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  1. What about traffic prioritization. Having QoS on but set to never my internet is still throttled.
  2. @Netduma Fraser I understand that. I have 200 download and 10 upload. My dad watches Netflix as my mom is watching Netflix or Hulu in her room while I’m gaming and it still runs better with it off. I get plenty of congestion.
  3. I’ve been doing a bit of reading on the QoS anti bufferbloat on duma, and I’ve noticed myself with QoS off on my xr500 everything plays better. I mean I’ve tried throttling my connection the default setting that are recommended but turning the feature off still feels better. I mean something’s gotta be messed up here. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this feature?
  4. Off topic, but I find it neat you put “Zippy” at the end of all of your posts. 🤓
  5. Yes servers are active and inactive at certain times of day. Most likely related to peak playing times and down times
  6. Can confirm this is the reason. I see sniper glare and I wanna toss my controller into another dimension
  7. I keep getting this setting everytime I try to apply something In the qos page. I saw formatting it fixed that for someone but I don’t know how to do that.
  8. I disabled that dos setting and wow this feels good
  9. I turned off all qos and unticked traffic prioritization and dropped my first nuke and raised my kd from1.81.1.90 in 2 days
  10. @RedBull2k working nicely on my end. Thank you again buddy
  11. Try upgrading your gaming chair. That sees to do the trick.
  12. Thought I’d try it out earlier and you’re right. It does feel pretty solid. I find it funny how all these settings that are here to benefit us, only cause some kind of confliction.
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