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  1. What do you mean buffer bloat is very bad? What issues are you having with the firmware? There has been a new update gone out today. I would highly recommend upgrading to that as it's much better. Very happy to conduct a 1 on 1 with you to help with your issues, I'll PM you.
  2. Upgrade has gone out today so definitely upgrade to that, it's much better!
  3. Update has actually been released so definitely make sure you upgrade to that, it's much better!
  4. That is something that we would like to do. Don't worry all your favourite features will be implemented. Yes that is still a thing and will be implemented into DumaOS don't worry! Remember this is just the first version of a stable DumaOS which is what we need to start then churning out rapid updates with new features. Don't worry your favourite features will be implemented! It is not a reskin, it is an entirely new operating system and with that allows us to implement new features rapidly! QoS is actually way more automatic now, when it detects you are playing a game it will automatically prioritise it and then automatically apply your chosen Anti-Flood/Anti-Bufferbloat settings. DumaOS will be very different to this first release version in the long run. In fact the new update that is about to drop already has significant changes including profiles for the Geo-Filter and is much much more user friendly!
  5. Hi fishboy911, Glad you like it! We would like to diagnose further but glad you have managed to resolve it. I will PM you our email addresses and we can conduct a 1 on 1 with you today/this weekend. I didn't know this was a known Netgear issue. We would also like to diagnose this via 1 on 1. Was there anything specific done to trigger this behaviour? You're not actually getting DoS'd, it is just incoming connections the log file outputs. Log is more for technical support than for a user to look at. What do you mean it doesn't work? What happens when you do this? We would like to diagnose that also. What do you mean bugged? Did you have a device added at the time? We can look into this as well. That will allow us to add more features and eventually have people download R-Apps (features) as they want them.
  6. Hi velloony, It is not supposed to be a carbon copy of the R1. This is an entirely rewritten system that will allow many new features than the R1 original software could have ever handled. Your favourite features will be implemented do not worry. This is just the first version of the software. As BD has already mentioned there is already a new update on the way which is much improved over the one you are on. So I would recommend holding off on returning it because we've only just hit the tip of the iceberg, there is much more to come! The development speed of DumaOS compared to the R1 is much faster, we can introduce a feature like profiles very quickly and in fact the new update coming has profiles for the Geo-Filter. If you cannot get on to the interface then please email us (I have PM'd you our email addresses) and we can do a 1 on 1 today.
  7. Hi all, do not worry. Your favourite features will be implemented. This is just the first version of the release software.
  8. Hey Omega, Iain is actually on PST time at the moment which is 3 hrs behind you. I've sent him a message to see if he is available for 7pm EST. If not then I can take a look instead.
  9. @HappyLittleChap, there is no guarantee the PPPoE speed issue can/will be solved by April. The Devs would have to chime in on that one so if that's what you're waiting for it may be a gamble until there's further clarification. I should think so due to it being most used in Destiny but I can't be sure. We are separate companies. They would not give someone a discount to a customer who bought a product from an entirely different company. That kind of Geo-Filtering has been requested before but requires significant work so we'll have to see.
  10. As above. The XR500 obviously dwarfs the R1 in hardware specs so you'll have much better WiFi performance.
  11. Glad it's all fixed now! I'll close this topic now, feel free to open another if you have any other issues/questions.
  12. I meant exactly what you referred to so good to know thanks. Do let me know when making sure all the options are done at the same time whether you get full speeds. Please also do a wired PC test as well.
  13. Please PM me with TeamViewer details and I will take a look.
  14. Have you ever installed Adblock on your browser? If not then you don't need to worry about it. Otherwise it's a little red hand usually in the top right of your web browser. Easier way is launch an incognito chrome and see if you can access. Also, what is your physical setup? The LAN IP may be conflicting with the upstream router.
  15. No it should be disabled but just double checking. I won't be able to check in on your post as I'll be on a plane but I'll be happy to take a look personally when I'm free if you want to hold on to it a little longer. I know you can select manual ports now, do they correspond with ones UPnP is opening?
  16. Thanks for the kind words! As you can imagine we have a lot on our plate right now so we're just focusing on the software for the moment but it isn't out of the realms of possibility for the sometime in the future.
  17. Hey nytemare, do other features load or is it a black screen with just that message? Please try the following in order to see if which fixes your issue: Try accessing the interface via routerlogin.net & default IP - Disable Adblock on your browser Use Chrome browser Factory reset as a last resort.
  18. I didn't see it in your post but is your console connected via ethernet? If so try with another cable and see results. Then also see results with WiFi. Bufferbloat only occurs though when your network is saturated so with Anti-Flood enabled that doesn't occur so the search for perfect DSLReports results is kind of a moot point in my opinion.
  19. Don't set your speeds to 1000/1000. Set them to 999/999 and then allow it to automatically set up for you. Do you get higher speeds this way?
  20. Thanks for the responses Running, having people able to view the stats etc without having any control is a good idea. We'd have to look into the logistics of that. Please see my response quoting Iain a few pages back.
  21. Sim has spoken to me privately about a theory he has about this having something to do with QoS but not just on the R1 but all routers. So I assume he'll pursue that theory and make a video on it if it checks out. It cannot be the Geo-Filter if when disabled some people get this also. QoS I could foresee that turbo mode could create an issue but then again I think people without that enabled continue to get it. I would wait for Sim as it's more of a general networking issue rather than anything the R1 is doing it seems.
  22. You can still use the Geo-Filter in 'Spectating Mode' so that you're able to see the ping. This would be very helpful to diagnose what your issue might be. I'm not familiar with playing game battles matches on WW2 but does it utilise a dedicated server or P2P? If P2P then would definitely make sense as games are likely to be wildly more unstable. It can definitely handle that throughput, please try these settings and redo your test: Geo-Filter spectating mode if device is added Set your bandwidth to 1000/1000 Auto Anti-Bufferbloat off 100% for both down & up Anti-Bufferbloat Share excess enabled for download, reset distribution for download Switch to upload and ensure share excess enabled, reset distribution for upload Traffic Prioritization auto disabled and no manual entries. VPN client disabled Are you getting an open NAT through the router?
  23. Yep certainly looks that way. Disable proxy/vpn then try again.
  24. Il semble que vous devez activer les cookies dans divers paramètres. Débranchez-vous fréquemment le routeur? Cela pourrait aussi le faire se réinitialiser. Cordialement au même serveur, vous devriez être en mesure de l'interdire ou d'avoir votre rayon afin qu'il ne soit pas inclus à l'intérieur. It sounds like you need to enable cookies in miscellaneous settings. Are you frequently unplugging the router? That could also be causing it to reset. Regards to same server you should be able to temp ban it or have your radius so it's not included inside.
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