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  1. I dont Play CW couse it Sucks compared to modern warfare. I dont Like the Higher TTK.. If you need more bullets the Chances are Higher that the Server dont Register them. But as far as i know you can configure how many Cores the Game uses on PC and how much Vram it can allocate. Even with a high end PC .. wrong config settings let you lag.. A ps5 may be powerfull.. but still at the Mercy of standartsettings you cant Change.. And If the console have adepted Things Like Interrupt Moderation, Receive Side coalscaling for lower CPU usage at downloading Things you cant do anything against that because its restricted. And thats are Industrie standarts.. so i do think this settings are activated.
  2. I Had sayed a year ago that this isnt a Connection Problem from the Servers or from the Router.. Nobody Listen to me.. Its a Processing Problem from the console/PC that Run the Game.. If you are CPU Bound you get paketloss becouse the Game discard Pakets it cant process in time. If your CPU usage Spikes and you get framedrops you will get the Paketburst Symbol. With better RAM you can Shift the CPU bottlenecked.. old Gen consoles are heavy Hardware Limited I have Upgraded to a 5950x with 32gb 3600mhz RAM and have never Seen the Paketburst Icon again.. The other Thing is that Windows Network Default config is for throuput with minimal CPU usage.. Not for low latency It clumbs multiply Pakets togheter and the Game uses only the latest one to process and discard the Others Disable Interrupt Moderation, Paket offloads and Receive Side coalscaling and you will see a neat near perfect hitdetection
  3. Very simpel.. Paketburst is Not a Connection issue you get the Paketburst Symbol when you are CPU bottlenecked (near 100% usage) and the Client (your PC/console) drop Network Pakets becouse It cant process them in time If you are on PC.. the adv.options.ini File has a workercount setting.. how many threats of your CPU are Used by the Game.. Test a different value that Match with your CPU. If you are on console.. you cant do anything..
  4. There could be several Game Data using TCP.. Stats, voice, the Info what Camos/Skins you and your enemys are using.. Maybe even thinks Like Security.. Anti-Cheat for example
  5. My Game Run fine on PC.. but there are several Things you need to do.. Connection Problems in this CoD are mostly Performance Problems.. even If your Line is perfect you can still get lag. Make Sure you have Minimum 16gb RAM and a good cpu Disable all exploid Protections for the Game in Windows under Security. Go to your Network Adapter settings and disable Interrupt Moderation, Flow Control and all offloads https://www.speedguide.net/articles/windows-8-10-2012-server-tcpip-tweaks-5077 Windows Standart settings are for throuput and Low CPU utilisation.. Not for latency Download latencymon and make Sure you get Low dpc latencys from your drivers
  6. Yeah.. its a Processing Thing.. in 720p your console has much less a Problem to Run the Game as with 1080p
  7. You need to Plug your ps4 into the xr300.. And the xr 300 into the edgerouter
  8. A edgerouter.. But i think every Router that has fq_codel should work
  9. Yes.. i tried it.. with my xr300 i Always get some sort of Processing latency.. the Ping is Low but i Always Instant die.. Feeling iam half a sec behind No Matter what settings i use.. tried it over 3-4 months and Test everything and any setting i could find.. After that i tried a other Router and it becomes much better.
  10. Try a other Router with openwrt and Look If your Problem is still there
  11. You can only Reorder Pakets If you wait a few ms to Scan them and Reorder them as you Like
  12. CoD adds Processing time to your ingame Ping.. Ingame Ping = real Ping + frametime If you have a real Ping of 20ms + 16ms frametime (60fps) Your ingame Ping is 36ms Consoles didnt reach stable 60 FPS.. Sometimes only 30-40fps.. so +20-30ms are normal on some Maps and warzone. And even on good optimisated Maps you still didnt have stable frames becouse the consoles Auto adjust resolution to come near 60fps If many effects and explosions are going on The Servers arent the Problem.. Most paketloss and lag is becouse of Not stable framerate and discardet pakets becouse of this. To process 60 Pakets/sec( 60hz Server) the Game need atleast 60 FPS because the Engine can only handle 1 Paket/frame (it Use Always the newest Paket) any additional Paket/frame get discardet. You can have a perfect Line and will still suffer from lags and paketloss Best hitdetection and Connection you will get in PC with locked 61/121/181/241 FPS But you need rtss or a Driver limiter becouse the ingame Limiter dosnt Work Well.. On console you cant do anything becouse of the Bad optimisation and Hardware limits
  13. I have the Feeling it isnt a Server issu.. Sure there are some Shit Servers Out there.. No doubt.. I have more the Feeling its a Processing Problem from the gameengine itself and we dont See a Network lag.. more a reload/loading lag of textures, and a high prerendered frame value to smooth Out the gameplay
  14. Yeah and Sometimes i See killcams where my enemy get hittet from 5-10 bullets from 2 of my teammates + me ..and still managed to kill all 3 of us and is only slightly injured. And sometimes i See killcams where the first Bullet on me is allready Red..(iam on full health core Mode) from weapons i know They need 4-5+ bullets on this range (SMGs) So i First think .. ok that was a Sniper.. looking at the killcam .. it was a fucking smg across the map with a ttk of 400+ms.. Killing me at full sprint
  15. CoD Always had some sort of Skill Based Teambalance.. the best Player get Always in the Same Team as the worst Player to even Out a Lobby . Thats nothing new and the way it works for years now. One Team is Always the best with the worst and the other Team is filled with medium skilled Players. But Sometimes its hard to Play Alone against 6 medium skilled Players where your Team get slaughtered and Feed them killstrikes.. The only way to Beat that system is to Play with Friends
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