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  1. So for some reason when i use PA, i have it set to 40ms and less, yet i keep connecting to the california dedicated server which i ping to at 55ms. I have strict mode on, any ideas on this?
  2. Very appreciated! You guys are doing great, for a brand new OS and new milestone release this could not have gone smoother. I sincerely wish you and the team nothing but the best and success. Thanks again!
  3. Well i just opened up 1-65535 for my phone and power cycled my phone, as well as rebooted the netduma and the AP. Still no dice, I can turn on Wi-Fi calling however when I go to make a call it looks like it wants to get out but then it ends the call and turns off wi-fi calling. Very strange.
  4. I never use UPNP lol. However i can power cycle my phone and open all the ports to my phone and see if that fixes it.
  5. Any idea on why this isn't working? On the OG Netduma firmware it worked just fine for me, even with my Asus AP hooked up.
  6. So it won't show all the dedicated servers on the map? Because I don't see any of them even in spectate mode. When I limited my radius it did work but it was a peer server which may have actually been dedicated? I'll be doing a full modem reboot and checking my configs to be sure everything is working properly. Thanks for all the tips and responses!
  7. Alright so i tried this and i see only a p2p server populate when i search locally. However when i go to use spectating mode i don't see the different servers like what is shown on photos on the guides. Anything else i could try?
  8. Thanks for the update and hard work! I'm assuming this is some of the Milestone 1.3 features making it into this new FW?
  9. Stated in line 1 of the nomenclature. Hope this is helpful, Tyler.
  10. I'll try this when i get off work today and report back. Thanks!
  11. -Bump- So far the geo-filter is working on my PS4 very well for COD WW2 and Fortnite as well. It looks like this is a PC based issue, hopefully someone can give some insight on getting the geo-filter to work on PC for BO4.
  12. Still no dice on getting the Geo-Filter to work. I'm gonna try a different game on PC and maybe another call of duty on my console to see if this is an isolated event.
  13. Roger that, I'll give it a go and report back.
  14. So i followed the DumaOS guide and set my gaming pc device type to a "PS4" as suggested by the DumaOS Optimal settings guide and i'm still not seeing any servers nor am i seeing the blocked servers. Any thoughts on how to remedy this? I may try setting my device type to a Xbox instead and see if that helps. Any suggestions welcome, thanks!
  15. Were these upgrades done in the background? I just wanna make sure I didn't miss anything lol. I can say so far my firmware is running great!! Geo-Filter is amazing and the layout for the new OS is very sleek! Thanks to the Netduma team for putting in serious work on this bad boy 😁
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