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  1. @Netduma Fraser Cloudflare config confirmed working 2 seconds ago (just need IPv6 support also) EDIT: The Geo-Filter is having a meltdown with RPC error 'ERROR_VALIDATION': Validation failed for 'ips' [Interface] Address= PrivateKey= (removed) ListenPort = 2408 dns =, [Peer] PublicKey = (removed) AllowedIPs = Endpoint = engage.cloudflareclient.com:2408
  2. On the first page I posted the script I use to generate the config. Could you generate a config and get it working then post the config (keys removed) ? Who’s Wireguard setup did the devs use to confirm functionality?
  3. I don't even know if its saving the settings (when I move to a different tab and go back the settings are gone). Theres also no signs of it trying to connect I know the settings work when I use Wireguard on my PC it connects
  4. New wireguard settings aren't saving @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam [Interface] PrivateKey = (removed) Address = Address = fd01:5ca1:ab1e:8e20:35e0:2599:9d96:1f5f/128 DNS = MTU = 1280 [Peer] PublicKey = (removed) AllowedIPs = AllowedIPs = ::/0 Endpoint = engage.cloudflareclient.com:2408 That's my config or do I need something extra ?
  5. 1. If you use the $ during in the setup wizard it still indicates the Wifi passwords don't match (meaning I have to use the default WiFi password and go into settings later to change it) 2. I like the new Geo-Filter home address option it allows you to pinpoint the exact location without guessing in a general area. 3. The QoS "flower" is nice but I would like the ability to set exact bandwidth amounts for each device with an indicator of how much bandwidth can still be allocated. Currently, if I set it to 1% it's still too high so I have to adjust the congestion control. 4. The new Wiregaurd is nice but there's so much potential. Imagine a one-click option that generates a Cloudflare Warp configuration. It will be a router first that improves routing and provides DDoS protection to ensure smooth gaming. 5.What happened to IPv6 support ?
  6. I can’t say yes or no because there isn’t two people with the same connection.
  7. You think the new R2 firmware will complete the testing phase this week ?
  8. My setup is a Samsung QN90A , PS5 , Fibre 300/300 and Netduma all connected with a LAN cable. I tried throttling my connection all the way from 0.5/0.5Mbps-30/30Mbps and it made no consistent difference. I have to agree that PC seems to have better hit detection , movement etc and besides using a VPN there doesn't seem to be a solution for console. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam Imagine you partner with Cloudflare Warp and you can implement the Warp Wiregaurd setup to provide gamers with a free VPN that protects them from DDOS attacks (will be a industry first)
  9. I have two options the 3ms one and 21ms server then after that it’s the London based one which is 168ms. I would love a way to artificially add latency (like a slider that adds latency) .
  10. I though it was latency but my ping to the servers is 3ms (Johannesburg) and 21ms (Cape Town) respectively. I throttled my connection to 2.5/1.5 and for a few games it felt responsive with great hit detection before returning to the delayed feeling. What determines how many and well the bullets connect ? Does speed have a effect or was it placebo effect (I think it fools the lag comp system) ? Side note: South Africa is a very mixed space when it comes to connection. Some have fibre with low ping and up to 10Gbps where others have LTE and ADSL or use their mobile hotspot Can that have a effect on how well the game performs ?
  11. If you read my previous message I did state that I already forwarded 3074 and it still gave me a moderate NAT. edit:
  12. UDP 9308 and UDP 3074 NAT is not open with UPnP or Port forwarding
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