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  1. When will the second wave of R1 emails be sent? or how many days / weeks do you plan to send more emails? I wonder which waves will catch, I thought for the first because I sent the application 5 minutes from the announcement of registration to Beta, but unfortunately I did not get it.
  2. Has disconnecting WiFi on R1 while using a video call in Whatsapp and Facetime on iPhone been fixed in Duma 3.0?
  3. seriously they did not fix the button to enable / disable UPnP in DumaOS 3.0 ??? lol
  4. I tried these settings from the movie some time ago and unfortunately they did not work in MW. He gets better matches on R1 with DumaOS.
  5. I have Edgerouter X, can it be set on it? If so, can you write in a private message how to do it? I would like to test it.
  6. So the download links 3.0 for R1 have not been sent yet?
  7. The whole problem is pointless. On the Xbox in a speed test shows you ping to a server in the UK or in Germany. The test on Netdum does google to your server probably in your country so it is logical that ping will be smaller.
  8. The microsoft speedtest server may be overloaded, I have an average of 36-40ms in this test. Honestly, ping does not matter in this test. I will add that I doubt you will have a smaller ping from Portugal to the test server in the UK or Germany.
  9. Have you cleaned cookies in your browser? I had a similar problem and it turned out that R1 got IP, check. Can you see the Netduma R1 Wifi network? If so connect with her via smartphone and try to log in.
  10. Has the first wave of beta 3.0 emails already been sent? If not then when emails will be sent, if so when will the second wave of emails be sent? I got bored of browsing my email every hour.
  11. So this thread and Alex's posts don't count?
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