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  1. I have Seen so far Application bandwitch QoS.. A better geofilter AdBlock with Host Lists Anything Else? I hope for improved Priority I Hope it has improves Stability and some Bugfixes too.. better ipv6 Support. We will See how it plays with mw19.. but i dont think it we will see "the Magic switch" with this broken game
  2. I7 6700k @4.5ghz 32gb 3000mhz RAM 1080ti Samsung nvme SSD Playing @1440p @110-140fps. 100% Render Resolution.. fov 100 All disabled or Low exept Anti aliasing and textures To high
  3. Google guru3d.. MSI Tool and Performance Plan utility.. there is explained how to Use them and what They do For RSC there have a Look on https://www.speedguide.net/articles/windows-8-10-2012-server-tcpip-tweaks-5077
  4. Yes that the settings.. sorry my Windows is a other language Set target load to 10000 too
  5. Interresting fun Observation. Normal If a match start.. i have a lower Ping on Scoreboard.. for example i get some Games where i see a Ping of 19/20 on the Match start.. Thats seems very Logic for me..120-130fps = a frametime of 7-8ms And my Ping to a German/eu Server on the netduma Router = 11-13ms But after the Game Countdown reach Zero My Ping increase to 26-32ms ingame After that Interrupt tweak it only rises from 19 up to max 21-22ms.. but mostly iam still on a 19-20ms ping Windows has a Standart Interrupt Limit of 5% CPU usage and steer it only to core 0 (Interrupts are the massages a devices Deliver to CPU to process them) Upping that Limit to max CPU usage and steer it across multiply cores makes a huge difference for me.. No paketburst Symbols after 2 days.. a very crisp hitdetection.. easy multikills from enemys that Run in a Line and it feels Like i can reakt better and Tank more shots Seems Like the Game is able to generate enough Interrupts to Choke into that Interrupt limit and intruce that much lag. I think The Main Problem would be the big RAW data size and Reading from the Harddisk/SSD that chokes the whole system
  6. maximum pre-rendered frames =1 Maximum Frames allowed "1" MAX_Pending_cmd_buffers "1"
  7. Trottling didnt make ans difference for me.. testet from 50kb up to full bandwitch in 1mbit Blocks (sorry dont know the Englisch Word for dat) Dont Matter If its anti bufferbloat or trottling.. Share excess enabled/disabled So i let it be.. 70/70 ABB.. Duma Games ckecked.. No geofilter Computer in DMZ of my netduma Router. What helped with my hitdetection is Disabling Paket coascaling (RSC) on Windows And Interrupt Moderation in my Network Adapter settings Togheter with enabling msi-mode for all devices, Setting Interrupt Steering to "all CPU" And Interrupt target usage to 100% in the Hidden Windows Power settings Hitdetection is extremly crisp. Game is way smoother as before.. even Mouse aiming feels way different.. i do have the Feeling i win more gunfights..Like having a better reaction time..and i feel getting hittet
  8. Nice, thats a other Story.. sorry i cant Take Gameplays with mp5/7 serios because how Strong They are
  9. I dont know.. Nuke Clips with a mp5/7 ... Dont get me wrong.. your hitdetection seems crisp . But you Use one of the Most broken weapons ingame with a Speed build.. its Just Natural that it Rips people. Many people on this Forum dosnt think about the fact that weapon balancing is a big factor too. A SMGs has a Standart sprintout Time of 130ms and a ADS time of 150-170ms With a speedbuild you can easy get this down to 100ms/120ms A AR has a Standartsprintout Time of 284ms and a ADS time of 250-320ms Thats a difference of about 250-300ms.. thats longer as the time to kill that Most weapons have. Togheter with laserlike recoil and better movement, SMGs can easy outgun and dominate ARs on midrange becouse of this Timing Advantage.. Most time you are death befor you can fire your secound or third bullet. If you want to Test hitdetection you should Use a semi Auto weapon Like the fal or the SKS/ebr where every bullet counts. You will feel the difference If you need 3-4 Hits with a 2 Hit weapon.
  10. Paket burst dosnt seems to Connection related.. its seems to be a Processing Problem.. On PC in the Advanced settings File you can Set Renderworkersthreads.. how many Threads the Game Use.. with the wrong setting you lose FPS and get framedrops and stuttering... And constant Paket burst Symbols.
  11. Nothing.. its Not a Router setting.. its the Game itself. You need Nvidia Profile Inspecter for that and a Nvidia Graphics Card. (Maybe there is a Option for ATI Cards too)
  12. Ok.. after trying some settings with Nvidia Profile Inspecter i found a solution for my hitdetection. The Game seems to Use per default a max Flip Queue size / per Rendered frames of 3 frames (+ vsync on console) What would mean Up to 3 frames @ 60fps= 48 MS additional lag.. + 1 frame vsync on console =60ms additional Processing time. What intruce some inputlag and delay I have forced it to 1.. and now i really get good bullet registry.. feels Like every bullet counts now and iam winning Most gun Fights If my aiming is right Max prerendered frames are dynamical and depent on CPU load.. so from a additional Processing time of 5ms (144+FPS without vsync and max prerendered frames 1) Up to 60ms (console 60fps with vsync)
  13. Trottling dosnt make a difference for me.. i tried from a few kb/s to max anything.. It Just dosnt Work for me At the Moment i Test some Windows registry settings for routing/MTU quality discovery and get some good Results and a improvement.. but for real the Servers are Shit.. its Just the Game
  14. It reroute the Pakets with a VPN. The Game uses UDP Pakets.. If there is No UDP Pakets the Game will say No Connection to Server.. Its means only the VPN dosnt Route UDP Pakets with this settings
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