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  1. Game plays the same the only thing is that my bullets register perfectly now. And all i play is sweats and pc players so im used to them having the crazy reaction time. But again i keep a 2.50 kd playing sweats all the time.
  2. I have comcast which sucks donkey toe. But these settings are doing magic right now.
  3. So i applied the setting and my kd went up from 2.46 to 2.53 and i also drop my first 100 bomb. The game is playing 10x better for me
  4. This is all so confusing 😅😅 I need this simplified into the dummy form
  5. Does anyone know what are the settings, that are working the best with traffic prioritization for ps4. Ive seen too many things. I honestly don't know much about these things i just want better hit registration. Can someone post a screenshot of the best settings? Please and thank you in advance.
  6. Can what are these settings that improve connection? Do u have any screenshots of them? I play on florida servers with a 10ping. Game plays horrendous.
  7. Before i could change my mtu on the ps4 and this msg never came up. I have tried tons of values nothing changes. Any reason to why this is happening?
  8. Game has been playing horribly for me after the update pings are lower but i cant win no gun fights my kd was a 4.62 and it has dropped to a 4.44 because every match im struggling to kill people. Nothing is smooth.
  9. I been having great games with ping assist on the r1 with the old firmware. I also have a xr500 but im using it for wifi since im not getting good results with the geo filter with bo4. Ping assist its whats getting me a 17ping in the game.
  10. So i honestly went back to my old netduma to give ping assist a try and honestly is working wonderful. I also found out that this game be trying to connect me to West coast servers a lot and i live in Florida. So basically my setup right now is Modem-->old netduma router-->xr500. Im letting the xr500 do wifi while my ps4 is connected to the old netduma. Im having wonderful games compared to the xr500. If i put a small radius on the xr500 apparently the server moves location 🙃🙃 which is really frustrating so i have to set the radious to 1200km in order to find a lobby and with the ping assist i just put it to 25ms. And i have the best games ever.
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