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Found 190 results

  1. new member. trying to remedy my issue with my XR500 netgear nighthawk router. my router is apparently bricked itself AFTER factory firmware upgrade was initiated. step-by-step that led to my current situation... I pulled the XR500 out of closet after my previous router stopped working. I booted up the XR500 to see that it still powered on, etc. I had forgotten my previous gateway and WiFi login credentials, so I reset the XR500 by holding the reset button in for 30 seconds, then releasing and allowed the router to cycle through and boot back to initial settings. It did just that and I setup the router as new. I was successful in everything with fully functioning internet and WiFi connections, etc. I used the router for about a week before I had some time to go through the dumaOS GUI and explore it and noticed there was a firmware update available. My current fully functional firmware WAS v2.3.2.56. The firmware update suggestion was for v2.3.2.114. I accepted the firmware upgrade via the dumaOS dashboard and clicked apply. It initiated the download and installation and I was alerted in the dashboard that the connection was lost due to the router rebooting and would reconnect after restart was completed. I waited for about 15 minutes and noticed that the router was not accessible through the default gateway or ping via cmd prompt. I went to the router and noticed that the power led was a steady AMBER color and no other leds were lit. I turned the power switch off, then back on and waited for the cycle but it led back to the AMBER power light w/ no other leds lit. I then plugged a ethernet cable into a LAN port to try and connect to the gateway and ping via cmd prompt and was unsuccessful. This is where I am at currently. So basically the firmware update/upgrade from v2.3.2.56 to v2.3.2.114 bricked my XR500. Barring any intense or lengthly steps, is my XR500 able to be fixed? Thanks for any prompt reply. For reference: I'm running Windows 10 PRO v.21H1 with all current updates. My router: Netgear Nighthawk XR500.
  2. Hello there! As title states I am trying to forward my port 3389 to remotely connect to my desktop from a laptop thats outside of the local LAN. Localy it worked but I cant seem to forward the port? Whenever I search for a checker if its forwarded it says no ( Maybe the online checkers are bad whatever its the only thing that cant be working at this point) So I was wondering what am I doing wrong or what should I do actualy besides going into settings - advanced settings - port forwarding - and setting up the port, Desktop IP? Thanks for any kind of help!
  3. Buenos días, Estoy encantado con el XR500, pero tengo un extraño problema que no consigo resolver, aquí os lo expongo: Cuando intento acceder, desde mis dispositivos por WIFI a mi NAS dentro de mi red local, el acceso es muy lento y me suele dar error por timeout. Contexto: -Ayer instale la ultima beta, 120, restauré a fabrica e importe los ajustes previamente guardados. Antes me pasaba igual -Tengo una conexión de fibra 600/600 que funciona bien -Tengo un pequeño NAS con varios servicios funcionando en docker. -El resto funciona perfectamente, es decir navego al exterior via wifi o por cable sin problemas. -Probado con un iMac, MacbookPro, SmartTv, iPad, iPhone, etc. -la conexión al NAS por cable desde el iMac es buena. Por wifi mal. -desde la smartTV, el mismo problema, por cable bien, por wifi mal -la conexión al NAS por wifi desde el AP, no desde el XR500, es buena también. Este AP esta conectado al XR500 por cable cat7 -Tengo, también, el mismo problema que otros usuarios, el router dice que esta en DE y yo estoy en ES. Conflicto. ¿que es lo que esta pasando? ¿Solución? Saludos y gracias, Jose
  4. So today we saw the new beautiful machine R2!! Congratulations guys!!! i have a lot of questions about that... you say that it will be release 6th August with the DumaOS 3.0. That means that we have also the DumaOS 3.0 that day?? On the XR routers?? I hope that you will not give a time exclusive on the R2... And now I want ONE honest answer... I must sell my XR500 to buy the R2???? Which is better?????
  5. I've been trying to use the Content Filtering/Block Sites feature, and just for testing purposes, I have used twitter.com to see how it works. However, once I apply the filter, I wait a few minutes and try going to twitter.com only to find that it still allows full access to the site. I have not set any trusted IP addresses to allow visiting the blocked site. Am I not using it properly or is it not working?
  6. Hello I bought an XR500 router and after setup everything ran beautifully. About a week later, my internet speeds were cut in half. I pay for 300 down 20 up, I'm lucky to get 150 down and 5 up. I have tried just about everything. Turning off QoS, setting Anti Bufferbloat to never, setting bandwidth allocations. None of it works. When I connect directly to my modem, I get my full speeds. I never had this issue with my previous router, Nighthawk R6 (R8000) Notes: Ping via PingPlotter shows a heavily congested line. WiFi speeds work great. Any help or insight would be appreciated, else I'm going to have to return it and try a different model/brand.
  7. I factory reset, cleared my cache and rebooted my XR500,restarted my ISP Modem numerous times but i still get "Device Not Found" in QoS, Fraser or Liam please help??
  8. I recently installed a Netgear Nighthawk XR500 as an upgrade from my original Netduma R1 router. Since I completed the switch, I have had trouble connecting to others in a chat party. The one that I have the most trouble with is someone that is actually located within my Geo-Filter range. I added them to the "Allowed" connections list in the Geo-Filter, but the issue still persists. They will connect to the chat party ,but neither of us can hear each other and we both see the other with a spinning wheel. After some 5-10 minutes it decides to miraculously connect us. I also Port Forwarded the following ports: 1935, 3478-3480 on TCP and 3074, 3075, 3076, 3077, 3078, 3079 on UDP. Just wondering why this might be happening and if there is any way to fix this.
  9. Hello, I recently started having issues with my xr500, where the Eth1-Eth4 lights went from white, to orange. I noticed when they turn orange, they stay orange until I turn the router off/on. When the light is orange I notice I get really slow download speeds. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry in advance if this has already been discussed, I tried looking prior to making this thread.
  10. Recently bought a xr500 I need some help with QOS I get 1000 down an 50 up. Can you reccomended what I should put it as I play call of duty an keep getting lag spikes whilst playing 😢
  11. The ping doesn't always show up in the geo filter, it's just showing up randomly. https://imgur.com/a/ZG4A57X
  12. Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a way for me to become a host of a Warzone lobby. The only reason I ask is because I hosted once before. I have no idea how I did it and I cannot replicate it, but I had 15 ping the entire time!! Thanks in advance for your response.
  13. @Netduma Fraser Fraser , I am attempting to use HybridVPN to create a connection to a private OPENVPN server running OpenVPN server 2.4.3 (current version). I have been experimenting with authentication methods with mixed results. I can create a working connection using the local database ot the VPN server for clear text authentication. When i use a default client.ovpn file (user , no password) HybridVPN fails to connect. This appears to be because no password is supplied. When I create an .ovpn file with the PAM module the connection also fails. All of these ovpn file connections work with a win10 client. 1) So the question I have is what are the supported authentication methods for the XR500 hybridVPN ? 2) Does the XR500 support the PAM authentication module 3) can the XR500 support username , no password , certificate OVPN connections. 4) can the XR500 support no username, no password certificate OVPN connections I hope some of that makes sense, I am looking for some more detailed documentation on the HybridVPN module. Thanks samplePAMr.ovpn
  14. Is there any way to lower those spikes as the picture shows? https://imgur.com/a/St3UA3V
  15. So I just realized that my NAT Type shows as moderate and I asked some friends and theirs shows open, I feel like this may have given me issues on getting into servers sometimes. How am I able to change my NAT type to open?
  16. In this video I expose the huge problem Netduma has with server locations. They wont update it on a regular basis, making it so we can't find games consistently. Keep in mind we PAID A LOT OF MONEY for this "PREMIUM" routers. The servers are stacked on top of each other, taking out the whole point of geo fencing servers. This not only happens in Warzone it also happens in Fortnite and god knows which other games. WE NEED CONSTANT SUPPORT BECAUSE THE ROUTERS ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE AND THIS PROBLEM BEEN HERE SINCE FOREVEVER. When you check the IP adresses in the Geo Filter the location don't make sense, And the closest servers get blocked because of this problem. YOU NEED TO HAVE SOMEONE ON A PAYROLL THAT CAN BE ON TOP OF THIS ISSUE. And I forgot to mention in the video that the Sync Cloud option crashes the whole router. Imagine paying 800 bucks for a router that wont work unless you do a super deep research just to find out that someone at Netduma wont update netduma.mp4 server locations. Trying to find aliens is easier to do than making the router work as intended. I love you guys but things are getting outta hand
  17. Basically a VPN filters the location and maybe the connection. The results are another location with another IP and a slow connection right? So how it works this Hybrid VPN? What i'm interested to know if it filters the connection resulting more slow than normal and if yes, how can i improve it? Does the QoS useful in this case?
  18. The ping won't show up when I have set the ping assist https://imgur.com/a/HNEq8GR
  19. Hola buenas tardes, a ver si alguien me puede ayudar. Donde puedo descargar Dumaos 3.0 para el router Netgear XR500? Gracas
  20. I thing it would be a great idea if we could create profiles for different Geo-Fencing set up. For every game I play I have to re-draw Geo Fencing, so it would be great if we could switch profiles instead of do it manually for diffrent game.
  21. Hello, I've got an XR500 and have used it to try and get lower ping on COD/ Warzone for a few months. For some reason, I'm still getting 'rubber-banding' and the occasional packet loss, as well feeling like my hit detrection is off. I've run numerous connection benchmark tests on my LAN and Wi-Fi 70down and 20up and get A+ for everything bar under load where my upload ping goes way over 200ms. I've got my QOS currently at 70/70 and I've scoured these forums to find a solution and tried virtually every possible solution. Just for reference, my setup is from the ONT to EE router, which then is wired into the XR500 that I've connected to both via wi-fi and LAN with no major difference between them. I've used a few traffic prioritization rules, which I'll post below, as well as other screenshots too. Any help is appreciated. Cheers EDIT: The PS5 and my laptop are the only active connections to the XR500, my laptop when I'm playing only had the Duma os running.
  22. Hallo Leute 😎 ich bin seit heute Nutzer des XR500 und finde die Möglichkeiten sehr nice! Nur habe ich ein Problem... Ich nutze Internet von Kabel Vodafone und zwar die Gigabit Leitung mit einer Fritz Box 6591Cable. Mit der hab ich schwankend immer zwischen 800-1200 Mb/s über Lan direkt zum Router. Nun habe ich natürlich einfach den XR 500 angeschlossen... der hat sich in der Fritzbox automatisch als Exposed-Host eingerichtet und alles hat sofort funktioniert. -Bis auf, das nix mehr funktioniert weil mein Internet quasi wie in 10k Zeiten schnell ist 😅 Hier mal ein Vergleich: 1. Test PC Via Fritzbox->XR500->LAN.K.->PC 2. Test PC Via Fritzbox->XR500->LAN.K.->PC 3. Test Iphone 12 Pro Max via WLAN direkt zur Fritzbox 5Ghz Netzwerk Ich glaube man erkennt, was ich meine. Die Verbindung scheint Instabil. Ich hab mit dem Handy nie mehr als 700Mb/s per Wlan. Das is Stabil. Aber alles was vom XR 500 raus kommt ist instabil. Kann mir einer sagen, woran das liegen könnte? Ich kenn mich damit null aus. Die Auto Konfiguration war easy und erfolgreich, Internet sofort hergestellt... Ich kanns mir nicht erklären Ne Verbindung zu z.Bsp. den Cod Servern bekomm ich auch nicht. auch nicht mit Geofilter etc. kann nur den Browser benutzen... Hoffe, mir kann wer helfen. Hab mir den Beitrag hier durchgelesen aber das funzt ja bei mir... Freu mich auf eure Antworten!
  23. Hello, I am looking for assistance with configuring my XR500 router to get an Open NAT type for CoD Warzone as my NAT type is reporting as Moderate. Here is my current network path: PC > Switch (Netgear GS316 Unmanaged) > Router (XR500 (AC2600)) > Modem (Netgear CM1000). XR500 firmware is V2.3.2.56. If it matters, Cat6 cables connect each device. I have attached screen shots of my current port forwarding rules config for Warzone. And yes, my PC has a static IP address. Currently have QoS turned off as having it on didn't allow WiFi calling for my iPhone X (separately, has this been fixed? I heard that v3 beta might have a fix for this) My Geo-Filter config is completely default, I've never touched it. Nat Filtering in the WAN Settings is set to Secured. I tried setting this to Opened, but it didn't seem to help so I reverted it back to Secured. For reference, here is Activision's documentation for CoD port forwarding: Ports Used for Call of Duty Games (activision.com) I followed this post for port forwarding instrcutions: Ultimate NAT Guide and settings for XR500 - NETGEAR Communities Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  24. Geofliter quit worrying on my xr500. I cannot load into games by myself in destiny 2 anymore. Anyone have any idea why this is quit working?
  25. Hi team, I've been using the XR500 router for a few years now and I haven't had any major issues. I recently switched my VPN provider to Proton VPN, and I wanted to use the Hybrid VPN feature on the XR500 (V2.3.2.114). Although hybrid VPN works, I'm seeing a large decrease in internet connection speed. I also am unable to connect to certain streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video. A similar issue occured with my old VPN provider, but I did not think the router was the cause at the time. Please find screenshots below. Internet Speed without VPN: Streaming works Speed as expected Internet Speed using Proton VPN Windows 10 app: Streaming works Speed as expected When using the Proton VPN Windows 10 application, the speed doesn't fluctuate as much and I am still able to access streaming services. Internet Speed using Hybrid VPN (Proton OpenVPN config attached): Streaming does not work Speed is heavily reduced For reference, the Proton VPN server I am using has the following settings: UK Server London #44 (Plus server, so guaranteed to allow streaming) UDP connection Please let me know if I can post the Hybrid VPN log, as I'm not sure if this contains identifiable information. I would be grateful if you could help me resolve this issue, I'm keen to use the Hybrid VPN feature as intended! Thanks, Addy uk-44.protonvpn.com.udp.ovpn
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