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  1. What makes you think its definitely a DDOS and not simply a connection issue caused by virgin? I often see people jump on the DDOS "Wagon" as soon as they start to see packet loss and start to change settings when in reality its simply a connection issue caused by their ISP.
  2. I have found some information but without knowing the technicalities of how the Netduma OS software operates, could this be a potential reason? The only way i have potentially found is for the PiHole to be my DHCP server as well but im not sure how this affect everything else on the router (QOS / Geo filtering etc) So why does Pi-hole only show my router’s IP address? This behavior is usually the result of how your router handles DHCP and DNS. 1. Some routers force clients to use the router as their DNS server Even if you set Pi-hole as the only DNS server in your router’s settings, the router still forces clients to use it as their primary DNS resolver. Once those queries arrive at the router, it forwards the requests to the Pi-hole. Since the queries are all coming from one place, Pi-hole only sees the router as the origin of all DNS requests. So the traffic flow looks something like this:
  3. Thats how i have it now but it doesnt work. It still sees all traffic through the router IP
  4. Oops sorry ive got Xr500. I did see the Dynamic DNS section but didnt know how that works.
  5. I have recently set up a PiHole but when i look in the logs on the PiHole it shows clients IP as my router IP address. I can only find 1 place to change the DNS on the router under INTERNET SETUP but looking online the instructions are for the DNS to be set on LAN. Would someone be able to advise where I am going wrong so i can get PIHole to report my individual client IPs only?
  6. That has worked perfectly! Thank you so much. It's was the LAN port on SH3 bit I was missing. Thanks Alex
  7. I've been struggling with this issue for a while and I hope someone clever will come along and correct this. I have Virgin Superhub 3 and a XR500. Because I want to use Thinkbroadband.com to monitor my connection, I need my SH3 in router mode. I don't want my SH3 to do anything else as I want my XR500 to handle everything. Whatever I try, I cant get the connection through my SH3 to my xr500. I've tried: for SH3 for XR500 I've also tried for SH3 for XR500 What am I doing wrong? Thank you
  8. After 1 more restart of R1 is now allowing connection via 88.1
  9. Admin and password didn't work unfortunately.. I've been running with my superhub recently but decided to go back to R1. I can see Netdumar1 as a wifi option on my phone but when opening info for that, it shows 10. Address and also on my pc wired if I do ipconfig it shows gateway is 10. Address too. Also my pc hasn't got a static assigned locally as I always assign at router level. I can ping the up with a <1ms response and ipconfig shows my pc had a ip address assigned.
  10. My router has been disconnected for a while. I've done a factory reset and now my gateway and also IP on WiFi is and prompts for username and password. I've tried 12 digits of serial and netdumar1 but won't load.
  11. I usually connect to my router via Chrome but its really slow to load after putting in my Username and Password. I thought id try in Firefox as well but i get the same load times. Is there anything else i can try rather than "Reset the router"
  12. Thanks for explaining how it works. The only way for me to toggle the XBOX console is for me to delete it and then re-add next time i want to VPN my console?!
  13. Ive finally managed to get my VPN working and ive added my PC. When the option is "Only VPN these services" the VPN is switched off. If i change it to "Dont VPN these services" the VPN switches on for my PC. Is this around the wrong way OR am i misunderstanding?
  14. Since the update, i need to log in to my router each time where as before i didnt need to. Is there a way of removing the need for this?
  15. If for example you deleted the Network Oveview from the dashboard, simply go onto "Network Monitor" on the left handside where you find the Network Overview. Simply press the pin on this page and itll go back onto the Dashboard.
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