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  1. Is there anyway to hide the VPN?
  2. I figured it out, but is there not a way to keep my geo location from where I live. If I live in FL but vpn to canada can I still show my geo location as FL?
  3. Everytime I try and add the service it says' unable to add service because rules overlap.
  4. So if I’m on Warzone on PC what should I do for the settings?? Games console??? Should I use the geo filter still as well?
  5. Do I need to do anything with the VPN Traffic tab?
  6. Yeah so I downloaded a config file but how exactly do I put it in the advanced section?
  7. I was trying to use the Hybrid VPN, but I have an account with nolag vpn. Do I need to only have an account with pure or hidemyass for it to work?
  8. I've had this issue with both polygon mode and the other. This is just frustrating because I feel like I'm just answering a bunch of questions and it's taking a long time. I feel like a live chat or live support should be an option because this has been on going for weeks now.
  9. yeah literally the only way I can fix this error code is by resetting my router. which I have to do multiple times a day not sure what it is
  10. Either mode I put it in it happens.
  11. Still looking for answers my man. Getting the same error code still...
  12. I'm doing the same thing I always do. My device is on playstation. I'm doing exactly what I've been doing for months. This recently just started happening....
  13. I've done it both ways, full factory and just the 30 second reset on the back of the router. Neither resolves the problem.
  14. It's kind of random. Sometimes it can be a couple hours sometimes it can be 30 minutes.
  15. I do still get it with it not filtering. I only use it with warzone. I'm not sure why it pops up, but it won't go away until I reset the router. I can delete the device and readd and it still there.
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