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  1. I tried to put the R1 into the XR earlier but I don't think that panned out but what did instead was the NG idea and the routers hooked into it THOUGH I'm still surprised a router can work w/o upnp and etc but in hindsight I guess it makes sense when DMZ is involved but yeah I got us both on seperate networks just like I wanted. Appreciate the assistance 👍
  2. So basically it's between either dmz the NG then have the XR and R1 plugged into it (Cause I believe I have that nat option on it) or have the R1 hooked into the XR then
  3. There's no other way around it both duma routers gotta be connected to gotta be connected to whatever is put in dmz on Xfinity?
  4. So basically the only way I'll have an open Nat is if the R1 is hooked into a device with dmz enabled via Xfinity? I mean it makes sense but I REALLY wanted to have the consoles (Xb1 & Ps4) on seperate networks
  5. Geo-filter wasn't enabled the whole time
  6. Nothing is helping so far I've done the R1 in dmz, upnp, port forwarding and no forwarding but it still keeps giving me bad nat types and also restarting both didn't help at all
  7. O wow I just noticed it changed again when I first made this it was but now at the end it's 4 instead of 5 like it was earlier but even doe I just dmz'd this new IP it still isn't working
  8. I gave it a shot but im still having nat type errors instead of open on games its on moderate
  9. But doesn't ports still need to be forwarded somehow on the R1 router itself?
  10. So use UPNP or port forwarding for the PS4?
  11. Ps4 is in R1 DmZ along with R1 is in netgear Dmz also AP more isn't enabled
  12. Granted NOW I got a different WAN IP to dmz now but the problem now is that I got strict Nat on PS4 now EVEN DOE it's in dmz on netgear router
  13. I'ma have to look into this Ap mode you mentioned because I know squat about it but yeah so should I just put the R1 into the netgear and factory reset it then? Because when I saw it it still had the 10. Up even doe it was in the netgear.
  14. Xfinity is and the netgear is
  15. XR & R1
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