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  1. I am not included in their group regarding the R1. So take my comment's as only my opinion on the matter. But if I had to guess, the current build they have for the R1, just isn't ready for more testers. When you all see delay's, and things get quiet for a little bit. Just think a little bit. Work is likely being done a good amount, to fix some current issues, before the beta starts. To be real honest with some of the comments I have seen in this thread. I feel some people expect the beta to be great at the start, and be able to use it, without any issues. People need to calm down their expectations. As the early part of most beta's are pretty buggy, and the hope is none of the bugs are in the "major" category.
  2. That's where you're wrong. I have said it a couple times, netgear has a history of being slow with updates, and I feel that needs to improve. There's a reason I own both Asus, and Netgear routers. One is much faster with updates. However the past few months, a lot of their releases have been pretty buggy. Which luckily someone helps out with that, making their own build's based off their firmwares.
  3. Well I'm sure with the start of the beta, they would rather people who have got in keep it to themselves. Obviously once anyone is testing the beta.. that's what the beta forums is for on Netgear's site. Which means keep things under wraps. I'm sure there's some kind of NDA for testing the beta build.
  4. Well having beta tested one of their routers in the past.. I do feel I know how they have handled stuff in the past, pretty well. But at the same time I also feel they're changing their way of thinking as well. Trust me I'm in no way trying to stir anything up. I'm honestly trying to "settle" people down. As some of us are getting tired of waiting, and starting to show more frustration in their posts on here. Which at this point, things are way to close. No reason to piss yourself off, or anyone, you might direct your anger towards. I honestly wish I could say I have a "good" relationship with Netgear, after I beta tested one of their routers a couple years ago. However I'm not, I'm in the same place as all of you, with them. I did try to use my past history with them, to help them when the XR500 first came out. However I was meet with a cold shoulder. Which overall they didn't owe me anything, and no I don't hold a grudge against them. I do wish things communication wise between them, and me, could of been better. Ultimately I bring this up, just to show.. at least in my case, they(netgear) played no favorites towards me.
  5. Instead of us thinking the worst, and assuming they hand picked who got in the first batch. Lets just go with they picked people randomly, and we were not the ones picked to start off. I know some of these feelings some of you are having right now, is due to having waited a while now, and wanting to be able to test out the new build ASAP. I totally understand, still just know we're very close to all of us being able to run this build. No need to get upset at this point. Finally.. just know Netgear is the one who's handling this for the XR routers. Opening signups to allow anyone a chance at testing this new build, is new to them. So in a sense be a bit thankful. As normally the only people who ever touch beta build's, is the one's they have picked to beta test their equipment, and they only get build's for that one device to test. I know this from testing a router for them in the past. This isn't me taking up for them at all either.. as I think they should have been doing a open signup to be a beta tester for firmware's, for a little while now. It seems we're at that point now, hopefully that continues, and the process only improves going forward.
  6. To be honest, they both have their flaws. If you have a faster internet connection the R1 isn't for you. As it can only handle I think around 200mbps max. That's what you get with older hardware. This isn't me bashing the R1 at all either. Just pointing it out. I actually still have my R1 in my network drawer.
  7. I understand. In your case, if you have another router you can use for now, that's working well. I suggest using it. For me personally, I have 4 routers in my home, that all could run as my main router if needed. Routers, and their software, are to up, and down, for me to trust just having one available to use. I know not everyone has this option. I run two routers in my home setup at all times, for whole home coverage. As for this beta, the first batch from netgear seems to be a pretty small number of testers. So overall not many people are included right now. Hopefully as long as no major bugs are found, within a week, or two. They select a second batch of testers. Also as you mention the current bugs you're dealing with. With this beta, you could possibly be dealing with just as many. All I'm saying.. is try to keep an open mind on this. I know the wait sucks.. but sadly that's a big part of life. Hurry up, and wait.
  8. As l just replied to the other post. Netgear should of did the beta signup better. Two things that stick out to me. 1. They asked for username, instead of email used for your netgear accounts. To easy to cause confusion for people. 2. Once you submitted the beta signup, they should of emailed the account email you attached. Saying "Thank you for signing up for the DumaOS 3.0 closed beta. Keep a lookout for another email from us, in the future, in regards to gaining access to the beta.".
  9. This is one thing Netgear should of done better with this beta signup for XR routers. They should of asked for email you used to create account on their site, not a username you picked to use when you signed up. Overall that causes to much confusion for most people. Keep it simple.
  10. I'm sure they refreshed the beta forums, for this beta release. Which means, only the people they added yesterday for testing, have access. So the "access denied" means you weren't apart of the first batch of testers. Also you would of gotten a email from them, if you were.
  11. I posted last night in this thread. Netgear said they sent out emails to the one's who got picked for the first batch of testers. So if you didn't get a email, you're gonna have to wait till they send out emails for the second batch of testers.
  12. Just wanted to update everyone who have XR routers, and signed up for the beta. Netgear posted a little while ago, they have selected the first round of testers, and sent email's to them. So if you didn't get a email today, you will have to wait till the next round of invites are sent out.
  13. There's no question some of the servers used for COD, are bad, and have high latency, and lag. Normally you can tell if a server/lobby is bad early game, if it is, I suggest leaving the game. As there's no sense in staying in a laggy server.
  14. IPv6 support for gaming really isn't ready for prime time. I would for sure keep IPv6 disabled, if you're gaming.
  15. There hasn't been any word on release for it yet.. except netduma guys saying very soon. However that might be for the R1, and not the XR models. As Netgear controls the release for that. Also with the beta being a limited release at first, they may ask people testing it, to stay quiet about it, in public forums, and such. I could be wrong on this, but I just feel they might do that. As not everyone will get access to it, at the start.
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