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  1. Thats perfect cheers fraser. It didn't end like you said was a very very long text I just copied the whole thing and it worked 🙏👍
  2. What is the config file?. I can show you the screen after I enter the details?. I'm guessing I don't show you my username and password screen. I've just logged of for the evening but all I get after entering the username password and server is failed down the bottom and the username it doesn't pick up the location or anything will screenshot tomorrow and show you. Edit: Sorry been a long day lol ca-tor.prod.surfshark.com that's what I have pasted into the configuration file not sure if thats where it goes
  3. Hello just a quick one trying to get surfshark to run on hybrid vpn. I go to hybrid vpn click enable then click vpn setup. I then go to advance and enter my username and password . In the configuration I copy and past the server I want to use and click connect but at the bottom it says failed all the time. Any help?
  4. Ah okay so warzone I don't need to worry about. I connect to peers and have been blocking them thinking its bad and only allowing the dedicated server lol thank you
  5. Hey zippy lol (I'll keep it going) okay I get what you mean now didn't know your situation and how the packets change while playing. I only play warzone online and my packets have always been more upload than download and very consistent with more upload than down. That is strange given the fact it changes half way through gaming. I don't know what game your playing could it be coincidence that some games your host and other games your peer. Maybe that would be a reason why. What game is it you are playing and what platform. If on console I could potentially test it on my xr500 and see what my packets show
  6. Could I ask if 2 consoles are running at the same time on the same game and both set up for prioritising will it in anyway effect one or the other or will they both be prioritised just as well and work together
  7. Yep and since knowing that I've just set it as game console haven't had an issue same amount of packets prioritized kepe it simple people
  8. I'm also in the UK using sky vdsl 75 down/ 20 up. I get 74 down 18 up. My cabinet is literally just down stairs and 2 houses down lol. My ping and jitter is always really good I'm wired and using a playstation 5 I've set my geo filter with a radius just in the UK there is a peer and dedicated server towards the bottom of the UK so I only ever connect to them. But be warned these are actually high skilled servers from my testing yes you can still get low lobbies but I'm diamond on everything and always get diamond lobbies while connecting to the UK server/peer. If I open my geo filter to eu I get more platinum in there and an occasional gold if I'm lucky lol. For me keeping it to the UK and denying the peers while allowing the dedicated server gives me the best understanding of my other settings I change from there on. By connecting to the same server and only that server I can try the qos upnp and other options knowing I'm on the same server each time. That has helped big time. I have qos set to always 95%download 90%upload I don't change the sliders as I turn off the share excess bandwidth. I then give things like my tv a chunk and laptop and then limit my mobile as I'm always on 5g anyway and then give the playstation around 1mb as long as it doesn't make me lag due to the speeds being too low. If your on an older console try 2.5mb down and 1 to 2mb up. I set my partners up on xbox and she couldn't actually load into a game I changed it to 2.5mb and she was good to go
  9. That's my suggestion for what worked for me. Maybe our connections and isps are very different. I just find alot of people getting a much better result from capping there speeds very low. Has helped me loads with lag compensation always feel behind on time and shoot first die first. With my speeds capped it feels fair hell sometimes I kill someone and I literally think to myself I should be dead lol
  10. Hey zippy how you been?. I thought upload would always do more packets because you are always uploading every movement every weapon swap every bit of data that is you doing something gets uploaded. Where as downloading information only happens during engagement and or things in the map spawning in. Your not downloading everyone's information only what you need. Could be completely wrong thats just my take on what is happening
  11. Quick question literally is there an out and out best to connect to? What is the difference between peer and dedicated server
  12. For call of duty I simply do source port 1-65535 as mentioned before it can stay like that And destination port 81-65535 If you prior port 80 you won't get bandwidth allocation as that port will be prioritised and you will get full speed which you want to reduce because lag compensation. The ports below 80 don't do anything after my tests so that's the simplest prior port list for all the ports the game will ever use thats how I've set it up and it works great It's not much different that the pre list game console which starts around the 1000 port range up to 65535 I saw fraser mention it in a past post would be good to know exactly what the pre made lists are prioritising I think alot of people are over complicating things but in general if you used the pre set up games console you would be absolutely fine as all the ports you need are prioritised
  13. To reduce ping use geo filter and set it up for your closest server. To stop lag is hard to tell with no information. Use a wired connection and limit other people's bandwidth allocation to make sure your system always has the speed it needs which isn't alot at all. When you don't use qos one system might grab all the bandwidth and create lag spikes so limiting all devices and setting allocation up is a great way to go. I find the best setting for call of duty is to limit your speeds dramatically give yourself 1mb down and up see how that works.
  14. Does he use an xbox or other gaming device on the same network? You can check the port the game is using by going to the settings, account then show internal ip or external. At the end of the ip you will see a port number 3074 or 3075 normally. For ps5 it's 3074.
  15. Okay perfect I've just come across the netgear tutorial as well
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