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  1. I mainly asked cause I was curious to find out if another feature was gonna be installed on the app where I can pick what % I want the congestion control on with the numbers I type in like you can do in bandwidth allocation but for now the only way I've managed to change it is by doing the slider in the meantime
  2. Will the app continue to get more updates to become better thru out time or is it gonna stay as it is now?
  3. D3mon1c

    QoS Glitch?

    Same on devices it recorded the bandwidth I set for it but as soon as I refreshed the page for the interface it says 50/50 afterwards BUT still records the last setting I had when I tested bandwidth which I had set for my XB1 10 & 90 PC which is 40 down for xbox & 360 down for PC also idk if this was intentional but every time I hit reset distribution it switches over to apps from devices but it seems like the only time it stays on devices is when I untick share access on download or whatever but otherwise it'll always flip over to apps with the distribution resetted 4rm there after you refresh the page or go back into QoS
  4. D3mon1c

    QoS Glitch?

    It doesn't seem to be a problem there put the web part at 70% and I got about that much after the test which should've been 280 but I got 272... I only set the web category to make things easier cause im not 100% about apps than devices cause I usually only use the Device option when it comes to setting bandwidth
  5. D3mon1c

    QoS Glitch?

    So you want me to do the same as I did on apps this time to see if it happens there as well? Also currently I only had my PC & XB1 the PC set on 95 & 5 for XB1 on download & PC 70/XB1 30 upload
  6. D3mon1c

    QoS Glitch?

    Its about right of what I just said although earlier it registered as what I posted but now it basically gets more bandwidth but not 50% of my bandwidth even though it says 50/50 I tested it twice and registered 100 & 75 when I should've gotten 200 though I think it might be partially cause when I hit reset distribution & refresh the page it switches to apps instead of devices and goes from there instead of instead of just resetting the distribution on devices and staying with devices.
  7. D3mon1c

    QoS Glitch?

    Hindsight though I don't really have a problem with it cause im all for when you switch between apps/devices it records whatever QoS you previously had set for devices/apps but I figured I'd bring it up in the forums anyway cause I see how this could be a problem for others
  8. D3mon1c

    QoS Glitch?

    Im not sure if this has been posted yet (Also not sure if its just with the XR1000 or whatever either) but I noticed when you switch in between applications and devices in the QoS area if you have the share access unticked for download and upload EVEN THOUGH it basically says 50/50 or whatever reset distribution between the devices if you test the connection it will still have what you set with the untick/bandwidth allocation so to give an example I have 2 devices on my XR1000 and I did what I said above and it says "50/50" & that for me would be 200 down & 5 up (cause I have 400 down and 10 up total) but instead on my Xb1 it recorded what I set before instead with 5 on Xb1 & 95 on PC Download & 30 Xb1 & 70 PC Upload instead of what its showing me on the 50/50 like it shows on the QoS
  9. I still got the changes I wanted in QoS but like that error msg was just popping up often on like every change I put in that menu it did it just now again but I don't think I did the reboot till just now but it doesn't seem to be popping up with that atm currently.
  10. I keep getting "RPC error "ERROR_NOENT': Rule not found in chain" when I changed settings in the QoS area... Also im on the XR1000 is it something I should be worried about or is there a possible fix to it?
  11. I tried to put the R1 into the XR earlier but I don't think that panned out but what did instead was the NG idea and the routers hooked into it THOUGH I'm still surprised a router can work w/o upnp and etc but in hindsight I guess it makes sense when DMZ is involved but yeah I got us both on seperate networks just like I wanted. Appreciate the assistance 👍
  12. So basically it's between either dmz the NG then have the XR and R1 plugged into it (Cause I believe I have that nat option on it) or have the R1 hooked into the XR then
  13. There's no other way around it both duma routers gotta be connected to gotta be connected to whatever is put in dmz on Xfinity?
  14. So basically the only way I'll have an open Nat is if the R1 is hooked into a device with dmz enabled via Xfinity? I mean it makes sense but I REALLY wanted to have the consoles (Xb1 & Ps4) on seperate networks
  15. Geo-filter wasn't enabled the whole time
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