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Found 207 results

  1. So I want to change my DNS on my router. The thing is on the XR500 there is a primary, secondary and third DNS. I wanted to use the google DNS of and so what do i do about the third option? Do I leave it blank or does google have a third DNS? Sorry if this is a stupid question I'm not that great for networking lol. Thanks guys.
  2. So, apologies if this topic has already been discussed, but if it has please feel free to drop a link to that thread. I attempted to trying and search of it myself. Here's the situation: My ISP institutes and bandwidth cap and as a tech-heavy and large family we're constantly tapping that monthly bandwidth cap. I'm looking for a way to use the features of my XR500 to log the amount of bandwidth particular devices are using. As robust as the features are options are, I'm assuming this is possible? But maybe it's not and there's some other way of doing this? Essentially I'm looking to see which devices/users are the heaviest data consumers on my network.
  3. Ok so overall my internet is not as stable as I would like. Cox knows that their internet is not the best for gaming so they set up their VPN called Elite Gamer. Normally where my ping would be in the high 80s, it can cut it down to around 17 if it choose the correct servers. So it fixes my issue mostly. I would still like to take advantage of Nighthawk XR500's geofilter but anytime I try to use XR500 and Elitegamer together I get a lot of lagspikes. My normal setup goes: COX modem > XR500 > Gaming PC all hardwired ethernet. For testing purposes I connected an ethernet from my Cox modem directly to my gaming pc and when I play games with EG VPN on there are little to no lag spikes. What are some troubleshooting steps I can try to see if I can get the Cox modem and EG VPN to work smoothly with XR500??
  4. Hi! I can't find the official DumaOS 3.0 for XR500. According to a twitter from Nighthawk Pro Gaming, they wrote that we are able to download the update. By the way, is it excatly the same as the beta version .120 or is it an new updated version?
  5. I have the XR500, the latest firmware having DumaOS 3.0 ( I have my Up/down speeds at 80% (9.6/95). Although, when downloading anything on my PC the speeds are downloading at full bandwidth, which dramatically reducing the ability of other devices, including my PC , to utilize the internet. I am not sure why my PC is exempt from the QoS as every other device is being affected properly. My consoles download games at set speeds too. Any ideas from the community as to why this is happening and is there a solution? Thanks for any help!
  6. I set all necessary ports for traffic prioritization, restarted my router and it’s still showing 0 download and upload packets.
  7. So my original bandwidth tests at setup wizard detects DL and UL speeds in the mid 900’s. I have google fiber 1gig bandwidth with my service set to use my own router. The XR500 connects directly into fiber jack where it converts fiber into ethernet connection. I have done several factory resets internally through dashboard as well as paper clip the reset button on the back of router. I even have done a full 30/30/30 reset on the XR500 and things seem to be odd as if the router still retains some settings and doesn’t completely factory reset. what I don’t understand is the QOS is set to always or auto detect with DL and UL at 90% and then in congestion control speed fails with a D and won’t get an A or A+ until I lower my DL and UL to recommended levels? To top things off I get a pop up saying device not found? Also tests are done with my whole household online for real world simulation of traffic 🤓
  8. i would like to request a Automated Scheduled Reboot Feature added to the firmware capabilities for the Netgear XR500 Router. this feature is present on every other commercial router. Reason: the Router Performance sometimes Degrades over time or will not put through internet data. After Reboot the performance is top again or the internet data will be put through again.
  9. I think its time across both forums respectfully the partnership between both sides gets put up for all to read and get a better understanding of all the workings and politics that tend to keep things tied up in the fodder. I see all manner of intellect that has come through the doors on both sides. Regardless of degrees and novice experience individual perspectives are to be respected and met on common ground. What seems simple and straight forward for some without knowing the politics within the partnership or "marriage" between both companies is in for what appears to be nothing but wall after wall of headaches and feeling on the consumer side of not being cared for as a top priority. Both sides do address issues but in different order or if hand in hand Netgear has always taken forever to push updates out. Anyone with history from the last 15 years should know this as common place. Personally even though I know this I still bite and purchased the XR500. I have my own list of hiccups that need to be ironed out. I have my game console and my three sons are well into the teenage years of their lives and thats a total of four consoles as well as everything wired and wireless on my local network. I have also seen consumers with 20 plus connections and a knowledge base on networking that is well above everyones pay grade here. It all boils down to understanding where everyone is coming from to get clarity on why things are the way they are. Personally I blame NETGEAR for the pace things are going. BUT if I look at the R1 or R2 routers I would have to imagine they are not partnered to an outside company and all the bells and whistles that are in the woodwork should be well ahead of these available for Netgear hardware, unless there is something in the Netgear "contract" that is stepping on the toes of lets say DumaOS 4.0 for example. I have come and gone back to my ISP provided hardware several times over the YEARS and even with this last firmware round as of this posting believe it or not I'm tempted on getting an R2 just to see if my few personal issues get ironed out. At this point anyone reading this would say I am crazy and I should not continue to support both sides but I have faith things will shape up better moving forward into the future. Netgear is juggling many devices and it took a bite into the gaming world and probably didn't expect so much backlash from consumers on hardware with there badge on it but with the SOUL of gamers within the SOFTWARE. Please feel free to go on over to NETGEAR and see how things are going on over there. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/bd-p/en-home-nighthawk-pro-gaming-routers As you can see the NetDuma Team also tries their best to help out over on that board as well. Take care everyone on both sides of the pond. GG
  10. There is a problem with my router, or the firmware itself, is that the DumaOS says that it is connected to internet but my devices won't get internet connection. This is third time now happened since I updated the firmware to .130. I had to restart the router to make it able to recognize the internet connection. I had called my ISP while this happened and they said that there was nothing wrong with the interet connection from their end. And as soon as I restarted the router, my devices got internet connection, while I was talking to my ISP in my phone. Why is this happening?
  11. While I'm on mulliplayer match, the allow/deny in Geo Filter dosn't work as shown in this video https://imgur.com/a/lZTofZz
  12. The ping heatmap is bugged out now because of the resync cloud, after I clicked it, I always get the message "The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this Rapp." I need help. My XR500 is on V2.3.2.130
  13. When I opened Netduma Device manager I was unable to see my devices from my Access point but when I tried to check it thru Netgear Nighthawk App I was able to see it all. BTW I'm using BETA one on XR500 so probably device manager Issue hasn't been fixed yet? Does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you
  14. Hey everyone , My ps4 pro has not had a issue ever connecting Ethernet with my xr500, over the last year, but finally about a month or 2 ago I unplugged my Ethernet from my ps4 and plugged it into my other one to update it faster, then tried plugging it back into mine and now it will always say"connect lan cable "😡🤬😡 I did at some point uncheck the Dhcp box in the LAN SETUP, and I assume this had something to do with it , but I reset my router like said below, and I've wasted days worth of time trying to figure it out .,. ❌i have switched out the cords, restarted , reset everything , literally everything possible. Then I found out online it has something to do with the dhcp lease expiring or something where it's not picking up the cable is connected , or the IP address I had reserved for it initially somehow got lost and now it isn't finding my Ethernet anymore which is properly hooked up as it should be ... ✔️ It's a very sad time playing without an Ethernet cord is so bad and I need it back !.. please can somehow someone give me ANY information to fix this ... I'd appreciate it so much!! I don't know much about this at all and I feel lost.. whatever you can do will help . 😭❤️ Thank you !
  15. So I was looking at the Upnp map on my xr500, and the external ports for one of my ps4s were 9308 , 3181,( my bot ps4) and my main ps4 was 3074 3074, and for some reason the external IP on my bot Ps4 on warzone says MYip:49152 my ps4 says MYip:3074, im really frustrated as to why this is haha please can anyone help me so I can stop tripping !😂
  16. So today we saw the new beautiful machine R2!! Congratulations guys!!! i have a lot of questions about that... you say that it will be release 6th August with the DumaOS 3.0. That means that we have also the DumaOS 3.0 that day?? On the XR routers?? I hope that you will not give a time exclusive on the R2... And now I want ONE honest answer... I must sell my XR500 to buy the R2???? Which is better?????
  17. xr500 antenna gold screw in part is loose and moving about? need help how to fix
  18. ***June 2019 - I Upgraded my XR500 to a XR700 | The result is the same on the WAN Port I get a Disconnected from LAN on my PS4 Pro*** I recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 to see if it can handle my new internet gigabit speed because my old Netduma R1 was not able to go above 230mbit/s with QoS and 500mbit/s without QoS. The good news, I can reach the gigabit speed with or without QoS but I still get a Disconnected from LAN while I'm playing Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on my PS4 Pro. My XR500 is on the firmware V2.3.240 and I continue to get the same issue that I started a topic for the Disconnected from LAN on the Netduma R1with DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3: forum.netduma.com/topic/27085-disconnected-from-lan/ Could you please have a look on the log file to see if this could be the same issue that occur in the DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3? Thank you, Note: I still use the same setting configuration that I had on my R1 for the XR500. log-1549989723123.txt
  19. Hallo Liebe Community, ich habe ein kleines Problem mit meinem XR500 und meiner VPN Verbindung(express VPN). Ich nutze diese um in anderen Ländern auf den Warzone Servern zu spielen. Bevor ich den Standort wähle, pinge ich die Server mit der PING Heat Map von DUMA OS3 um zu sehen welche online sind. An einigen Standorten bekomme ich aber folgende Meldung beim Suchen einer Lobby. "Verbindnung mit einem Datenzentrum nicht möglich. Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Internetverbindung und versuchen Sie es erneut" Dies passiert häufig bei Servern in Brasilien oder Südkorea. An anderen Standorten wie Süd Afrika oder Israel... funktioniert die Suche wunderbar. Vielleicht hat jemand eine Vermutung woran dieses liegen könnte, ich nutze den XR500 in Verbindung mit der Fritzbox Cable 6591 Cable. der NAT ist offen und habe keinen doppelten NAT TYP. Vielen Dank
  20. new member. trying to remedy my issue with my XR500 netgear nighthawk router. my router is apparently bricked itself AFTER factory firmware upgrade was initiated. step-by-step that led to my current situation... I pulled the XR500 out of closet after my previous router stopped working. I booted up the XR500 to see that it still powered on, etc. I had forgotten my previous gateway and WiFi login credentials, so I reset the XR500 by holding the reset button in for 30 seconds, then releasing and allowed the router to cycle through and boot back to initial settings. It did just that and I setup the router as new. I was successful in everything with fully functioning internet and WiFi connections, etc. I used the router for about a week before I had some time to go through the dumaOS GUI and explore it and noticed there was a firmware update available. My current fully functional firmware WAS v2.3.2.56. The firmware update suggestion was for v2.3.2.114. I accepted the firmware upgrade via the dumaOS dashboard and clicked apply. It initiated the download and installation and I was alerted in the dashboard that the connection was lost due to the router rebooting and would reconnect after restart was completed. I waited for about 15 minutes and noticed that the router was not accessible through the default gateway or ping via cmd prompt. I went to the router and noticed that the power led was a steady AMBER color and no other leds were lit. I turned the power switch off, then back on and waited for the cycle but it led back to the AMBER power light w/ no other leds lit. I then plugged a ethernet cable into a LAN port to try and connect to the gateway and ping via cmd prompt and was unsuccessful. This is where I am at currently. So basically the firmware update/upgrade from v2.3.2.56 to v2.3.2.114 bricked my XR500. Barring any intense or lengthly steps, is my XR500 able to be fixed? Thanks for any prompt reply. For reference: I'm running Windows 10 PRO v.21H1 with all current updates. My router: Netgear Nighthawk XR500.
  21. Hello there! As title states I am trying to forward my port 3389 to remotely connect to my desktop from a laptop thats outside of the local LAN. Localy it worked but I cant seem to forward the port? Whenever I search for a checker if its forwarded it says no ( Maybe the online checkers are bad whatever its the only thing that cant be working at this point) So I was wondering what am I doing wrong or what should I do actualy besides going into settings - advanced settings - port forwarding - and setting up the port, Desktop IP? Thanks for any kind of help!
  22. Buenos días, Estoy encantado con el XR500, pero tengo un extraño problema que no consigo resolver, aquí os lo expongo: Cuando intento acceder, desde mis dispositivos por WIFI a mi NAS dentro de mi red local, el acceso es muy lento y me suele dar error por timeout. Contexto: -Ayer instale la ultima beta, 120, restauré a fabrica e importe los ajustes previamente guardados. Antes me pasaba igual -Tengo una conexión de fibra 600/600 que funciona bien -Tengo un pequeño NAS con varios servicios funcionando en docker. -El resto funciona perfectamente, es decir navego al exterior via wifi o por cable sin problemas. -Probado con un iMac, MacbookPro, SmartTv, iPad, iPhone, etc. -la conexión al NAS por cable desde el iMac es buena. Por wifi mal. -desde la smartTV, el mismo problema, por cable bien, por wifi mal -la conexión al NAS por wifi desde el AP, no desde el XR500, es buena también. Este AP esta conectado al XR500 por cable cat7 -Tengo, también, el mismo problema que otros usuarios, el router dice que esta en DE y yo estoy en ES. Conflicto. ¿que es lo que esta pasando? ¿Solución? Saludos y gracias, Jose
  23. I've been trying to use the Content Filtering/Block Sites feature, and just for testing purposes, I have used twitter.com to see how it works. However, once I apply the filter, I wait a few minutes and try going to twitter.com only to find that it still allows full access to the site. I have not set any trusted IP addresses to allow visiting the blocked site. Am I not using it properly or is it not working?
  24. Hello I bought an XR500 router and after setup everything ran beautifully. About a week later, my internet speeds were cut in half. I pay for 300 down 20 up, I'm lucky to get 150 down and 5 up. I have tried just about everything. Turning off QoS, setting Anti Bufferbloat to never, setting bandwidth allocations. None of it works. When I connect directly to my modem, I get my full speeds. I never had this issue with my previous router, Nighthawk R6 (R8000) Notes: Ping via PingPlotter shows a heavily congested line. WiFi speeds work great. Any help or insight would be appreciated, else I'm going to have to return it and try a different model/brand.
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