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  1. So I installed newest firmware cleared out browser history as I was factory resetting the router... everything was running stable for two weeks then this unknown error pops up. Any suggestions other then reseting the whole network up again? This is getting quite disappointing having a 500$ router that can’t do what it claims. .
  2. The amount of uncorrectables in the error log, also I feel the dbmv is on the high side for the ofdm channel to be within spec it shouldn’t be over +7 dbmv to operate correctly and as I said there’s two forward path attenuators and then a 3db attenuator and power levels are still pretty high for all those filters being installed.
  3. So the power signals to my house are hot... last tech installed 3 attenuators on the line coming to the modem.. two -6dbforward path and 1 -3db attenuator. . And here are the pics... any info on my next course of action would be great.
  4. So i talked with spectrum they say it is provisioned corrects I unplugged it and let it reboot so I’ll see if I get any errors in the log on my ofdm channel I did get 300 uncorrected code words.. but yes I have a concern with that ping spike on hop 3 as well I informed them of this issue because I feel like that’s where online gameplay is getting brief stuttering im also going to try disabling QoS... not sure if there may be a conflict with the docsis 3.1 Aqm
  5. It was either through the router or straight to the computer I can’t remember..
  6. They had a special tech sent to my house and that is what he left it at 5-6dB... aren’t ofdm power levels supposed to be under 3db ??? Also they are using a filter on the back of the modem to obtain these power levels. .
  7. im currently using netgear Cm1000 but when the tech was here it shows the modem was using docsis 3.0 from his tool which would mean docsis 3.1 isn't even being used so at that point theres no docsis 3.1 features becuase its using 3.0 but i play on ps4 average 30-40ms games... but still have bullet lag on dedicated servers which might stem from 4k tv no hdr... but its not just bandwith is the bummer part you have to be pulling over the 400 megs to get it to switch to docis 3.1 so it mainly just runs on the regular 24 bonded channels until it starts pulling over 400 then swaps to the Ofdm downstream but if its not pulling over 450 megs it runs on docsis 3.0.. in ping plotter hop 3 is 7-8 miles from my house averaging 34ms with 700ms ping spikes, hop 4 is roughly 35-40 miles is a steady 10ms which is spectrums second station.. not sure if that makes sense to you also i keep getting daily SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Failed to receive MAC SYNC frame within time-out period... which i think might be caused from the insane ping spike on hop 3
  8. My conversation with the special tech informed me their docsis is hybrid and actually runs on docsis 3.0 until I start pulling over the 400megs then will at that point switch over to docsis 3.1. .
  9. Connection is hardwired but also getting SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync;CM-MAC errors in modem log 3-4 times a day also why would that hop run a higher average ping only being 7 miles away but the 4th hop is 40 miles away and sits At a steady 10ms
  10. So node 3 is isp station where my internet comes from and I get 700ms ping spikes need your guys input as to what the issue is.
  11. Also be weary and ask questions from your isp I was stuck paying 200$ installation fee and there gig service swaps between docsis 3.0 and 3.1...so docsis 3.1 doesn’t enable itself until the line starts pulling over the 400mb threshold at that point it then switches to docsis 3.1 is how a tech finally explained it to me
  12. Yes ive finally been esclated and a line tech is being sent out to check everything as their phone support said the filter on the modem is like trying put a bandaid on a bullet wound.
  13. also notice with QoS on alot of packet loss happens is that normal....and that Spectrum 500ms spike should that concern me since that is close to my location? also ive switched over to Sfp+ adapter for WaN disconnections but now receiving these error logs in modem ui
  14. Just an update when tech came replaced some lines coming into the house power signal was 11db and instead of a -6db filter threw a 9-dB filter on the back of the modem and said there you go problem fixed of course speed test is showing shoty speeds
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