes time to work on such a big update, this update will allow us to make faster changes to individual Rapps, allowing us to fix issues much quicker than before without doing a firmware update.
  22. Games add/take away servers all the time so it is impossible to always have them perfectly classified. We test games but with the help of the community it makes this much faster. IP databases generally don't always have the correct information as IP blocks are sold between countries all the time so it's impractical to use these as an alternative.
  23. Do you get normal speeds through a wired PC connected to the XR500? Are you using QoS at the time as that will lower your speeds depending on your settings.
  24. Thanks a lot for your submissions, they'll be really helpful!
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