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    Bert got a reaction from Phantomblu in I hope it helps for someone - Added new video   
    Host tickrate is the amount of updates the server sends you and client tickrates is what you send to the server.
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    Bert got a reaction from hurricane1984 in Lag and inconsistent packages.   
    For DMZ you need to put the WAN IP adress of your XR500 in your Fritzbox. Or preferrably the MAC adress so it's always routed right. I looked up a manual for Fritzbox 7590 though and I'm not sure this router provides this option.
    Then the other way is to forward TCP / UDP 1-65535 to your XR500.
    On XR500, you don't need a static route for a static IP on your PC, you can make a IP reservation under XR500 LAN settings. But really you don't need this either since uPNP is supposed to take care of this, doesn't matter what IP your PC has.
    You're using uPNP and port forwarding at the same time, best is to let uPNP do it's job, or if you want the manual rules turn off uPNP.
    The issues with PPPoE / VLAN only affect your upload QoS by the way. If you have enough bandwidth I doubt it makes a difference.
    DNS servers don't make a difference for your in game connection quality, usually I just set them to ISP native DNS servers.
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    Bert got a reaction from SM961 in 4 Gamers 1 problem.   
    You do have the setting.
    Set NAT filtering from secured to open and upnp should work correctly in CoD.
    I have used it that way with multiple playstations.
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    Bert got a reaction from Ashkan Phenom in No more COD WW2 singapore server?   
    There never was a SG server for WW2. Only BO4 and MW have SG servers.
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    Bert got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Sign up to DumaOS Insiders   
    Signed up!
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in Defeat MW Lag Compensation!   
    I was saying the same to NCRO. But it's has been an issue from launch for me. But in Asia the playerbase is lower I think, altough the F2P games do much better.
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    Bert got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in No more COD WW2 singapore server?   
    There never was a SG server for WW2. Only BO4 and MW have SG servers.
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in R9000 EOL   
    Option could be to build someting in the form of a Edgerouter. Just basic router with DumaOS software, no wifi. Then you simply pick the wifi acces point of your liking. New wifi standard? Buy a different wifi acces point.
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    Bert reacted to N3CR0 in 8 k/d CTF MW Gameplay   
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in User Complaint Video (Youtube Gamer)   
    To be honest I don't believe in all this settings stuff. I set mine to ABB 80% and set up QoS and that's it.
    This morning I used my regular ISP router for an hour or so and it doesn't play any different over my XR500. The problem here in Asia is that the nearest server is Singapore 33ms, but if SBMM decides to ruin your day it will put you on Japan (107ms) or Sydney (150+ms) and that ruins your game. In EU or cross USA ping is much tighter so it's less of an issue. But to illustrate how annoying it is here, this morning for testing I played the Hardhat playlist and backed out of 8 different games on the Japan server before I finally got Singapore server.
    The game can screw with you in too many ways for any setting to be effective IMHO. This all worked when you had player hosts etc but now with dedicated servers and active latency balancing etc it's a toss up. I can play on the same server as always and still tell within one minute when the game decides to give me a disadvantage or advantage.
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    Bert reacted to purpleandgold33 in User Complaint Video (Youtube Gamer)   
    I completely feel ya homie. Honestly I'm over the geofilter and all of the tweaking with the router. If they would've been more proactive with the updates and trying to remedy today's problems I would've stayed with duma. They aren't transparent never have been. I've done moved on. This forum is good though. I love you guys and appreciate everyone's help and opinions on things that has put me where I am today with my current setup! Honestly I'm much happier not staring at the stupid geo and my game play not reflecting anything positive. You guys probably spend more time tweaking stuff then you do playing the actual video game. Thats counter productive imo! Cheers
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in User Complaint Video (Youtube Gamer)   
    There is just one functionality that sets this router apart from the rest and that is the Geofilter. These have been screwed up for the last week since update on MW. IMHO this needs to be sorted a lot faster than is happening now, my XR500 has been a expensive paperweight for the last week.
    All this other stuff that will supposedly be in DumaOS 3.0 doesn't matter when the geofilter doesn't function. 
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    Bert got a reaction from Newfie in COD MW Packet Burst   
    Titan 2 and CM have roughly the same functionality.
    It's actually really simple, the aim assist script just makes your character strafe side to side very quickly.
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in 87 - 16 MW Gameplay   
    You should actually considder using 9mm extended mags on Shipment
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    Bert reacted to N3CR0 in 87 - 16 MW Gameplay   
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in how do youtubers get such clean connections like this?   
    In my lobbies there is no players below level 100, 50% of my lobbies have players with Damascus camo, dropshotting jumping bla bla bla.
    And here is the YT content creators playing against enemies that don't shoot back, are level 11 and play like total morons. These are the same content creators that are PAID by activision to attend their events etc.
    Makes you think. (give you a hint, mutual interests....)
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    Bert got a reaction from L7NALMARI in What is the optimal figure for High Priority Packets on both the download and upload side?   
    For in game optimal is obviously 60 packets per sec on both sides.
    If you have UDP 3074 in your prioritization, there is also some other talk with the server going on on 3074. But with open NAT they all come from the same port.
    For moderate NAT you need to set source to UDP 62000-65535 instead of UDP 3074 as the game uses different ports for game traffic in that case.
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    Bert reacted to N3CR0 in 19 - 2 MW Gameplay   
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    Bert reacted to Netduma Admin in NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: GEO-FENCING   
    When we launched the Geo-Filter back in 2014, it changed the way gamers experienced matchmaking. By giving you control over the servers you play on, you were able to eliminate the biggest cause of lag in gaming; distance.
    However, it's not always just a simple case of playing on the servers closest to your home - not all servers are made equal, and some can be lower quality despite being closer to you. We made Geo-Fencing to give you total control and solve this problem once and for all.

    With Geo-Fencing you can draw multiple Geo-Filters around the servers you like and block the servers you don't, giving you unprecedented control over the matchmaking process. Draw filters around your region or country, or only draw around the best servers in the world - online matchmaking is now in your hands.
    DumaOS 3.0 is the biggest update we have ever built, effectively doubling the feature set. Geo-Fencing is just one of many features coming to your router with DumaOS v3.0, so stay tuned for our next feature announcement.
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    Bert got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR500 blocking IPTV service   
    This guy is onto something.
    I remember having read that on Vodafone, IPTV, internet etc have different VLAN groups. So in that case you would need to use the XR500's bridge mode with the right VLAN ID.
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    Bert got a reaction from Seye in I hope it helps for someone - Added new video   
    You can see it on the DumaOS screen, host tickrate. 
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in Did i just get lag switched???   
    If you encounter stuff like that it's almost guaranteed a PC player.
    You can see a trend in Warzone. The first few days after release you could not find a lobby with crossplay disabled but more and more people are turning it off already.
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in Did i just get lag switched???   
    That clip is from a PC player. They have all sorts of hacks.
    CronusMax is a console device. You can use scripts to execute button commands but it can't lagswitch. And you can't lagswitch against a dedicated server. All it will do is freeze your game but the other players can shoot you.
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    Bert got a reaction from N3CR0 in Did i just get lag switched???   
    CronusMax and Strikepack simply emulate controller commands. You can't use that as a lagswitch. And lagswitching doesn't work on dedicated servers.
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    Bert got a reaction from AzeRuS94 in 5ghz vs cat5 (xr500   
    Why not just try both?
    I have 500/500 connection as well and I can easily achieve that on my devices in the same room, 300ish on the other end of the house.
    I have used the XR500 wifi for gaming as well, cable is preferred but it worked fine for me on wifi with PS4.
    If you plan to get another cable tomorrow or something, just use wifi for a day. Otherwise just install the CAT5 cable. You can easily swap to wifi from the menu.
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