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  1. Great thanks, I've added this to the list ready for the next cloud update.
  2. Does it show NAT Type 2 when doing the internet test? If so that means it's actually open, just means you're connected behind a router instead of directly behind a modem (NAT Type 1). I wouldn't advise have 100% for download as it won't help if you get congestion. Bufferbloat only occurs when your connection gets saturated, lowering the anti-flood sliders means that won't happen. Yes I would absolutely advise upgrading, here's the link. Our advise on tech issues assumes the latest version is being used.
  3. I'm not sure what else I can advise. Seems to be a more deeper issue than I can solve (either backend or hardware). When did you purchase that router?
  4. Can you keep providing ID's if possible when being booted please. If we can eliminate that properly then we may be able to get you better games
  5. Je ne comprends pas comment ça ne marche plus. Je peux faire un autre 1 contre 1 avec vous la semaine prochaine mais peut ne pas être capable de le résoudre. I don't understand how it's not working again. I can do another 1 on 1 with you next week but may not be able to resolve it.
  6. Not sure where the closest servers are to you, may be Ireland and West Coast USA. As above disable Geo-filter, where do you get connected to?
  7. If you could scroll to the bottom of this guide it will show you how to upload a screenshot: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022394-how-do-i-take-a-screenshot- Seeing it will enable me to advise better but based on what you're saying it does seem to suggest that the modem may have an issue. Don't purchase another until I advise after seeing the screenshot
  8. Hey, welcome to the forum! Great advice given so far. What is the error you get when trying to save a profile?
  9. Interesting thank you, may explain why the Geo-filter isn't working as expected. I will look into this.
  10. Définissez le mot de passe WiFi, utilisez les suggestions de ce guide. Une fois terminé redémarrez à partir de divers paramètres. Set WiFi password, use the suggestions in this guide. When done reboot from miscellaneous settings. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022405-why-does-the-netduma-wifi-keep-dropping-out-
  11. Let us know how you get on & welcome to the forum!
  12. Hey, welcome to the forum! Sounds like potentially the R1 IP is the same as another device connected to the upstream router. Set a static IP for the Duma on the upstream router.
  13. If your ISP are blocking ports not on the router level then you will have to contact them. If not then you can use the router to open ports.
  14. Great, let us know how you get on/if you need any more assistance.
  15. As above it does sound like you need to input PPPoE details. Its: [email protected] The password you use to log in to the Member Centre
  16. It works basically like this: Normal: Your house > Game server VPN: Your house > VPN server > Game server You're adding an extra hop in your connection to the game server, this will add latency. The further away the VPN server is the more added latency you'll have. So if you insist on using one it would be best to choose a server closest to your location.
  17. Profiles are just settings that you can set yourself. You could set up the settings the way you want for the game then save it as a profile and load it whenever you want to play.
  18. Netduma Fraser


    Welcome to the forum!
  19. Use this tool and test directly from your modem to see if you suffer from the issue: http://www.dslreports.com/tools/puma6 Not necessarily, depends if your modem has the issue Im thinking of
  20. Here's all the suggestions I can think of at this time: Try different ports on the router to see if they give the same speeds Try different ethernet connecting router to modem and router to PC Do you have an alternative modem to try with the R1 or a friends house you could go to and try the R1 with?
  21. Are you using the very latest cloud numbers that are available? I made it much more efficient.
  22. Photos would definitely be helpful. I assume you have the Duma in DMZ? Xbox now have the ability to select ports so make sure you selecting one you've port forwarded
  23. As long as it can pass everything through to the R1 it should be fine. Signal should be able to support an average sized house. We have quite a few customers in Australia and they love it.
  24. Je ne suis intéressé par le ping en utilisant le Geo-filtre. Avez-vous l'erreur plus ou moins lors de l'utilisation de Chrome Incognito? Internet Diagnostics pings Google qui peut souvent mal se comporter. I'm only interested in the ping when using the Geo-filter. Do you get the error any more or not when using Incognito Chrome? Internet Diagnostics pings Google which can often misbehave.
  25. Vous devez les redémarrer après avoir mis en mode pont. Habituellement, un masque de sous-réseau est You need to reboot them after putting in bridge mode. Usually a subnet mask is
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