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  1. Before i could change my mtu on the ps4 and this msg never came up. I have tried tons of values nothing changes. Any reason to why this is happening?
  2. Game has been playing horribly for me after the update pings are lower but i cant win no gun fights my kd was a 4.62 and it has dropped to a 4.44 because every match im struggling to kill people. Nothing is smooth.
  3. I been having great games with ping assist on the r1 with the old firmware. I also have a xr500 but im using it for wifi since im not getting good results with the geo filter with bo4. Ping assist its whats getting me a 17ping in the game.
  4. So i honestly went back to my old netduma to give ping assist a try and honestly is working wonderful. I also found out that this game be trying to connect me to West coast servers a lot and i live in Florida. So basically my setup right now is Modem-->old netduma router-->xr500. Im letting the xr500 do wifi while my ps4 is connected to the old netduma. Im having wonderful games compared to the xr500. If i put a small radius on the xr500 apparently the server moves location 🙃🙃 which is really frustrating so i have to set the radious to 1200km in order to find a lobby and with the ping assist i just put it to 25ms. And i have the best games ever.
  5. They cant join and when im in party chat they cant hear me. But i basically add them daily now..
  6. Basically never noticed this problem until i started using the geo filter with bo4. I didn't use the geo filter on the xr500 because games played normal but since bo4 is being so bad with connections im actually using it now.
  7. I have the xr500 and now im using the geo filter a lot with bo4. I have to add my friends daily into allow and the deny list. Basically everytime i launch the game i have to re-add my friends to play using the geo filter. I never noticed this problem honestly. Any solutions?
  8. I tried removing Qos and it has helped. But i know i will lag up a storm when i play games.
  9. Wifi is always dropping, wifi speeds from time to time get really slow. But it only seems to happen on wifi. I have no issues with wired connection but the rest of the house hold uses wifi. And only the wifi drops or acts up. Anyone has a fix or a work around for this?
  10. My devices names did not changed or where changed to unnamed devices. All i have noticed so far are my speeds dropping dramatically. 435mbps download but now im just getting 150. Even if i do the speed test from the router itself.i also have restarted both my modem and router and still the same issue.
  11. For north east servers the one thats close to ny never picks up for me. Always wants to put me in the worst one which is in ohio it seems like. Never picks up the other server.
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