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  1. Great let us know what speeds you get with QoS completely disabled. If you get the same then it is likely a case of fine tuning WiFi settings such as width, channel etc, the max speed of the surface pro or as lilstone mentioned the way your house is laid out.
  2. Are you using QoS on the router? If so then that would limit the speeds you're able to receive. If you disable QoS in the Anti-Bufferbloat settings by clicking on the 3 line symbol of the Anti-Bufferbloat panel and do another test do you get higher speeds? What speeds did you get before the XR500 on this device?
  3. Just so you're aware if you disable DHCP then the router cannot hand out IP address to the devices that are trying to connect to it. If you give devices static IP addresses then they would stay connected but I wouldn't recommend this as you could connect different devices and they wouldn't be able to connect so just have DHCP enabled is best.
  4. Please provide the screenshots asked for here and we can help you optimise your settings as much as possible: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022425-lag-support-instructions-to-post-on-the-forum-
  5. Let us know if the lease time is the cause, it's the only thing I can think of that would cause this on a regular basis other than ISP shenanigans.
  6. From my tests (I've tested PUBG more than Fortnite) it doesn't look like you'll be able to use the Geo-Filter as you select the region on the game and then you'll most likely be connected to one server in that region. The whole premise of a 100 players on a single game concurrently will have its issues from time to time. Make sure you're using Anti-Flood and Hyper Traffic to ensure the connection is as good on your end as possible.
  7. Disable your Geo-Filter when you're in the game to rule out whether it's the Geo-Filter causing it. If you still get it then it's the game
  8. If you had it previously connected via ethernet it will appear as another PS4 when connected via WiFi so double check the IP in device manager with the IP on the console to make sure you've selected the right one
  9. Are you playing all these games on Xbox? It’s possible that it’s related to the MCC one so please do let us know if what we implement to resolve it works when we have it available. Thanks a lot for the kind words, we really appreciate that.
  10. Hi everyone, Netgear have their own forum for the XR500 under their Nighthawk Pro Gaming range. I have mirrored their forum here in it's own subforum, this will improve forum search results for people who have questions about DumaOS or the XR500. You can reply to these individual topics if you like or follow the link at the bottom of the post and respond on the Netgear forum instead. We are just beginning to trial this out so please do give us any feedback. Note: New posts on the Netgear forum will appear here ~30 minutes after.
  11. Can we do it next week instead? We're super busy this week. I'll PM you my email address, could you chase us next week? Make a post in General Support for the R1 and we can help you out with that!
  12. We have reproduced it so good find! We're looking into it now and then will likely put out a cloud update in which case there is nothing you need to do on your part. We'll get back to you when we have some more information.
  13. Changing the source/destination will not allow you to just prioritise upload/download respectively since you would also be receiving packets from Xbox Live which is download. We fill in the source port as the whole range because change the source ports without being entirely sure of what you're doing will more than likely not have the effect you want to achieve. This is why Iain recommended just changing the destination ports not the source ports. Furthermore consoles don't just use one port when they're online so you would be doing yourself a disservice trying to prioritise manually in this way. The console service has the range of 1024-65535
  14. Hi dhaddix1, this will all be resolved by Bitdefenders update which should be out within the next few days. I would recommend disabling Bitdefender until then so that you can continue to change settings on the router interface.
  15. That wasn't the issue in the end, the host of the party chat needed to be allowed but great spot! oppie if you have the issue again please try this suggestion.
  16. Great thanks, I've fixed the white font for you. You shouldn't need to unplug the router, if you reboot from miscellaneous settings then that will save everything. What time zone are you in? What's the earliest times you can do?
  17. No worries, now we know that there are people who require IPv6 we can work on implementing that.
  18. That will be the port 80 hardware acceleration yes, so please could you retest that once we have added that to DumaOS.
  19. Could you let us know what game you are playing please as that will help us determine what is happening. Is it Destiny by chance? If so for that game you need strict off, if it is Destiny and you have strict on, that would explain what is happening as you're not able to connect to players so it is forcing servers instead to connect - strict off is required for Destiny because they use a hybrid system of P2P & server connections. We created strict mode especially for this game because it works differently to others. I would recommend using the profiles to setup the Geo-Filter optimally for your game - you may be playing one that we can't filter.
  20. Yes please PM me your TeamViewer ID & Pass. If you don't have TeamViewer you can download it from here: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows/then install, once installed open the program and should show you an ID & password, that's what I need.
  21. I will close this topic as you already have another open.
  22. We're just testing Bitdefenders fix, assuming it works they'll put out an update.
  23. We're just testing Bitdefenders fix, assuming it works they'll put out an update.
  24. Let me know once you have the IDs and also when you've be available for helping to do Auto detection on the switch.
  25. Hey, welcome to the forum! We'll get your issue sorted don't worry. Usually chat issues like that come down to NAT so please double check that you have an open NAT if not take a look at this link on how to get it open. It could also occur if your device is not getting enough bandwidth - the most likely cause of this is having given your device an allocated bandwidth amount, disabled share excess and then lowered anti-bufferbloat. Could you provide us a screenshot of your QoS page settings please? Make sure you have the Geo-Filter zoomed out, your friends may appear mislocated on the Geo-Filter Map and therefore you could be blocking them with your radius. Invite your friends into the game 1 by 1. Then when they appear on the map click their icon and allow them.
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