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  1. okay.. and then just go to and use r2 as it is supposed to be used?
  2. And when i click on the list. It shows me all the devices connected, and it also has duma os listed.
  3. Ohh and also where do i connect r2 on ISP device? In one of their 4 provided Lan ports or some where else. Attaching the picture of the ports i have
  4. These are the options i have in their DMZ settings. Could you let me know which one i choose? I contacted my provider and they said their device doesn't have bridge mode. So i guess I'd have to choose DMZ. But will it be similar to bridge mode? Will R2 work properly on DMZ?
  5. Hey fraser, thank you for your reply. So i am yet to get into an issue. Basically i switched to a different provider, and this provider gave me its own device which is Modem and router in one device and i have r2 which is also a router, so i want to connect my r2 and use it as a main device. i know i can put it in bridge mode but i am unable to find the bridge mode in the settings but i see DMZ option in settings. Could you please let me know of the steps i have to follow to use my r2. And also they also gave me a static Ip address, can i use it ? if yes then how?
  6. Hey there. Can anyone please link to the post where i can get help to connect my r2 with ISP Modem+router device? Or if there isn't any post can anyone help me connecting my r2 to it? Thanks.
  7. Hey there everyone. Just a quick question. Did we manage to find a work around for rApp not loading issue? Its been happening quite a lot now. And i haven't changed a single setting since setup. I am rebooting my device twice a day now to fix the issue.
  8. mine never goes down from 45-50, even though in duma os it shows 20ish. and i am on controller.
  9. i guess this game is not for me. even with the settings you mentioned, Nothing changed for me. my hit detection is still shit. i probably should stop playing this game
  10. lol i can second that. didn't work for me on pc
  11. @Netduma Fraser hey fraser, just a quick question, has anybody here mentioned issues with arena games? I just played about 10 games and all of them had packet loss in them even thought they were in the filter i selected. can you test if possible?
  12. So i did resync cloud but it ended up with "it is taking longer than expected, please briefly wait for using this Rapp. Is it an error or its been resynced?
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