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  1. Yes absolutely. It's either the next upgrade or the one after that where we'll be able to implement those features amongst others.
  2. The most likely cause for your Anti-Bufferbloat settings not being applied is that it is not set to Apply 'Always'. Set it to 'Always', lower the sliders to the level you want and then your settings will always be applied and work the way you expect it to. If you are still having issues let us know and we can troubleshoot with you further.
  3. It's mostly that we have added translation for DumaOS as a whole now and various bug fixes as well. I would always recommend updating to the latest version at the very least for the bug fixes.
  4. Hi SHANE, I'll move this topic to the XR500 support forum. The big icon is the dedicated server you're connected to. Yes you see them because they've connected to the server, so yes that's right you can't block them for joining the server. You can only influence your own connection. If you just click on their icons you'll be able to ping them. The Amazon server is the dedicated server it just hasn't been added to the dedicated server list as Amazon have tons of servers for different uses not just games, so hard to get all the ones they use pinpointed.
  5. Hi Happy, we're actually going to buy the Nintendo Switch instead so we can do it ourselves plus it'll be easier in the long run for game support. What are some of the most popular online games on the Switch/what do you play? I've also sent you a PM with this question.
  6. Okay great, if you're unsure about your WiFi contact Netgear support, they will likely have some tips and tricks to help maximise it's performance.
  7. Great to hear that, I'll close this topic. Feel free to open another if needed.
  8. Hi Peanut, I just had some correspondence with them today. On Friday I tested the fix and it didn't seem to work, however upon testing it today I can confirm it did work and stopped the errors on the interface. As such I suspect they will push out an update imminently. I will let you know as soon as I have confirmation that they've done so.
  9. Okay great, if you put it to 100% you should get your max available speeds whatever they may be via WiFi. Yeah for a phone that sounds accurate. What about the surface pro you tried before?
  10. It is probably best to contact Netgear support (but of course we're still happy to help) as WiFi is more to do with the hardware, they will be better equipped to deal with WiFi questions/optimisations. If you go here: https://www.netgear.com/support/and login with the account you created when you registered the XR500 you should be able to call them
  11. That's something different fuzzy, it's because you're not using HTTPS to access the interface, what SHANE is getting is an actual error popping up when on the Geo-Filter page.
  12. Great thanks for the info, do let us know if the white list works. You may need to clear the cache on your browser after doing so.
  13. Hi reyrey, NAT Type 2 is open. It just means that you're behind a router. NAT Type 1 would mean you're plugged directly into a modem but they both mean you have an open NAT. If you go here: https://www.netgear.com/support/and login with the account you used to register the router then you should be able to get a number to call but there is no need if you're getting NAT Type 2. If you're having other issues please make a topic detailing them & we'll be happy to help.
  14. Sorry, I'm available now if you are. I sent a PM.
  15. Great thanks for additional info. Hopefully we can reproduce before that is needed but will let you know.
  16. Just another thought, what browser is this on? If you use Google Chrome do you get the same issue?
  17. You said you had over 400 before? Is this test on the same device? That's impossible that QoS disabled would make it slower. Please PM me with TeamViewer details and I can take a look.
  18. If you have to game on WiFi I would always recommend 2.4 for that very reason. Have you checked your speeds?
  19. Okay great thanks, get him to do the suggestions that have already been made here as well. I'll check out Fortnite as well.
  20. Thanks for the info, we're going to try to reproduce it again. If we can't are you more readily available for a 1 on 1 this week? Is your friend using the XR500?
  21. Have the console turned completely off - even unplug it. Then set your home location, distance and strict mode on. Then boot up the console & try to play, can you force a server within your radius? Someone else had this over the weekend and they were in Florida said something about the game being the cause but I can't find the tweet now.
  22. Great work figuring out the issue. What is the exact McAfee version/software that you're using? If you let us know we can then try to reproduce it and gather information on what exactly causes it to happen. We had the same thing with Bitdefender and they are going to implement a patch on their end to fix it. May be the same on McAfee. Meanwhile add routerlogin.net to the whitelist of McAfee, does that fix the security error?
  23. You're very welcome, if you have any questions when you receive the router do let us know & we'll be happy to help. Thanks you too!
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