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  1. Well everytime I try it the duma just conks out & stops working entirely I don't know why it does that but it does when I turn on bridge mode
  2. So I don't need to change any settings on the R1's end to make it work? Also what about dmz cause I realized when I bridged it it like took off the dmz settings I set for my duma to work
  3. Can the duma operate with bridge mode activated on isp gateway because I turned it on & immediately the duma stopped working does it still work while that happens or does it need to not be in that mode to be able to work?
  4. D3mon1c


    O nvm got it just put in a different email address
  5. D3mon1c


    It says Im already subscribed but yeah I wouldn't know how to go about finding that to re download it
  6. D3mon1c


    Had to buy a new Duma it is currently the 1.03.6j version I know how to upgrade but I recall that if I did it wrong it would just break entirely so I'm here for assistance on that
  7. I don't really know for sure but all I know is on my xfinity app its complaining that my duma is a security risk & keeps saying stuff like "Don't worry, your network is secure. However, we did block 96 threats on this device this past week that will require further action" & in one of those actions it mentioned something about turning off DMZ as an option so im basically here asking if there is any specific ports I can forward on my gateway for my duma
  8. But what ports can I forward on my gateway for my Duma OS router cause apparently I'm having a security risk currently with my OS cause I have it in DMZ mode for it & I've never had this problem before till now
  9. O ok cause I find it a bit tedious to have like a bunch of devices hooked up into the modem & like every time I adjust the parameters I have to like rearrange everything & I don't have the patience for that haha so I just have my wifi accessible devices signed into my gateway & my XB1 & PS4 into the duma but yeah I think when this comes out it'll be a great addition for the modem honestly :)
  10. Nvm I fixed this issue but while im here is there a way to find out which ip address needs to be dmz'd for the netduma to work accurately while its hooked into the gateway I've always been curious about that since the duma os update
  11. Im not really sure if this has anything to do with my device but then again I did try like every step I could find on like youtube on how to fix this issue and I haven't had any luck so far so Im coming on here for guidance on how to fix this issue
  12. If I got my xbox one connected and playing while my son is playing his ps4 (& both consoles are hooked into duma os) how can I tell if its reading ping on my end or his like is there a distinct difference somewhere in the geo filter to figure out which console its reading atm when both are in succession
  13. O ok I see what you mean but still I think I would probably like the whole experience of setting up everything on my isp that way I can take advantage of the bandwidth allocation in the unticking share access area & also hard throttle the connection or even just change the bandwidth settings I have to 50 mbps when gaming & only 2 devices has access to it and my other devices EVEN THOUGH it doesn't have a qos on the other router it can freely just use whatever on that end but have like a certain setting I can take advantage of while gaming to fight between lag cause I really dont like the idea of putting everything all on the duma cause I have 2 smart tv's, ps4, cell phones, and then my devices which is my xbox one a phone and a laptop I mean granted yes ill have bandwidth control but I think just having the devices in the other router that isn't my personal devices helps in its own way than just putting everything on the duma tbh unless im in denial or its just a placebo thing
  14. Oh Im not worried about qos on my laptop cause I don't game on my laptop I only game on my console or are you saying if most devices are connected to the other router it effects how effective the qos can be for the devices that are hooked on the duma?
  15. Even on another router or are you referring to laptop being hooked up on the duma?
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