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  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen somebody mention anything about the moderate, open nat type theory. Anybody go in depth with forcing moderate nat type t see if the game runs better?
  2. @GHOST-1-EC I’m curious. Do you have upnp on? Are you forwarding port 3074? Is your console in the reserved ip in the lan setup page? Or in your dmz?
  3. Alright sounds good. I go into work shortly. I’ll try and see if it can work with gears of war. I work nights, so if anybody does test another game let us know please. I know it’s cod support, but hey when you have somebody who’s capable of doing this for a community. Let it be known!
  4. @RedBull2k does this only work for call of duty titles, or can it be used for other games as well. Also does it work for all platforms? PlayStation, Xbox, and PC?
  5. @RedBull2k this is awesome. And no, thank you man. This is big time.
  6. @Bert it’s 3074 after both internal and external. I’ll keep you updated as the day goes on. We both know 5 games isn’t enough with modern warfare 😂
  7. I’m on xr500 and I’ve been messing with setting. I prioritized UDP 3074-45000:30000-45000 my traffic prioritization light doesn’t come on, but I’ve noticed a huge difference In hit detection both on my pc and PS4 I have my thing set to never as well. So far it’s the best it’s felt so far in this game. its either that or 3074-45000:3074-45000 whichever one doesn’t trigger the traffic prioritization. I apologize I’m not home to check it to be sure which one Is the exact one.
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