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  1. So I finally pulled the trigger getting a bargain on the xr500 ( being impressed with the connection so far ) . The only problem I have being having so far is that I don't reach close to my connection speeds. 200Mbps down 100Mbps up where I get max 70 down and up over wifi which is disappointing considering that some users state they get 300+
  2. My review on Duma OS (didn't have a look at all the comments so some things might have being already said) Connection Speed : 200Mbps down 100Mbps up Pros: Setup was easy and straightforward (got up and running within 5min) Geofilter does indeed works perfectly landing me games with low ping QOS fixed my bufferbloat problems resulting in smooth stable gameplay The allow and deny options actually works this time Cons : Remove the option to see the hosts Ip from the ping section CPU running at 80-100% constantly Some options where a tiny bit too hidden in my opinion Enable/Disable login screen isnt a option
  3. Congrats to the lucky 50 that actually got in (little bit jealous) .Could @Netduma Admin please notify potential testers of where we got placed in the queue ? Thanks for subbing to the beta ! You are number ... in the queue
  4. Hi I found the following report on one of our local news sites and it got me a bit worried. Can it affect R1 users ? Kaspersky Lab has discovered what is being called a new strain of state-sponsored malware. Dubbed Slingshot, the malware invades PCs using an attack that targets MikroTik routers. The report stated that the attack replaces a library file with a malicious version that downloads other malicious components. It then launches an attack on the target PCs. Kaspersky Lab said Slingshot uses two “masterpieces” – a kernel mode module named Cahnadr, and GollumApp, a user mode module. “Running in kernel mode, Cahnadr gives attackers complete control over the infected computer,” it said. “The second module, GollumApp, is even more sophisticated. It contains nearly 1,500 user-code functions.” This lets an attacker collect screenshots, keyboard data, network data, and passwords. “What makes Slingshot really dangerous is the numerous tricks its actors use to avoid detection. It can even shut down its components when it detects signs that might indicate forensic research,” said Kaspersky Lab. Source article : https://mybroadband.co.za/news/security/252039-slingshot-malware-attacks-pcs-through-routers.html
  5. I kinda get where the developers are coming from by delaying the beta just a bit longer .What will you guys do if the software somehow damages the hardware or even if the software somehow manages to completely brick the router ? Very soon you will see forum posts popping up by the masses and imagine the poor Netduma team having to refund/repair all those routers I am guessing they are making sure that all the functions are in fair working condition and that the software won't cause damage to the router (making it foolproof) before releasing it to us.
  6. I am not sure there is a server but regardless thanks to the netduma I am loving it
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