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  1. Yes I know, but I asked because in the Bandwidth Allocation option there are separate settings for Upload and Download.
  2. I use port forwarding because I have 3 consoles and giving them the same IP I am able to have NAT open on them. With UPnP I would only have 2 Call consoles open on Call of duty. The second thing is port forwarding is more reliable in my opinion, sometimes UPnP is unreliable and sometimes opens ports that we would not want to open.
  3. My ping to the nearest server in Germany is 30-35ms. Today I tested a little and for me the settings like on the screens work best. The port priority rule works for my 3 consoles, the red light comes on when the game is started. My 3 consoles have the same IP and only one is always enabled. I use port forwarding, not UPnP, unfortunately I couldn't turn off UpnP from DumaOS, I had to roll back the software to the original netduma and disable UPnP there, then upgrade to DumaOS with the settings.
  4. I tested some MW on my Xbox connected to the PC via Wireshark and observed that the port changes with each subsequent game. Then I connected the Xbox directly to NetdumaR1 and redirected the ports that I saw in Wireshark, more or less the range that most often occurred there. Then I added this scope to Traffic Prioritization. I played around 3-4 matches at Ground War and hit detection was excellent I haven't had in a long time. Several times even opponents shot me in the back and they couldn't kill me because even though I was getting injured I could slalom hide behind cover. Tomorrow I will test other game modes and let me know if it is a constant improvement.
  5. For me it is the opposite. I have KD 2+ on Xbox One X, and KD 1 on almost every match on Ps4Pro.
  6. Today I came across a strange bug in DumaOS. When I turn off the UPnP and restart the router and console UPnP will continue to open the ports. I write from a different account because I do not know why I always get the wrong password, login is blocked for 15 minutes and I have to set a new password.
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