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  1. The only way to enter without any problem is to allow servers outside the filter, which results in lag and missing bullets.
  2. Got a code leaf and kicked out.
  3. and also have you added the id's i've posted in that thread? As kicking out of the game while exiting has started to happen quite a lot now 😕
  4. my mobile device with a whatsapp video call on it. what if i want my pc to take more bandwidth? How do i do that? My Qos is 50 download and 75 upload to my Pc.
  5. and as soon i moved to BR, the server location changed to Near my home location.
  6. so i am back in lobby screen and geo filter showing the same server as shown in picture one.
  7. So this is while on the main screen and this while i was in the game and the game i played was missing my bullets as i guess i connected me to the server i allowed which was blocked before.
  8. tried that too, let me give it ago right now and put some screenshots here.
  9. Hey there, i was wondering if i could get some insight of what is going on in here? So logically if i have given more bandwidth to My pc, it should be getting more bandwidth, right? But Network monitoring showing something opposite. Took a screenshot while playing apex legends and a video call on whatsapp at the same time. can someone please help me out here? Thanks.
  10. Yup, instantly. I actually tested it. tried to look for a game in arena with filter on, No success, quickly switched to BR, and boom into the game in seconds
  11. yup, but also at times no server shows up, like at times its hard to find games in arena. code leaf occurred lesser than finding no game.
  12. Nope arena mode is not supportive with Duma os. Can Confirm it.
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