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  1. Nope I've disabled the prioritising list. And just used the duma os classified games prior. It is now working after turning it off and on again with all the settings set up
  2. Was open reach hgc modem to xr500 using the new 120 firmware. Its very odd the way qos works and doesn't pick things up. I'm.not even sure myself what changed I just know after enabling and disabling everything for 10 15 mins it finally took and set up qos. I've literally just downloaded 120 again as I'm off work and same thing set al the qos up run a speed test and nothing is actually working I'm still hitting my max speeds around 64mb when I've set the limit to 40 odd
  3. Hey I'd like to give some more advice on the matter as this has happened to me again it could be qos not functioning properly. For a while I would run tests on the laptop and see great dslreport readings for bufferbloat after setting up qos. Then after connecting my phone and running a speed test I would be reaching max speeds thinking how and why. It turns out again sometimes after you set qos up and then connect a device it can sometimes not be placed into or categorised into the qos for whatever reason (and that most definitely isn't the correct terminology) but yeah I'd then jump on the ps5 run a speed test and also see my ps5 hitting max speeds while my laptop had actually functioned correctly and the qos was running on that. my ps5 and phone was not somehow. While using the older .56 firmware qos works as it should and I find little to no bugs other than the initial downgrade and having to reset qos fully after a factory reset. Hope this helps and the team to figure it out. Must be hard having to create something like this on a product that isn't there's and run everything by them probably
  4. I have noticed the same thing. After firmware updates from 104 108 114 and 120. I've now down graded firmware back to 56 original shipping firmware. I find qos is so so so out of sync in the current state. For example After factory resets the settings don't change. If you assign traffic prioritization to a console then factory reset the console is not displayed but is there in the background. You then have to load up the DumaOS app to be able to see it as it won't show in Google chrome. All interfaces used to set up the router do not sync and some settings you see enabled are actually not. I don't have this issue half as bad on the 56 firmware and I also notice much better bufferbloat readings after setting up qos. I'm not sure if they use a different qos system/throughput but in my experience it's better The only down side to 56 is that you CAN NOT assign bandwidth limits to the up and down individually. I'd love the duma 3.0 to work and correctly delete and rest the qos settings but as it stands you can't actually work out what is doing what. I spent an hour the other day on qos enabling disabling turning always on to never and back again, changing speeds from 1000 back to my isp speeds and all of my tests came back in the 60mb range when I had set up to max out at 40. THEN out of nowhere enabling and disabling everything again it worked. Don't ask me how as I have no idea lol but yh the qos page needs a good fix and the ability to fully be reset. As I've just moved I'm unable to carry on testing and giving my input on here so I'm sticking to firmware 56 until I see and read some good reports Hope this helps in anyway
  5. Yeah the lights can go off inbetween games or when you are on the main screen. The lights will come on once in a game and actually playing. Must be frustrating to see games console when playing pc but in all honesty it's no different than setting ports manually. Games console covers most of the ports and all needed for gaming so console or pc will be covered pretty much. You could do what I did and manually assign 81 to 65535 that will prioritise all the ports and leave port 80 as this stops bandwidth control from working in my experience.
  6. Ah okay perfect I think I did mention it some time ago in a previous post 😅 was just making sure zippy knew as well incase his test where inaccurate due to that in some way 💪👍
  7. Nope unfortunately not its okay I don't mind port forwarding just strange why using the sky router would stop the xr500 from opening ports on the xr500 end
  8. Hello just a quick one so using the openreach modem and xr500 upnp works as normal but using the sky router and dmz the xr500 upnp doesn't open ports for the playstation and xbox but is working as it opens ports for the laptop very odd any help. Reason for this is my upload and download latency is higher using the openreach modem maybe because its older and not as strong for the newer fiber lines I'm not too sure but I want to try and get the sky router working fully with the xr500
  9. Hello zippy I've had this issue with connection benchmark all the way through 104 108 and 114. Qos is working as testing on dslreports and ping plotter shows that. I think its connection benchmark mine also just shows the same result no matter what settings I change the underload graph comes back with the same results same squiggly lines in the same exact place lol. I also notice that after a firmware update or factory reset the qos page is the only page that DOES NOT RESET PROPERLY. It will show your previous setup as if you didn't factory reset. For example if I set my speed 74 down 18 up sliders on 70% always on. And the do a factory reset. I will go through all the set up features like new admin password wifi name and password and the checking Internet connection and speed message pop up. Which it says no connection detected due to being on sky and having to set up the option61 admin password. Before qos is set up we know by default it's set to 1gb down 1gb up cc never and qos on. When I go to the page it will show all previous settings even after the reset HOWEVER the settings shown do not translate because the settings will show 74 down 18up cc always on. Then when I go to connection benchmark and run a test it will show my line speed as 74 out of 1gb rather than 74/74mb and 18 out of 1gb rather than 18/18...... So the simple fix I found for qos after a factory reset is to understand the settings being displayed are not actually working and are not what the router is out putting. The simple fix is to turn never to always on and then never again change the speeds to your actual broadband speeds again. Even though it will be showing those speeds you must enter them again as qos is still running 1gb down and up then turn qos of and on again. That is the best way I've found for qos to be working and showing the correct settings after a factory reset. Hope this helps in some way for more testing Cheers guys!!!
  10. Thats perfect cheers fraser. It didn't end like you said was a very very long text I just copied the whole thing and it worked 🙏👍
  11. What is the config file?. I can show you the screen after I enter the details?. I'm guessing I don't show you my username and password screen. I've just logged of for the evening but all I get after entering the username password and server is failed down the bottom and the username it doesn't pick up the location or anything will screenshot tomorrow and show you. Edit: Sorry been a long day lol ca-tor.prod.surfshark.com that's what I have pasted into the configuration file not sure if thats where it goes
  12. Hello just a quick one trying to get surfshark to run on hybrid vpn. I go to hybrid vpn click enable then click vpn setup. I then go to advance and enter my username and password . In the configuration I copy and past the server I want to use and click connect but at the bottom it says failed all the time. Any help?
  13. Ah okay so warzone I don't need to worry about. I connect to peers and have been blocking them thinking its bad and only allowing the dedicated server lol thank you
  14. Hey zippy lol (I'll keep it going) okay I get what you mean now didn't know your situation and how the packets change while playing. I only play warzone online and my packets have always been more upload than download and very consistent with more upload than down. That is strange given the fact it changes half way through gaming. I don't know what game your playing could it be coincidence that some games your host and other games your peer. Maybe that would be a reason why. What game is it you are playing and what platform. If on console I could potentially test it on my xr500 and see what my packets show
  15. Could I ask if 2 consoles are running at the same time on the same game and both set up for prioritising will it in anyway effect one or the other or will they both be prioritised just as well and work together
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