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Found 18 results

  1. Hola buenas soy nuevo en este foro y necesitaria ayuda, tengo un R1 y en el geofiltro cuando busco en dispositivos mi pc, aparece bien, lo aplico, pero el problema es que solo me sale xbox, ps4,scgo ect, warzone no aparece, alguien podria ayudarme?? la version 3.0 parq el R1 funciona??
  2. Hi, I want to add CoD: Warzone to my VPN services, but i cant find call of duty in the basic service list. Can somebody help me in settting this up? Many thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, im from germay and want only play in kuwait etc. My player ist pinging there but i cant find lobbys. please help
  4. In regards to the ping heatmap if I click on a server I want to add to my list, when it asks to add an IP address, is that necessary and what IP address would I be adding? The console I’m on?
  5. I cannot get the geo filter to work properly. I have tried everything from flushing, then restarting the game, switching pc to a console in the device manager, ive tried everything I have read in the forums and it does not work. I do not know what I could be doing wrong.
  6. Hi can anyone help me. I’m having a very hard time figuring out the netduma r1 . I am trying to play warzone and I can’t see many servers.
  7. I cannot connect to Warzone on my Xbox Series X with Netduma R2. It tries to connect then eventually times out so I currently cannot even play the game. I have no idea why this is happening since there are no server outages. I can connect to Cold War no problem. I also can connect to Warzone when I plug in my old google router. Anybody have any idea how to fix or test?
  8. Hello, so I did a hard reset on the router, my nat is in moderated, I did some port fowarding, also enable the rules on the Firewall, disabled Upnp, I enabled "Open" in the Wan setting and my NAT is still moderated. I did this when I first got my XR500 and I got to open the NAT, but since I did the reset I cant get the nat to open.
  9. Hello guys warzone is unplayable ... I have tried various settings, geofilter on and off, traffic priorization, limit bandwidth, vpn on and off but nothing works. hit detection is terrible, the killcam is differt from what i see. can someone help me? sorry for my bad english
  10. Hi just purchased a cm1000 modem and a xr500 gaming router. It was recommended after doing plenty of research. I am having an issue where my internet will stop working both wired and wireless connections. Was working the day I got it then the next day coming home from work it wasn’t. Restarted my modem then everything was working again. Talked to my ISP and had a tech come out, tested everything and said all download and upload speeds were good so I’m assuming it has to do with my hardware. Anybody know why my internet keeps going out or if there’s an official fix for this? I was updated to the latest firmware but after doing some research it seems like this is kind of a common problem? Found an older post and downgraded my firmware yesterday and it was working ok, I’ll find out how well it’s working when I get home tonight.
  11. In the images below, you can see there is a server listed on the ping heatmap for CoD Warzone. It has by far the best ping of any of the servers, however I can never seem to connect to it, which is funny since I'm in NC, just one state below. I've tried all of the options I've found here on the forums for isolating to a specific server, I will list them below for the sake for transparency: Methods tried: - GeoFilter radius of 400 km, which this server fits in and is the only one in scope. - Polygon mode with a box directly over this server's location on the map. - Geofilter with no radius and a ping assist value set to different values that should only allow this server (20 ms, 25 ms, 27 ms, 30 ms) - have tried clearing cloud cache, adding / removing my PS4 etc and rinse, repeat the rules above. It is worth noting that I have connected to several servers in the Virginia area but never any with this specific IP address which is always there on Ping Heatmap (and is the only one I can see there). Thanks in advance
  12. I've always wondered how the streamers can find lobbies with "noob" players and now what i know is that by using a Netgear you can trick the SBMM and find easy lobbies (but i'm not 100% sure). I don't like to play always competitive on Warzone or Multiplayer matches, i prefer to play quiet. What i'm asking is (if possible) how did i need to setup my router in order to get those easy lobbies? I have a Netgear XR500
  13. Hello everyone. I just bought an R2 and I only play Warzone on the PC, I live in Brazil and I know that the servers are all in São Paulo, I am 200 km from such servers ... My ping to these servers, which started to appear only now with this last update, they are in the range of 19ms ... However, my shooting record is horrible, I have already tried several configurations ... I opened the doors, put them to prioritize such doors, put 70% congestion control, changed dns, etc etc .. I can even get good pings, but the record of shots is still horrible ... I would like to know what are the best settings for Warzone ... thank you all .. .
  14. Hello Friends, Playing Warzone from Brazil, I've just got the R2 Router and notice the absence of South America Warzone's Servers. I know there is two located near my state and I've seen displayed on others streamers videos, however, when I request to ping Warzone it just doesn't show them. North America and Europe displays normally. I notice some serves shown as "N/A ms" on servers list. Any quests? Here is a pic. Thank you!
  15. Im having issues figuring out this problem warzone on xbox I have UPnP enabled ports forwarded tried dmz tried geo on/off xr700 into at&t BGW210 with static ip
  16. Hello my Netdumers. I'm having issues with my R2 putting out the speeds I was receiving when I was only connected to my XR700. I have my XR700 being supplied with the 10Gb SFP+ module input for internet (Comcast with my own netgear gaming cable modem). running all Cat7 cables all 6 feet long. I have my XR700 DMZ out, reserved address and all setting giving the R2 full open speeds. I deactivated all wireless to the R2 since I only want to provide service to my PS4 (Ethernet hard wired) to manage the best connection for Modern Warfare Warzone. My QoS on my XR700 is set at 50 for the R2 Dumaos and the rest of devices is set to 5. When I run a speed test from Ookla on my XR700 speed came back at 232 down / 20 up, on the R2 i'm receiving 153 down / 11 up. on the PS4 pro speed test results were 153 down 15 up on the R2 and after a few hours of gaming on Warzone I decided to retest and got 63 down / 7 up from the R2 device. I rebooted and recheck all settings on both XR700 and R2 and cant seem to get it right. If anyone can help me on why or guiding me through a specific setting on the R2 since its slightly different than the XR700 would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
  17. Hi, I just bought a Nighthawk XR500 and I play Call of Duty Warzone on PS4 via Ethernet. I have a 200 MPBS Upload & Download Speed and i am constantly facing packet loss at the beginning of each game which makes the game unplayable. I thought changing the router would help, but it didn't. BTW I live in India and few of my friends who use the same ISP do not have the packet loss issue. Someone HELP ME OUT!!!!
  18. Hi All I have had my R500 running with ports forwarded for my PS4 for a long time and my R1 before that. I have always been able to get an open NAT this way. Having bought myself a PC and wantign to enjoy some of the benefits of PC gaming I trieds to get the PC ports forwarded also following advice from on here and youtube. Unfortunately I am still struggling with a moderate NAT. CAn anyone help? These are the PC ports I have forwarded TCP: 3074,27014-27050 UDP: 3478,4379-4380,27000-27031,27036 UPnP is on as it is with the PS4. I should also note that my PS4 is also still set to be port forwarded and that my geo filters for both console and PC are set to spectate. HELP :) Thanks
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