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    Kostas83 reacted to BIG__DOG in PPPoE or DMZ???   
    @Kostas83 hope your quiery was answered to your satisfaction, I will now close this thread.  
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    Kostas83 reacted to Netduma Fraser in PPPoE or DMZ???   
    There is no way that you have to choose, if it is working fine as it is then there is no need to change it. Some people prefer to use the DMZ but you only need to do that if you're encountering issues with the XR500 handling PPPoE.
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    Kostas83 reacted to GHOST-1-EC in No audio from party/game chat?   
    It actually has nothing to do with traffic prio
    I have the same issue..... what i do is set the geo filter to spectating, then when my teammates audio goes active then i set the geo filter back to filtering. 
    I have to do this everytime i create or join a chat party. 
    Its a geofilter issue. 
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    Kostas83 reacted to GHOST-1-EC in How can affect your connection from the people that join in your lobby   
    Buddy i have the exact same experience with one specific friend......its got me to the point where i actually dont want to play with him even though he has a better connection than me. 
    Been trying to make sense of it for the longest time. 
    When we play on my or his host in a private match there is no issue whatsoever..... but once we go into public lobbies with either me or him being the party host the games play like crap, lol. 
    I use my discord for chat party instead of the ps4 chat party as that also just makes things worse. 
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    Kostas83 reacted to Grafti in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    I think DMZ is the best option if you can not put your ISP router in bridge mode.
    Anyway, try to phone your ISP company and ask to unlock the router (but do not tell them that your intention is to put it in bridge mode), and if not possible, ask them to put your XR500 in DMZ. If the router is blocked, means that, surely, the have remote acces to it and can manage it. 
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    Kostas83 reacted to Bert in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    A lot of people fool around with their connection on purpose. Trying to throttle bandwith, saturate the connection on purpose or other gimmicks. Could be that he's doing one of those, or just plays on shitty wifi.
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    Kostas83 got a reaction from Grafti in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    Hi to everyone!!
    As all of you I tried all this time to find the best settings. Here are my settings and something that really improved my game experience!
    ABB on @70%
    share access enable
    qos 10mb down 5 mb upload 
    traffic priority 3074:3075 30000:45000 and reverse. 
    Reservation IP on PS4 
    disable all media share access 
    manual setup on PS4 for static IP and enter the MTU that I have from ISP, in my case 1492
    And final for all of you that you have FTTC internet connection as I have. I set on the modem from my ISP pppoe pass through and then I set on my xr500 that my connection need log in, I set pppoe and I put my username and password from my ISP. With this way you avoid the double NAT. 
    With the above settings for 2 days now I play and my hit detection is perfect. Never first shoot first die. And I have really the feeling that all gunfights that I loose I fair. I am not a pro player but now I do very good scores and positive KD ratio. I am playing on hardcore mode with MP5 and only need 2 bullets to eliminate the enemy. 
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    Kostas83 reacted to Bert in XR500 and PPPoE   
    You can leave MTU on auto in your PS4. MTU works by auto discovery, if one link between you or the server is below 1500 then this will get corrected automaticly.
    I would make a IP reservation for your PS4 if you need a fixed IP for something, like port forwarding etc. I did that anyway even though I don't use port forwarding at the moment.
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    Kostas83 got a reaction from BIG__DOG in XR500 and PPPoE   
    Thank you Fraser for your advice! I did and it work!! I set on my xr500 pppoe connection, I gave the username and the password from ISP and everything works ok!! I believe now that it work better that before...
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    Kostas83 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 and PPPoE   
    Thank you Fraser for your advice! I did and it work!! I set on my xr500 pppoe connection, I gave the username and the password from ISP and everything works ok!! I believe now that it work better that before...
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    Kostas83 reacted to Bert in XR500 and PPPoE   
    Depends on.
    If your modem and ISP router are separate then you should be able to plug your XR500 into the modem like that and take out the ISP router. You then enter your PPPoE details in the XR500 and it should work. A lot of times you also need to add a VLAN tag but this is specific to the ISP (sometimes their modem/ONT handles this, sometimes the router, or some don't use it) When you use the words modem and you have a 100/10 connection I'd venture to say its a FTTC connection where you connect to the fiber cabinet by DSL. These often don't use VLAN tagging so just PPPoE details is enough. You might have to use the MAC adress cloning function.
    If it's a integrated modem/router you probably have to connect to a LAN port and just use DMZ with your XR500.
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    Kostas83 reacted to Glazeko in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    I have no idea but this is working out for me 100%
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    Kostas83 reacted to blackfirehawk in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    okay, today i testet something.. i use a tool that let me emulate connection issues

    this  tool let me add connections issues to my connections or to specific Ports
    it let me add 
    Paket Duplication
    Paket Reordering
    Corruption of Pakets
    Limit bandwitch
    and i can set upload and Download different
    i have testet it the whole morning..after every setting i make a fresh gamestart
      and i have come to a conclusion..
    Latency isnt the issue.. adding latency both ways just add only latency.. the game itself dosnt improve.. you only get the feeling that you play on a higher latency
    Packetloss..  yeah its what it is.. you can how many % latency get lost.. hitdetection sucks really really bad.. beaming around corners.. choppy feeling game is unplayable
    Paket reordering/corruption lags like hell.. unplayable
    Limit Bandwith... no difference.. under 256kbit its unplayable
    what actuell does a big different is follow
    Paket Duplication!.. it duplicate every arrived and sendet paket from the game.. (udp port 3074).. every paket is send 2 times.. 
    Enemys are slow.. and die like its hardcore.. 3 bullets from a  AK47 .. i had Lanparty feeling.. like iam a second ahead
    wish i could record it..but my PC is to slow to record and play at the same time without stutter
    seems like normal the game suffer from big paketloss.. and you get only a paketloss warning under 12 pakets/sec ..
    so maybe some pakets are going lost on the way to client.... or the game itself has a problem with the paketflow and discard some pakets 
    but aktuell the gameplay feeling and the feeling a secound behind is becouse of lost/discarded pakets and the game trys to compensate for that and calculate the enemy movement wrong
    i will try to record a gameplay this evening..
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    Kostas83 reacted to MikeyPython in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    @Bert it’s 3074 after both internal and external. I’ll keep you updated as the day goes on. We both know 5 games isn’t enough with modern warfare 😂
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    Kostas83 reacted to Grafti in trying to fix lagcomp expiriment   
    It doesn't seems so a good idea. You can prior your game packets over other devices through your XR, but only if they are all connected to your XR500. If you connect other devices to your isp router, you lose this function plus the possibility to manage your bandwich ammount for each sistem.  XR500 can prioritize packets, ports, bandwich, etc, but only the ones which are mangeg by it. When this information arrives to your ISP router, if there are other divices connected to it, it will be mixed all in a ball, and no rules will be aplied in this ruter.
    But you may lose nothing for giving a try. If you accomplish the challenge of 5 good games in a row during 3 days... congratulations! your setup is good for MW!
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    Kostas83 reacted to Daniele in BO4 / MW Gameplay and Settings 2019/2020   
    Unfortunately, restoring the bandwidth in the qos flower did not work.
    I also tried to prioritize up and down 10mbps but that didn't work either so I went back to my usual settings.
    All of this I tried with both mtu 1500 and 1492 (ps4) in the wan interface no touched.
    Then around the forum I read the post of someone who recommended to lower the anti-bufferbloat scroll lines a little bit (even if then turn it off) to make room for some packages that could get lost but this for me led to see strange things in the game (people who cared without the stimulant in their hands and opponents who ran standing still in the same position) so I went back to 100% and turn it off, but I think these are strictly personal settings.
    Failing to capture the ps4 traffic with wireshark, the last thing I tried was the second suggested set of rules and it went really well. For 5 games I didn't have any packet explosions (never happened since the game was released) but then they slowly reappeared, but not as before. Neither as number nor as importance of lag (lag yes but smaller).
    So after all the attempts made in these 3 months (and they were really many) I can say with 99% certainty that the key to solve this problem lies in finding the perfect set for traffic priority and here you need help from netduma with cloud updates by studying the case. It's not their fault what clearly happens, but the game that doesn't work well for those with strong connections. Even on reddit those who have this problem are people with very fast connections. We are lucky to use this router and so we can study, try and experiment with traffic priority and all the settings that this OS makes available to us, others probably will never solve it since activision does nothing. 
    In conclusion if you can't or don't know or don't want to do a data traffic acquisition with wireshark I suggest you to try this set of rules and see what works best for you (I haven't tried to use both of them) you can try if you want but in my opinion it's not a good idea, but I could be wrong.
    The following rules are to be created in the traffic priority by deleting the already existing ones and deactivating the option games classified dumaos.
    Instead of XXXX you have to write your udp port that changes according to the device you are playing with, those detected so far are 3074 (for ps4 and pc) and 3075 (for xbox)
    First set of rules (consisting of 2 rules)
    Source                  XXXX : XXXX
    Destination          30000 : 45000
    Protocol               UDP
    Source                 30000 : 45000
    Destination         XXXX : XXXX
    Protocol              UDP
    Second set of rules (consisting of 2 rules)
    Source               XXXX : XXXX
    Destination       45000 : 65000
    Protocol            UDP  
    Source              45000 : 65000
    Destination      XXXX : XXXX
    Protocol           UDP
    I would like to specify that this result is not the result of my work, I just did a lot of tests collecting as much information as possible from the work of others.
    These rules are approximate and the fact remains that the best ones will be those created by you by analyzing your traffic.
    A thank you for all this goes to @East @GHOST-1-EC @kinel
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    Kostas83 reacted to GHOST-1-EC in BO4 / MW Gameplay and Settings 2019/2020   
    I am abit lost with EOD as it doesnt always work for me....it basically works when it wants to, lol
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    Kostas83 reacted to GHOST-1-EC in BO4 / MW Gameplay and Settings 2019/2020   
    Happy New Year to all.......hope everyone has an awesome year ahead with some kickass gaming experiences.
    Ended 2019 with some BO4 Sniping........Havent sniped in a while but didnt do to bad.
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    Kostas83 reacted to GHOST-1-EC in BO4 / MW Gameplay and Settings 2019/2020   
    I am testing a few things on my side, this layout being one of them.......a different approach which has given awesome results. 
    I wont confuse things too much......i'll just keep posting gameplay to show what the ingame experience is like. 
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    Kostas83 reacted to GHOST-1-EC in BO4 / MW Gameplay and Settings 2019/2020   
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    Kostas83 reacted to kinel in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Those settings to me look good byt i would delete the first two rules 3100  3500  as i dont thin there  needed
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    Kostas83 got a reaction from Hydros85 in Since update 7.00 can’t party chat psn   
    Hi to all!
    the last days the problem it is here again. I confirm that I must set to spectate mode first and then filtered mode to hear my friends on the chat party. It’s strange because I didn’t have any problem from almost one month. 
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    Kostas83 reacted to Zippy in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Fraser as amazing as these new features they are working on are.. This feature here that has been voted on here is just as amazing if not even more so! Not to mention this seems to have had more then enough support for it. What blows my mind is this feature is not here as other brand routers have been using such a feature for a very long time. Your preconfig profiles and classified Duma games is either outdated or incorrect. Not to mention half the time those ports you guys are using are very rarely correct on the user end. Every body that is using your traffic prioritization/ports are not able to do it correctly for the simple fact that they cant see the ports that are actually being used on there own connection. every ones source port will be different in some sort of fashion. And using ranges is not the answer because all that does is muddy up the water. As long as this poll has been up there is no reason this should not be in the next firmware.. Also you want to talk about a feature that would be used for gaming? This feature here would be right up there next to your GeoFilter..  Lets not dumb down your features and not have things that actually can impact ones experience for amazing fluff!! You guys need to start passing some of this onto the user so we can do things like this ourselves and not have you guys try to keep up with it. Seems the GeoFilter is more then enough for you guys to keep up with..  Lets start giving us some control here and not have to jump through hoops doing it like running wireshark to find the correct ports.. Having a simple Active Connection Log would really save a lot of people the hassle here.. Its not hard to do.. And anyone would be able to understand it.. At the length of time it takes for any real firmware updates lets get this on board for the next new firmware update 3.0. We are not asking for the moon here.. This would be widely used and would be very good info one could also use to help fine tune ones gaming experience.. 
    Getter done!! 
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    Kostas83 got a reaction from Netduma Alex in QOS Issues?   
    When the led is red means that the router recognize a fast Ethernet connection. That means maximum speed 100mbps. When the led is white means that you connect  a device with gigabit Ethernet connection. 1000mbps. 
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    Kostas83 reacted to kinel in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Admins do you know if this feature will be put back into the new firsare update or zippys idea
    Did we get enough voted yet
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