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  1. I had no issues so far so yes, the speed test is still broken for me so its not an upgrade as i had no issues on previous firmware as well. I don't use QoS as i don't think i really need it? I only have 5 or 6 devices connected.
  2. Nope, this is the worst firmware i ever tested: I flashed, reset defaults and put settings again and this is the result. With previous firmware i got much better results. do you guys test this before bring this to public or do you let us the consumer test this instead?
  3. I only use the XR500 as modem/router. When i do speedtest via Ookla i get 950 up and down, only when i do the connection benchmark via the interface i get this low speeds.
  4. Its set to 1000mbps up and down and get 464 down and 700 up.
  5. yes its working again though. On another note, the connection benchmark is not accurate in the slightest, i get very low download speeds. Its only 388 and upload is 548 while i have an 1Gbps connection.
  6. Well that's not cool. I bought a new SSD and cloned my Os to the new drive but now i cannot login to my router anymore and i forgot the password.. I did the security check but the answers to the questions are not correct it says while i am for 10000% sure they are... now i have to reinstall the whole router again..
  7. Thnx, it looks similar which is why i was confused i guess. Im gonna flash the firmware tonight. Looking forward to the next perhaps stable build. Still, im pretty happy with the XR500 so far.
  8. Hmm, no this was not intended, i was about to flash the newest 3.0 version.. I got this from a download link you provided. Maybe i didn't read correctly before flashing lol. Meh, i keep it like this i think and flash again when new stable version is available, shouldn't be that much longer does it?
  9. No i just updated via the update menu in the browser. So i need to refert to default settings first, reboot and than flash the new firmware again? Well, i can make the circle bigger, but when i am on the map out side of the circle i cannot drag it down or move it at all, its centered while i could before. Its not a big issues but still its convenient to do so.
  10. Im running the newest V2.3.2.114 update but now i cannot make the circle bigger in the geo-filter anymore.. Is this an bug or is it intended?
  11. Ok thnx for the update. I have no issues as far as i know anymore but more stability is always better i guess. Sometimes i have connection issues with Warframe which might be related to stability, gonna try now, thnx.
  12. What is new in this build and what is made more stable?
  13. Still no stable release for the XR500?! Cmon man, this is getting weird now.
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