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Found 21 results

  1. So I'll try to be short, sweet and concise here. I am getting ping spikes in Warzone which only started this past weekend and last week I spent a lot of time researching, testing and adjusting settings on my Netduma R2 (3.0.394). These spikes are causing me to literally stutter around rooms, off ledges and rooftops, etc you get the point. Ping spikes show in Warzone settings menu (steady around 20ms and randomly ramps up to 180 even 250-300 ms for just a second then back down) Under Network Monitor in my R2, even during a match its only showing my PC using 1mbps or less (Is that normal for anyones experience?) My R2 settings... Geofilter off QoS Auto Setup recommended 50% both upload and download, and I ran the setup with Antispikes set to 0ms No HybridVPN setup IPv6 disabled in both LAN and WAN DNS Override set to Google DNS ( and DHCP Enabled with my PC set to a static IP UPnP enable (shows DemonwarePortMapping from Warezone) No Port Forwarding Rules set (I've also tried setting my PC in DMZ to no avail) The list of things I've checked on my router, PC, even graphics settings in the game is endless but all signs seems to point to my settings in my R2. Benchmark tests come back with ridiculous ping under load numbers at basically any network speed settings and all variations of Congestion Control. Literally any feedback or advice would be beneficial at this point.
  2. I live in San Francisco, practically right next to a server that is on the geo-filter, however i can never find a match very quickly/the ping in the game is always, any tips on getting fast searches and also low ping games since i am right next to the server thanks guys
  3. Those two started to visual glitch on DumaOS 3.0 https://imgur.com/a/lO7Rlyc
  4. I believe I tried to update the firmware before I hit the reset button on the devise. It not want to connect to any of my pc's or cellphones, the devise works and turns on it just wont connect I've been surfing these forums for a answer at no luck. Now if I could get some advice on how to reconnect the duma R2 back to my pc, IE it shows up on my available networks it just don't connect even when I use the factory password . I also have the app on my phone that does not let me login as well or connect to the devise. Thanks in advance if you can help me out.
  5. Anyone can help me im unable to sign-in Netduma GeoFIlter after i rebotted.
  6. Hello, I need some help with my router. I received a replacement from you guys due to my old router having issues (I have topic regarding that). My replacement router is dropping connection at random times for the past week and has dropped twice now. I received the replacement and installed it on the 25th. On the 14th I was disconnected from a meeting for work, I noticed that my connection had dropped and I couldn't remote into the Dashboard so I went downstairs to check on it. The router looks fine but I still didn't have a connection until after unplugging it from the outlet, waiting 10 seconds and then plugging it in. Now today while I was streaming, my connection dropped again which caused my stream to cut off. The router still looks okay, I unplugged from the outlet then replugged and my connection came back. Can you help me diagnose my router and see what's happening? I had already checked my modem and there are no issues as far as what the logs say and my ISP has not reported any outages/maintenance in my area. Sincerely, Mitch
  7. Hello, I hope you can help me, I have had the Netduma R1 for a long time, and likewise, I have updated it a long time, I do not remember what firmware I put on it, but it is a beta, the problem I have, is that no matter how much I reset it and no matter how much I try with the username and password that I set, it won't let me access, apparently something is wrong with the username or password, although those are the ones I set, and when I do the hard reset, it remains the same, no Access with the default user or password, what can I do there?
  8. Ever since I tried to update my Netduma has stopped working properly, it doesn’t search when gaming and the text and overlay is all messed up. (ive tried pressing factory reboot on the settings, nothing happens and ive also tried the 30-30-30 method to no avail THREE times, the only thing that works is when i click on another subcategory)
  9. I thing it would be a great idea if we could create profiles for different Geo-Fencing set up. For every game I play I have to re-draw Geo Fencing, so it would be great if we could switch profiles instead of do it manually for diffrent game.
  10. ive been trying to now setup openvpn on the router, i only ever get a failed on the UI. here is my config: client dev tun resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun verb 3 remote-cert-tls server ping 10 ping-restart 60 sndbuf 524288 rcvbuf 524288 cipher AES-256-CBC tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-GCM-SHA384:TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA proto udp auth-user-pass mullvad_userpass.txt ca mullvad_ca.crt service mullvadopenvpn block-outside-dns remote-random remote gb-lon-004.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-002.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-006.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-005.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-009.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-101.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-003.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-008.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-102.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-001.mullvad.net 1196 -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- -----END CERTIFICATE----- (i did remove the cert), am i missing something on this? i have tried removing all but one of the remote servers but i still get same thing, i put the account number as the username and m as the password which im sure is correct, any help i would appreciate hugely, many thanks
  11. So yesterday I decided to reboot my NetDuma R2 Router. Waited for a minute while unplugged and then plugged it back in. Ever since I did a reboot, my gaming pc hasn’t been able to connect to the internet via the Netduma R2. To see if my Ethernet was faulty, I switched my ethernet out from the Netduma R2 to my Bell Modem and it worked fine. I decided to leave the duma off for 24 hours and today I plugged it back in and same thing - Unidentified Network. Can’t figure out the issue? I can’t even connect to the Netduma interface. Keep in mind Ive had this item for almost 3 months now and this is my first issue. Was never having this problem before the reboot yesterday. Apparently it can’t find a valid IP configuration
  12. Hello all, I've recently been experiencing reboot loops with my R2. It started when I lost connection all of a sudden and which I assumed was a normal network drop so I logged into my R2 to reboot it. It didn’t go through (it was stuck on loading) so I unplugged it (10 sec wait time) then plugged it back in. As it reboots the internet LED just blinks then switches off over and over. I’ve left it for 20 mins to no avail so I had to reset it. After the reset I was able to get in so I updated to the new firmware (forum showed there was one) and after it rebooted it has gone back to the reboot loop. I had to unplug it which I’m assuming has now caused it to have a bad install, it’s now stuck ever since. I have left it unplugged for 4 hours so far and checked it and it looks like my router is bricked. can anyone assist me on this? I had just bought it a few months ago.
  13. Netduma op address log in not loading up ? Worked fine last night went to try log in to the netduma interface today not working times out or says no internet connection but I can use the internet fine and play games ? What’s going on says cannot connect to servers
  14. Hello, i have been trying to get the vpn on the router working, i would like to use wireguard - Mullvad VPN. just when i download the config from mullvad i get [Interface] PrivateKey = Address = DNS = [Peer] PublicKey = AllowedIPs =,::0/0 Endpoint = (i took out the info) although i cannot find how i am suppose to put this when everyone is using configs with certs in, which clearly look alot different? i would like some guidance on how i am suppose to do this, i would like to use wireguard over openvpn. is anyone using mullvad with this router? please get back to me, many thanks
  15. Recently (last week or so) after the .205 update my old settings aren’t working, so I been messaging around finding the best results for ping under load, and now for some reason no matter the settings, no matter QOS disabled or on always. on DSL report my upload is going +1000 and instantly goes to red, my modem is working normal I’ve restarted it 4-5 times, I’ve factory reset the R2. Is this a glitch? What is happening? Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Evening, I really like the category breakdown circle graph on the right side of network monitor. If there was something a bit more interesting is if we could have the network monitor snapshot (bar graph) also represent the same colour-coded breakdown on the bars. Just an idea that would mesh the two together to get a live representation with the bars. Possibly make it a customization option for it. Thanks guys, - Brett M.
  17. It was working fine until I could no longer access my DumaOS so I tried resetting it. I did so reading and tried a factory reset and resetting my modem multiple times. DumaOS said “couldn’t detect internet connection” and directed my to manually type in DHCP and other identifiers....
  18. Hello NetDuma, I am currently having issues with the Traffic Prioritization on NetDumaOS, it turns on when playing call of duty on my PS4 but when i stop playing it stays on updating background packets. The PS4 isnt in Rest Mode or anything, so cant work out how this is happening. A reboot of my router resolves this but just comes back the next time I game. I have tried unticking DumaOS Classified Games but still remains on, it seems only way to get rid of it is a reboot on my router. Please can someone help me I have attached some screen shots of my setup. If you can assist it would be great, Thanks, Mas
  19. Hi I dont know why but I cannot access the dumaos on my laptop anymore. It goes to the login name and password but then continues to stay on a continuous loading circle. I've have reset the dumar1. Laptop is a Microsoft surface laptop. It has no ethernet connection only wifi. It's been working fine... Please help I've had my dumar1 for nearly 2 years now.
  20. So This morning I was looking at the official PlayStation forums on my iMac. I then decided to have a quick look in my router and low and behold my iMac was now a PlayStation! Can you add a lock to devices maybe so devices cannot be changed by the DPI engine? This is really annoying because it happened with my iPad with PlayStation messenger, the XR500 thought it was a PlayStation because it sees PlayStation traffic. Is it possible for you to add rules to stop this or provide a simple lock in the device manager to override the DPI?
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