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  1. People must understand that yours network is not a problem its just shit netcode/lag compensation of call of duty. You cant do anything with crappy game.
  2. Its not only fifa i have similar problem with cod. Dont know if its lag compensation/ netcode of the game.
  3. Yes im playing now, when i pick "always" and go to option account in game(cod) bandwidth is much lower so congestion control working fine but with auto enable even with Traffic Prioritization(working red icons show up) congestion always stay the same.
  4. Dumaos(dhcp). Traffic Prioritization (All Devices DumaOS Classified Games) enabled but still congestion control not working on Auto -enable.Only on always.
  5. Traffic disabled, i will try with traffic enabled if its working. If i do a factory reset my isp modem then even with factory reset r2 i have "wan network not detected". I must turn off pc for 10-15 minutes. Often too i cant connect to r2 with message "cant find dns server" and rebooting r2 working.
  6. Hello. When i check Auto enable in congestion control and lauch the game congestion not working only if i change to always then its ok. Waiting for new firmware because sometimes cant connect to r2 (wan not detected).
  7. Im laughing, you know you give a prioritization for all ports?
  8. Yesterday when i started (17:00 gmt) i could normally play warzone for the first time ever, solo 3 wins in one day and many kills. Today activision release shit update and again cod is unplayable. You know when you think you should kill someone but you not its just shit netcode/ lag compensation of this game.
  9. Connect modem from isp to netduma. Factory reset 2 modems. If still not working turn off pc and unplug contact for 10 minutes.
  10. Push the reset button in on the back of the R2 for 30 second for factory reset. If still not working unplug only your R2 for 10 minutes, should detect connection.
  11. Cisco 3928 (bridge), dhcp, first days using netduma r2 no problem only now for 3/4 days .
  12. My isp modem connect to network normal but netduma r2 cant. Cant even log in to site dumaos(windows cant find DNS server). When i turn off pc next day cant connect to network.
  13. Again the problem repeat. Ping heatmap cod mw 25 failed servers and 39 in warzone. The longer i have netduma r2 the more problem appears. For a few days router cant connect and i must do factory reset. My patience is wearing thin and i think i should refund router.
  14. Im playing on PC udp: 1:65535 3074- 3074 0(download) 18(upload) tcp: 1:65535 3074-3074 650 352 udp: 3074:3074 27000-65535 15976(dwonload) 18302(upload tcp: 0
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