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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I haven't used Netduma in a long time because I could never get in warzone matches. I came back to use geo filter again and to my surprise nothing has changed. I live in Miami and the game never makes me play there... but when I use No Lag Vpn it actually finds me matches with 27 ping most of the time. Now I don't want to use the VPN anymore. In the pictures below I chose Seattle, Irvine California and Miami as the servers because those are the easiest servers and Miami gives me 23-27 ping. I cant connect to none of them. The game always want to make me play on Missouri, Texas, New York, and Georgia. This happens everytime, no matter the hour or day. Yes I also tried removing the device, flush cloud, add it back, wait 2 minutes with Bnet closed. I tried resetting by default, you guys haven't update Duma0s on XR500 since I left more than a year ago. I still have the latest version V2.3.2.120, I have Nat open, Open DNS. I tried opening the game on spectating mode then filter and nothing helps... sad stuff. Netduma and warzone used to work very well, maybe this stuff got patched within the game. Because everyone in this forum has had clearly the same issues over and over again. I would suggest that you guys make a software that influence matchmaking like NLVPN, ExitLag so people can find matches faster
  2. I live in San Francisco, practically right next to a server that is on the geo-filter, however i can never find a match very quickly/the ping in the game is always, any tips on getting fast searches and also low ping games since i am right next to the server thanks guys
  3. my geographical region is totally wrong, I live in a town called Eskilstuna in Sweden, but my geographical region in the games say Stockholm, Sweden. Is there a way to correct it?
  4. Hello, just a couple of questions, I just picked up the XR1000 and absolutely love it! I no longer get above a 40 ping game in Cold War and Modern Warfare! It’s going great! One thing I need help with is when playing older Call of Duty games that are peer to peer, I never seem to pull host. I’ll always search for a lobby and get into a pregame lobby with others, where as I’m trying to get others to connect to me so I force host. Same thing happens for Cold War Zombies, I’ll always connect to someone else and they’ll pull host and have 0 ping the entire game. So how would I pull host and be able to have others connect to my pregame lobbies? Thank you!
  5. Hi, im from germay and want only play in kuwait etc. My player ist pinging there but i cant find lobbys. please help
  6. First I select ping target, I scroll down and select warzone which then shows me all my best servers, I only have one at 23ms ping so I select it then add it to my list. I then go to the map and have a look to see where the server is located and it's no where near the UK I believe. Do I need to select polygon mode and then circle the location of where the server is at all? I'm still learning all the features of the duma so every bit of help is very much appreciated
  7. Hello all, this Is my very first post asking for some help with my netduma R2. So I purchased it 2 months ago and I still cant seem to get a stable connection with it at all, I've looked all over Google and YT, tried several different of the "best settings" according to youtubers and nothing seems to be working at all. Soon as I go into a game of warzone or call of duty in general, the connection is okay for 2 mins then it becomes completely unplayable to an extent where I need to leave the game. If I disconnect from my netduma and go back to using just the sky internet without the Duma being connected everything works absolutely fine. But soon as I connect to the Duma everything goes all wonky! I've tried connecting to the low ping servers on the geo filter section and that still doesn't seem to do anything at all . Any help or information would be greatly appreciated please, I'm from scotland.
  8. good day I'm wondering why is my connection type in ps5 cw is moderate it was open in y ps4 i already prioritize it in my ps5 1 additional thing i noticed s my ping go to 80ms on ps5 and cant get my old bandwidth speed it was 40mbps upload and 95mbps download ping 60ms ((on ps4)) now 35mbps and 70mbps download ping 84ms when i run connection benchmark 9
  9. I recently was playing against this guy and he would insta melt me every single time. Kill cam makes me look as if still in running animation. He said on stream he lives in Bronx NY but I'm from Jersey. How in the hell does he just melt people? If you see closely, he gets shot 1st and melts people every single time. His hit detection is god like as well as latency wise. Mayne someone can help me understand how to get his connection cause I even told the kid, I'm willing to tip $100 to tell me his set up. Pretty sure he wont. This is the only game he plays since it's the only game he can have god like connection. I never see him play black ops 4, COD Cold war Alpha, Infinite warfare, modern warfare or even free shit like Apex legends or Rogue company. This game is his bread and butter. @Netduma Fraser you think any suspicions here? Hes either in moderate to open nat types. Just watch some videos of him and you'll see what I mean. I am not promoting this guy. Just jealous lol.
  10. Hello friends! I currently use an Edgerouter X, and I have the IP of my PS4 in QoS that can hold my ping well in 20ms. My question is; Knowing that Netduma R2 has an anti-buffer, this R2 anti-bufferbloat would give me the same effect as QoS Edgerouter x, because today I have A + dslreports. My idea would be to use Edgerouter X, just to keep all of my bandwidth (ISP modem) in bufferbloat in A +, and to use the resources of R2 with PS4 via cable. do you think this is necessary, or would only R2 be able to qualify all my bandwidth, leaving only the ISP modem in Bridge connected to R2? My internet is 250/25
  11. Netgear announced that the beta for DumaOS 3.0 is now open for all users for XR 500/450. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Can you create a topic here to report any issue? It really more comfortable to use your forum instead of Netgear forum...
  12. I haven't seen it suggested (though I'm sure it has been) but I'd like to see an option to filter only dedicated servers or only peer servers, or both. Obviously match making would be longer but to me it's worth it for a better connection. Seems like the closet we have is the polygon mode but a box to tick for "dedicated servers only" would be sweet.
  13. [Firmware Version V2.3.2.56] I bought a XR-450 about 2 weeks ago and I've finally been getting some playtime with it for the last couple of days. As far the Geo-Filter goes, I don't notice much of a difference, to be honest. It basically just ensures I don't connect to Florida, Texas, west coast or EU servers that I average 80-150+ ping on (COD). For the last 4 days I have gotten 1 disconnect per day where my internet completely cuts out on all devices for about 5 seconds and then reconnects immediately. As someone that plays for stats, disconnecting mid-match randomly is completely unacceptable. After the first 3 disconnects I had enough and just deleted my console from the Geo-Filter and disabled Strict Mode. The router was then basically running as a default router (minus the QoS I still have activated for "DumaOS Classified Games"). Sure enough, I played some matches again today and one of the matches I join into it just randomly kicks me out of the game. I looked over at my PC and it was disconnected from the internet too, only to reconnect within 5 seconds. I basically ruled out the possibility of it being a Geo-Filter issue. I'm beginning to think either the router itself is faulty, or the firmware is messed up. As of now I'm going to try to roll back to the [ Firmware] and see if that resolves anything for the next few days (see if it disconnects me from the internet while playing). If it happens again, I'm just going to assume it's faulty and return it. The last thing I see before I changed my IP (by switching router MAC and restarting modem) was [DoS Attack: SYN/ACK Scan] from source:, port 443, Wednesday, May 20, 2020 21:50:29 ... But I'm certain I wasn't hit offline by anyone every single time this has happened lol, so I'm not sure what this means, as I see it on there quite a lot. Hope someone can help before having to return it. Willing to provide any additional info. log-1590043248756.txt
  14. Esta un tardio encontrar lobby ? a mi me esta pasando esto. y a ustedes ?
  15. Hi guys!! I start this topic because I want your opinion on this. I play on PS4. I noticed that every time that join on my lobby one of my friends my connection became terrible! 0.5 sec behind and poor hit detection! When I play alone or with my other friends everything works perfect! All of my friends are from the same country of course. Have any noticed something like this? Can any one knows how it works with lobby’s? For example if I am the leader on the lobby I am also the host or the game choose randomly from the 12 players that are on the lobby.
  16. Hi everyone! Of course I want to have the best settings on my XR500 and the best performance! So I am trying to figure it out what I should do... I read that we have to avoid the double NAT when are setup is modem/router from ISP and a second router. In my case is the XR500. I found 2 ways to do that. One is PPPoE pass through and the other way to set DMZ. Right now I have it PPPoE and I confirm that I have public WAN IP like 91.xxx.xxx.xx instead or But generally I read on the forum that the most people use the DMZ way... So my question is which way I must choose...
  17. Hi, I'm playing cod ww2 on dedicate due to my location and when I ping the server it is showing alot of ping which I do not usually have. Most of the time over 900ms. I noticed that this happens only when the geofilter is enabled because while it is disabled the ping is normal. Any idea why this is happening? Geofilter is supposed to reduce lag not increase it. Also with the filtering on it is not finding any lobbies.
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