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  1. Please can you make a new topic in the General Support section describing your issue and we'll be happy to help you with your issues.
  2. Great to hear you got it all sorted! As your issue has been resolved I'll close this thread. Feel free to open another if needed
  3. Everything in the congestion control page is disabled when super turbo is enabled. When turbo is enabled on its own congestion control is still effective.
  4. You can block players yes. Using the Geo-filter you shouldn't be getting too many red bar players but if you do encounter them you can block them, though currently it is hard to find the one with the highest ping to be able to block them.
  5. Hi Frank! A formal welcome is in order then Awesome to hear you have 2 Netdumas! Do let us know if you need any help
  6. Haha thank you kindly, very nice of you to say Thanks guys! OMG Thank you! Can finally afford my rent now
  7. Fantastique d'entendre ça! Bien joué Chive
  8. Okay well that is good to hear, do keep us updated!
  9. That's very interesting, thanks for letting us know, hopefully this will help others as well!
  10. What is the server ID you added to your allow list? What are you pinging to the dedicated server in game?
  11. It does yes, your modem will be using a default MTU which the R1 will detect and set accordingly. I believe that your change in gameplay is a placebo however if its working for you then great to hear that! This ^
  12. Hey, welcome to the forum! I'm assuming this is a PC game? Are you not able to select your own server/region on the game?
  13. It was helpful yes, though maybe just upload screenshots and a bit of gameplay next time or at least a shorter video please haha, 20mins was a bit long! Okay so was probably consistent and didn't fluctuate much. No worries. Less speed doesn't necessarily mean better, lower ping definitely. The fluctuating is not so good though! Yeah I know
  14. Are you zoomed out on the map? It is possible they are showing elsewhere if mis located. Possibly yes. 1. You may be experiencing anti-cheat but that doesn't really apply to settings specifically: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000024118-anti-cheat 2. Should be able to do this in DumaOS 3. Once DumaOS is released we can definitely look into adding more support for Host Analysis! 4. Let us know how you get on. 5. - 6. If you followed through the beginning tour then you should set it up as it recommended Thanks for all these IDs, that is very helpful. When I get some time next week I'll try to make a test cloud for you to try out. Please see my first sentence. The biggest circle on the map is the server. It will be more clear in DumaOS. Okay interesting thanks for the info! You mention it's vague, what do you mean by this/what would you want to see?
  15. Nope it'll be there regardless. Unless you are connected to a modem then it's not applicable so wouldn't appear. Again the message isn't an issue. As long as you've set the DMZ then you're fine.
  16. Pouvez-vous accéder à Internet lorsque vous êtes connecté via Ethernet au routeur? Can you access the internet when you're connected via ethernet to the router?
  17. UTC is the same as GMT. Are you in the UK? The local time on your profile shows your 4 hours behind. Where are you located?
  18. It is very strange that is seems to happen around the same time every night. Given it's so consistent leads me to believe it's not a fault but rather something is causing it. It may be hard to tell, perhaps your ISP hub has a log but can you see if your hub is dropping internet during the night?
  19. Hallo, herzlich willkommen im Forum! Bitte geben Sie uns hierfür Screenshots an und wir können Ihre Einstellungen noch genauer optimieren (sorry es in English) Hello, welcome to the forum! Please provide us with screenshots asked for here and we'll be able to more accurately optimise your settings (sorry it is in English) http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022425-lag-support-instructions-to-post-on-the-forum-
  20. I would follow Buck's advice. Gaming doesn't require much bandwidth so you're absolutely fine to do that.
  21. Les seuls paramètres de ceux qui devraient être activés sont les cookies et turbo / super turbo (selon vos vitesses). Peut laisser tout le reste un ticked.
  22. How do you know that you're on player hosted matches? There are definitely servers there as you know, it doesn't make any sense that the Geo-filter would be blocking servers in your radius.
  23. Please make a post in the French section of the forum and we'll be happy to help in French.
  24. You may be experiencing a Ping Plotter bug. What does the Netduma internet diagnostics show? Try this that Zennon suggested, do you get any packet loss? http://forum.netduma.com/topic/19918-bufferbloat-question/?p=137634
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