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  1. I think the anti bufferbloat setting is more impotant . CoD dont Like the anti bufferbloat Feature
  2. Try disabling anti Buffer bloat Disable Share on QoS on down and Upload And give your console 5mbit down and 5 Mbit Upload Speed Call of Duty seems to has Problems with the anti bufferbloat Feature..
  3. Disable ipv6 and reboot the Router i had the Same Problem in the beginning
  4. you are right.. my bad 3074-3000 to 3200 togehter with 3000-3200 to 3074 gives me a error .. invalid overlapping i editet it
  5. ok i testet it. Bufferbloat disabled +QoS Enabled.. Shared disabled on upload + Download + Port Prio indeet a very good gameplay ! seems like COD dosn´t like the Anti Bufferbloat algoritmn if you Disable QoS the Paket Prio Dosn´t Work anymore i have 5 devices.. and all devices to 20% i have read somewhere COD likes equal numbers on download and upload.. i will test this now with 10mbit up and 10mbit down
  6. You mean.. Disable anti Buffer bloat.. because WE dont know the Algorithmen? And reduce bandwitch via Qos (Share disabled i think) that would reduce the Buffer bloat too i think And then Port prio the needet Ports? How about disable bufferbloat and QoS And let the prio handle It by itself? As far as i understand the Pakets are priorsized.. and will be First outgoing anyway There will be No lag as Long your Line isnt fully saturatet
  7. I know i Talk about putting the Ports in Traffic prio too Whats the Point of a good hitdetection wen you loose every Fight becouse you are delayed? You cant Rush..you cant Camp. I dont know If a older Firmware has this Feature on the xr300
  8. My extern Port is Always 3074 ingame.. I testet some settings today.. Single Ports dosnt feel different from a Port range ingame. every Lobby i Join will have a different Port between UDP 30000 Up to 45000 My Geo Radius is about 500km in Germany.. From 30 Games i have joined today No Port was used more as one time.. dmz or Manuel Port forthwarding doesnt make a different for me.. The hitdetection is good.. but iam Feeling Like a secound behind.. allways First Shot First die.. I feel Like my xr300 didnt even make a different I have a 100/40 mbits Line Bufferbloat in allways 70/70 Its testet with pingplotter and there is No bufferbloat My PC is a i7 6700k /1080ti @1440p/ 32gb RAM My Ping is 20-35 ms What do i make wrong? Every device has it own IP Adress.. Data is getting priorsized.. i can see the Lampe and how the Pakets goes Higher in the moment i Play. I Use DMZ
  9. cant use wireshark Modern warfare automaticly close itself if wireshark running
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