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  1. Thank you chap 😃 Will install and let you know how i get on. Thanks again
  2. Sorry for not posting back sooner. I ended up rebooting my R2 which fixed the issue. Now all devices prompt for a password whenever they try accessing the routers homepage. I ended up rebooting the R2 as the UI became completely unresponsive. Has happened a few times now (roughly after a week of use) and the speeds drop. Perhaps a sceduled reboot of the device would be a work around until a new firmware releases. However, I can't find an option for that. 1) The First GUI lockup i noticed all four CPU threads were stuck at 100% - can't say how long for as I was away from the location where it was installed. - still tried to play a game online hoping to check it later to see if it would settle down - got mad rubberbanding in games so logged back into the GUI and rebooted. 2) Second GUI lockup happened while adjusting the QOS. Once "update distribution" was clicked the egg timer was displayed none stop for five minutes. -logs seem to have alot of these entries (could just be logging the output of the process to the drop_caches log using a cron job - maybe nothing to worry about but thought it was note worthy as they are plastered in my R2's log file) : Sun Sep 27 22:25:00 2020 kern.info kernel: [100932.885825] ash (28919): drop_caches: 3 Sun Sep 27 22:25:00 2020 cron.err crond[1309]: USER root pid 28919 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Not sure about this one... Mon Sep 28 17:29:56 2020 kern.warn kernel: [169628.431492] HTB: quantum of class 60001 is big. Consider r2q change. also found a warning regarding the theme: Sun Sep 27 22:23:36 2020 user.warn com.netdumasoftware.desktop: The selected theme does not exist: 'default' Sun Sep 27 22:23:36 2020 user.warn com.netdumasoftware.desktop: Theme path does match manifest 'default' Sun Sep 27 22:23:36 2020 user.info com.netdumasoftware.desktop: Cloudsync Themes result 'false','All mirrors are down' Thanks for the assistance, Y.O.D.A.
  3. Hi Fraser, Thank you for the reply. The issue seems to be on any device I have. Even those that have never logged into the router. Gaming rig, work laptop, any phones connected to the wifi. I'll try the logout option just in case that kicks things into action. I'm currently at a different location so will try on Saturday and report back. Thanks again, Y.O.D.A.
  4. Hi All, I've recently purchased a Netduma R2 for some online fragging goodness. Most of the setup has been configured how I would like including VPNs etc. However, one thing that worries me is that once any device is on my network they can simply access the routers homepage and the settings without entering a username and password. I must be missing something very simple here but can anyone tell me where the option is to always prompt for a login please? *When I orginally started/setup the router up - it did ask me to enter a username and password which I did but it's never asked for it again lol Firmware: R2 3.0.123 Many thanks in advance, Y.O.D.A.
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