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  1. Thanks for answer, I ad xbox to satic IP and put to DMZ. Now NAT is open, I will be test it.
  2. Hi, I have problem with moderate nat on xbxox series x and on xbox one s nat it`s open. I tray UPnP and port forwarding but that dosn`t work for me. Edit: When I reboot R2 it`s ok but after few min. going back to moderate.
  3. Hello Fraser, Could I get as well ?
  4. This my settings, try maybe they will be good for you
  5. I don`t remember now, but try to google it witch port Call of Duty is using on Xbox. You can open port in Network Settings/LAN
  6. Hi, If you have Open Nat on your Xbox just tray restart (fully) console. Sometimes I have this some, after restart back to normal.
  7. Hi, can I have the 3.0 beta for my R1 please ?
  8. Hi, is it possible to get the link again as I have deleted the email?
  9. Hi, I didn't receive a email with the download link of DumaOS. I already check all emails (spam etc)
  10. Pentol


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